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  • The 15 Best Content Marketing Videos Of 2015

    We’ve got news for you, content marketers: video isn’t going anywhere. By 2016, Cisco predicts that online video traffic will account for 55% of total consumer traffic on the internet. In a landscape where YouTube already boasts 1 billion monthly unique visitors, these two stats alone should be enough for serious marketers to consider a content marketing video strategy.

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  • 3 Audience Growth Metrics To Calculate Brand Health

    Brand health measures how your digital audience feels about you. In our first post, we covered how we can measure this through engagement metrics. For this post, we’ll focus on how to measure this with the audience growth metrics below: Paid vs. Organic Search Traffic: Search traffic your site receives from paid search advertisements versus traffic due to a high organic search ranking.

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  • The 32 Top Consumer Content Marketing Brands

    93% – that’s how many organizations said they rely on content marketing for brand building and demand generation this year according to the Content Marketing Institute. With 87% of buyers stating that digital content has a large impact on their purchasing decisions this year, it’s clear that content marketing is on the ups.

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  • 5 Ways To Rethink Your Content Marketing Strategy

    Flo, the infamous Progressive Insurance spokesperson inspired me to rethink my personal content marketing strategy. Every now and then you need to tweak your approach to your content marketing strategy to help you reach your business goals. Sometimes a ‘jump-start’ is in order! You see, I just installed the Progressive Insurance Snapshot in my car to get a discount, which w ...

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  • Everyone Has A Story To Tell

    Everyone has a story to tell. This was the idea that inspired Dave Isay to start StoryCorps, the largest single collection of human voices ever gathered in history. In his TED Talk, Dave shared the story of how his inspiration came about. When he was 22 years old, he found his calling for radio broadcasting. Around the same time, Dave also found out his dad, who he was very close to, was gay.

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  • How To Create A Content Brand

    Thanks to the explosion and the proven value of content marketing, it seems like every brand these days has its own publishing house and an elaborate content marketing strategy to boot. They’re creating content on dedicated websites to target their demographic, convert visitors, increase their exposure, and establish themselves as voices of authority within their industries.

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  • How A Small Business Can Automate Social Media And PR

    Small businesses feel at a disadvantage when it comes to creating an effortless social media and PR plan that engages with a target audience and has an actual ROI. It’s a daunting task, and most small businesses end up throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. Trust me, it ain’t pretty. However, it can be done with some simple best practices and some strategic planning.

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  • How Marriott And GE Built Audiences Through Experiences

    In 1990, there were only eight channels to reach someone – events, direct mail, fax, TV, radio, phone, billboards, and print magazines and newsletters. We didn’t have a lot of competition for someone’s attention. But today we do. Marketers constantly battle to prove how we’re “better” than the competition and we’re terrible at it.

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  • How To Search For Authentic Photos

    Now that we know what characteristics to look for in authentic photos, the next step is to actually find that perfect authentic photo to complement your content. Easy right? Not so much. Because the web is filled with terrible photography, it can take seemingly forever to sift through countless images to find the right one.

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  • 5 Best Paid Distribution Methods And When to Use Them

    The fundamental core of successful content marketing programs is, well, creating great content. Even great content, however, needs a push. Paid distribution a great way for brands to quickly grow their audiences and jumpstart engagement with their content. The average Hollywood movie spends 50-60% of its production budget on distribution, and the ratio for creating and distri ...

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  • How Branded Should Your Content Hub Actually Be?

    Every brand doing content marketing should create a space or central hub for the content to live. Doing so allows teams to get the most out of their marketing by consolidating fragmented digital content to a one-stop-shop. While creating a central hub is a universal best practice, the amount of branding that a hub should have is a different story.

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  • Content Marketing The Answer For Sales Success As Well?

    We all know that today’s consumers have changed, and they are buying differently. They have access to mobile, social and digital media to help them learn and gather information on their own before making a purchase decision. This has massive implication for everyone in sales and marketing. And I often talk about how marketing has been impacted by all this.

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  • Why Amex OPEN Forum Is Still the Gold Standard For Content Marketing

    Since its launch in 2007, American Express’ OPEN Forum has been considered the poster child for content marketing. The highly innovative program for its time single-handedly proved the business value of brands providing useful content to their customers. Year over year, OPEN Forum continues to succeed and is known for being the American Express’ #1 source of leads for new card members.

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  • The Old Demand Generation Model Versus The New

    Many Companies still feel that the optimal approach for generating revenue is to have the Account Executive be responsible for managing the data, hunting for prospects, qualifying the prospect, presenting and closing. This outdated concept is not only ineffective but results in an anemic pipeline as well as lower revenues.

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