• Google Updates Android App Promotion Policies

    Google Updates Android App Promotion Policies Effective immediately, all promotions of Android apps must comply with the Google Play App Promotion Policies outlined at https://play.google.com/about/developer-content-policy.html Several high profile apps have recently been banned from the Google Play store, and as a result, o ...

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  • How YOU can make cash with Mobile Content Offers (pin submits)

    Source: charlesngo.com/mobilecontentoffers “The following is a guest post by Alexander Tsatkin, who is the Vice President of Mobile at Matomy Media Group In this guide, I will teach you exactly what mobile content offers are, how to run them, and why they’re so awesome. Before I get started, I want to point out that networks use different names for these types of offers.

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  • New Private Forum Created For Banana Ads Affiliates

    New Private Forum Created For Banana Ads Affiliates New private forum created for Banana Ads affiliates! We decided it was finally time to create a forum for our affiliates. Recently, we’ve been putting our affiliates in touch with each other to work on campaigns together and share ideas. Well, now we finally have a collaborative workspace where everyone can get involved “c ...

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  • Banana Ads Has a New User Interface For Affiliates :-)

    Go ahead and log into your Banana Ads account, you will see a brand new interface. This new Interface offers a sleeker, more intuitive experience. With new javascript libraries and responsive design, this new interface is more lightweight and efficient, providing not only a better desktop experience, but also one that is mobile-responsive.

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  • 5 tips to make more money like a pro with CPA offers

    Most of you already know that Banana Ads gives you access to exclusive deals and offers that are not available when going direct with advertisers. Many of these sought-after programs are based on a Pay Per Lead model, which has become increasingly popular with affiliates. Unfortunately, too many affiliates fail in promoting such programs because they don’t fully understand ...

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  • Make more Money using a better Call to Action

    For the online marketer, turning traffic into sales is an endless challenge. Looking into new ways of achieving better conversion figures is what drives everyone. But what happens when the results aren’t there? When your traffic is somewhat qualified, your content comes from top-quality sources but… the leads and sales count turn out to be underwhelming? Whether you’re ope ...

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  • Banana Ads How-to Guide: How can I be accepted into Banana Ads?

    A recurring question our support staff gets is : How can I get accepted as a Banana Ads affiliate? We receive hundreds of applications a month and decline most of them. We carefully select each skilled publisher/webmaster/pajama-wearing affiliate we work with. This means that we are able to give them the attention that they deserve as opposed to letting everyone into our prog ...

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