• New Bevo Media Exchange is now LIVE!

      The Bevo Media Exchange team is proud to launch a new version of the Bevo Media platforms today! Key changes you will see include: Single sign-on: To get to any of the Bevo platforms including Tracker, Ads portal, Affiliate Networks go to www.bevomedia.com and click on the “Login” link in the top right hand corner.

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    • New Bevo Media Launch on October 3rd

      Bevo Media exchange team is proud to launch new version of the Bevo Media platforms on October 3rd! Key changes you can expect are: Single sign-on and unified account management for 360-degree control of all your affiliate marketing needs Intuitive navigation for Tracker and Affiliate Network portals Enhanced Tracker functionality with Premium reports Access to exclusive Bevo CPA offer.

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  • These 15 Tips will Skyrocket Your Affiliate Sales

    So you have become an affiliate marketer because you want to make lots of money. 99% of us dream of becoming rich real quick. Right? If you are reading this, chances are that you, like many others, find stepping into the affiliate marketing world a very exciting prospect. You probably find affiliate marketing as the most obvious solution to becoming rich.

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  • Your Definitive Guide to Affiliate Marketing

    The advent of internet brought about tremendous growth and new opportunities for business owners worldwide. With new technological advancements the internet expanded into a massive e-commerce machine, offering startups and multinationals equal opportunities to market their products and services to millions of consumers around the world.

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  • Get $50 gift from BevoMedia team as a Thank you this Thanksgiving!

    Thank you for making 2015 another record-breaking year for The Bevo Media Exchange, so far! To show our appreciation, we are giving $25 to any new or returning advertiser who deposits $500 to their account before 12 p.m. PST Nov 30, 2015. To sweeten the pot, we will add an extra $25, taking the total to $50, to the first ten advertisers who make the deposit. This will go fast….

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  • Advertisers can now buy Adult Traffic through the Bevo Ad Exchange!

    The Bevo Ad Exchange has just launched an adult channel. Advertisers can now market their campaign on our various network of adult sites via Pops. With tens of millions of impressions available, this serves to be a huge unsaturated opportunity for our adult advertisers. Follow the steps below to start buying from ...

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  • Bevo Media Has Been Acquired!

    It is with immense pleasure that I announce that Bevo Media has been acquired by Vize Capital (www.vizecapital.com). Vize Capital is a private equity firm located in Silicon Valley. Through the acquisition, Bevo Media will have increased resources to help manage its growth and better serve its users.

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  • Bevo Ad Exchange Update: Lower Minimum CPC’s Bids For Intext!

    We have had quite a few updates to our Ads platform interface since our last announcement! Here are a few of the major updates to the platform: - Inventory has been through the roof recently with our intext channel. Because of this, we have lowered our minimum bids for our intext channel! - Minimum bids for US Intext traffic has been lowered to $0.10/click (previously $0.15/click).

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  • Newest Feature Updates to the Bevo Ad Exchange

    We are pleased to announce that there are lots of new and exciting features added to the Bevo Ad Exchange since our last update. See a summary below: 1.) Users can now instantly clone campaigns with a click of a button 2.) View if a campaign has targets in it currently being outbid on the front page 3.) View campaign name while editing 4.) Mas ...

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  • Bevo Ad Exchange Update: Add negative targets per campaign for PPV and Intext

    Advertisers buying PPV and Intext traffic through the Bevo Ad Exchange now have the ability to input negative targets for each campaign. This offers great flexibility to users who are bidding run of network (RON). This feature has been highly requested and is now live on the interface! To add negative targets to your campaign: Select your campaig ...

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  • Bevo PPV Network Update: Manually Update Suggested Bids & Auto Deposit Feature Live!

    The Bevo Ad Exchange have new features live for our advertisers who buy from both our Pops and Intext channels. These features include: 1.) Auto Deposit Feature – Advertisers can now replenish their account balance automatically when their balance goes below $100. This will ensure advertisers will be able to keep their campaigns live, without risking their campaigns being a ...

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  • New features added to Bevo’s PPV Network!

    We have added some new features to our Pops and Intext channels within the Bevo Ad Exchange. These features include: 1.) Mass updating of bid prices (all targets or selected targets) 2.) Automatically increase targets to Top Bid prices 3.) Pause, Delete, and Search campaigns on Full Screen You can access these features within the “Sites” tab when creating or editing a campa ...

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  • Bevo Affiliate Exchange Now Accepting ALL Publishers!

    Bevo Media is now accepting all publishers who apply to be a member of the Affiliate Exchange. Being a publisher in the Affiliate Exchange allows affiliates to auction off their affiliate traffic to our advertisers and get paid on a guaranteed EPC or CPA basis. After 11 months of building our ads platform to over 1000 advertisers, we have the ability to offer affiliates exclus ...

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  • Bevo PPV Channel FAQs – More Features Added!

    The Bevo PPV Channel has made some updates to the interface. Advertisers can now bulk update their bids while viewing reports, as well as viewing top bid suggestions. You can login to your account at http://ads.bevomedia.com to check out the updates. There has also been a number of questions from our advertisers throughout the past few weeks.

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