• Podcasting Guide: How to Add a Killer Podcast to Your Blog

      So, you want to learn how to add a podcast to your blog? Here’s a 3,000-word guide that might help with that. Podcasting is now serious business and, for many bloggers, the traffic from search engines like iTunes is catching up to the likes of Google. Supplementing your regular written content with an audio podcast show can be a very smart idea.

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    • Starting a Blog in 2017? Here’s the Strategies We’re Using.

      A few years ago we started publishing posts at the end of each year that tried to predict blogging trends for the year to come. This year I want to do things a little bit differently… We’ll start with my usual blog post on what I think will be important in the coming year, but then I’d like to turn it over to the amazing community here and ask you for your predictions about ...

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    • How to Send an Email Pitch that Won’t Get Deleted

      Want to learn how to send an email pitch that won’t get deleted? It’s a vital part of online business. Let’s take a look at the graphic first and then get into some details: Why I’m writing about email pitches As the owner of a fairly large website, I get dozens of emails everyday from people pitching things. I have colleagues who get hundreds.

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  • Should We All Stop Guest Blogging?

    Some important figures say that we should all stop guest blogging. It all goes back to an announcement from Google’s Matt Cutts about how the links that you acquire through guest blogging will no longer be all that useful and could, in some cases, actually do some harm to your blog’s SEO practices.

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  • What Even is a Blog?

    Blogging is just so 2005. Why bother…? Every now and then someone stumbles upon Blog Tyrant and leaves some feedback a little bit like that. What is perhaps interesting is that I don’t entirely disagree with them. And that got me really thinking about what blogging is and whether or not it has passed it’s use-by date as a concept in the age of video, podcasting and perha ...

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  • What Can We Learn From a Boosted Facebook Post with 545 Shares?

    I’ve always been a little skeptical of Facebook ads and boosts. Partly this is because I’ve never been very good at running them, and partly because I’ve never felt like the traffic on Facebook was as “buy ready” as Google’s. So what happened when a boosted post of Blog Tyrant’s received over 500 shares? Well, the results were quite mixed and, as you’ll see below, there are ...

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  • 6 Ways to Make Your Blog More Beautiful (and Effective)

    Even the best content runs into trouble when the blog it’s on is so ugly that readers leave before giving it a chance. The good news is that there are lots of ways we can spruce up our blogs in order to make them more appealing, effective and engaging by taking advantage of plugins, tools and some little tricks of the trade.

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  • Is it Time to Change What We Put in Our Website Menus?

    Your menu is still one of the primary ways that traffic navigates around your site. Deciding what to put in it, however, may be a little more complicated than first thought. In the old days, a website would have four main links: About, Blog, Contact, and a Home button. But as technology improves and changes, it’s now possible to do a lot more with the humble menu.

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  • How to Hire a Freelancer and Grow Your Blogging Empire

    If you want to build a successful blog you might just need to hire a freelancer. In fact, if you look at almost any blog or website that is making six-figures or more they all have one thing in common: a team of awesome people helping them out. Hiring a full time staff member, however, can be a bit daunting and, as such, many people opt for freelancers to help outsource tasks ...

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  • 13 of the Best WordPress Plugins to Make Your Blog More Professional

    One beautiful thing about a WordPress blog is the never-ending ability to add plugins that completely change the way your blog looks and functions. It’s absolutely essential for successful blogging. (Please hit that Pin button if you enjoy this post! We really appreciate it.) A lot of these plugins would cost thousands (or even tens of thousands) if you wanted to pay someone ...

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  • The Complete List of Blog Sites

    Welcome to the complete list of all the blog sites on the web (that we could find!) where you might consider starting a blog for the first time. The goal is to give you a list of all the options out there so you can start researching to determine what is the best for your budget, goals, technical requirements, etc.

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  • What Will You Sell if You Give Away Your Best Blog Content for Free?

    If you give away your best blogging content then what’s left to sell? It’s a very interesting question that a lot of bloggers worry about when it comes to deciding how they are going to make money from their blog in the short and long term. Many people worry that if they post all of their best stuff there will be nothing left to say when it comes time to creating a paid product.

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  • How to Get More Backlinks and Rank Higher on Google

    Backlinks are still the major indicator Google uses to determine the authority of a blog. The better your backlinks, the better you’ll rank in search results. But they sure aren’t easy to get. Building backlinks is a tricky business because many of the “easy” ways go against Google’s terms of service.

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  • How to Write More

    I remember setting up my first WordPress blog and then sitting back and thinking nervously to myself: this is going to be a lot of work. It’s quite interesting to note that, while many new bloggers have trouble with technical aspects like plugins, getting a blog host, optimizing for Google, and so on, it’s actually the practical aspects like finding time to write blog posts t ...

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  • Is WordPress Still the Best?

    I am a huge fan of WordPress. I’ve run my business on it for a decade, recommended it to thousands and feel eternally grateful for what it’s allowed me to do. But is it still the best option? As you might have noticed, the blogging scene has changed a lot in the last five years. There’s free platforms like Tumblr and Medium that are now absolutely booming and doing things s ...

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