• How To Use Content Upgrades To Explode Your Email List

    As a blogger, what’s your end goal? Is it to share your story and hope to make a change in people? Is it to earn a side income from your blog? Or is it to build a tribe of loyal followers and form a community of similar minds? No matter if you’re blogging to help others or to build a business by offering a service or digital product, one thing is clear – you need an email list.

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  • How To Keep Hustling When Your Traffic Doesn’t Respond To Any Of Your Efforts

    You knew it. Sooner or later it will come. Now it’s here. The day of imminent surrender. So much hard work you’ve put into this. Dozens of strategies and tools you have twisted and tweaked to stimulate your blog’s traffic. And what’s your analytics response to all that sweat and tears? Day in day out, it shows you nothing beyond the low pulse of a patient in a critical condition.

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  • 8 Great Page Builder Plugins For WordPress In 2017: Design Made Easy

    Raise your hand if you’re a blogger with the chops to design and code beautiful pages from scratch… That silence is the sound of both my arms remaining tightly pressed against my sides. And you know what? I know I’m not the only one sitting here looking like a penguin. I think most of us don’t have the necessary code skills to create truly attractive pages without help.

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  • 3 Ways To Find Talented Freelance Bloggers For Your Business

    Picture this: you own several businesses or several blogs. You do well in the beginning to consistently post, but as your businesses boom and marketing takes more of your time, you realize you can’t do this alone. You need someone to help you create consistent content that’s quality-driven and appeals to your readers. Maybe you’re interested in running a multi-author blog.

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  • 4 Ways To Take Your Blogging Business Goals From Good To Great

    As a blogger, you know the importance of goals. It’s a basic requirement for any business and a necessity for anyone who wants to move forward in life. Without goals, we are just wandering around with dreams and good intentions. While having goals is good, making them great is what leads you to extraordinary results.

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  • How To Create A Sales Page For Your First Online Course Or Product

    You feel the itch. For months you’ve been churning out post after post, promoting it all over social media and slowly building your email list. Now it’s time to take your blog to the next level and turn it into a business by launching your first product or course. If you’re thinking about launching a course based on your experience, this is a great time to create one.

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  • 8 Powerful Instagram Tools To Boost Your Social Media Presence

    So you finally decided to take this whole social media thing seriously for your business. Nobody wants to be left behind, and there’s no doubt – your business needs to be on social media. You’re probably already on Facebook and Twitter – and maybe Pinterest and LinkedIn – but what about some of those other networks you keep hearing about, specifically Instagram? Isn’t it just ...

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  • How To Use Webinars To Grow Your Email List Like Wildfire

    Raise your hand if you’re a new blogger and you recently signed up for more free webinars than you can count on one hand? That’s me and I’m not even a new blogger! It seems that entrepreneurs, marketers, influencers and new bloggers are using webinars to help them grow not only their traffic, but also their email list. So, it’s no wonder that webinars have exploded this year.

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  • 41 Fantastic WordPress Themes For Serious Bloggers (2017 Edition)

    As a blogger, you put your heart and soul into creating perfectly crafted posts, eye-catching images, and attractive leads. It’s a lot of hard work! Your website represents your ideas and ambitions, you want it to attract and entertain a steady flow of followers. With the average human having the attention span of 8 seconds (just under that of a goldfish), why would present y ...

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  • How To Add Schema And Rich Snippets In WordPress

    Have you ever seen those Google search listings with the fancy stars or pictures? You know, the ones that really grab your attention when you’re scrolling through the search results? They can look like this: Or sometimes they look like this: The websites with those juicy eye-magnets aren’t exploiting some loophole in Google.

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