• 5 Important Aspects of Social Media for Businesses

      No matter your personal feelings on social media, the fact is that you need an active social media presence for your business if you want it to succeed. It can be a complicated process to figure out what kind of social media platforms work best for your business. You'll also have to figure out what kind of posting content and frequency are most effective.

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    • How to Send Emails in WordPress with Gmail SMTP Server

      Having issues sending emails from your WordPress website? Well, WordPress uses PHP mail function, by default, which usually fails to work the way it should work due to several reasons. The most popular reason is strict email configurations at your web hosting server. These configurations limit and influence emails delivered from the WordPress website.

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    • Sam Mizrahi: Builder Behind Canada’s Next Skyscraper

      Nestled in what is referred to as Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe region, Canada’s largest and most populous city, Toronto, has worked hard to overcome its dated moniker of The Big Smoke. Indeed, the city that was voted most liveable in 2015 has reinvented itself as a chic international destination, a city that is also home to Canada’s largest group of young entrepreneurs.

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  • Inventing is Easy When We Refrain from Excessive Criticism

    A lot of people scratch their heads when they look at a company like Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google, or Microsoft that seemed to rise out of nowhere. Why is it that some strike it rich, and some do not? Mostly, it has to do with the attitude the founders of a company have toward inventing. Many company founders are extremely cautious.

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  • Choosing the Best Office Space for Your Startup

    Finding the ideal office space for your business is important to its growth and success. The design and outlook of your office space give your stakeholders and clients the first impression of your business. Hence, the decision is critical when you intend to borrow funds from investors to grow your business.

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  • 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Employees

    5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Employees As a business owner, you have lofty goals and big dreams. Your job is to make those dreams come true by accomplishing your goals and making waves in your industry. You must also realize that’s important in business, and that is often the people who work for you. If the people who create your brand are unhappy, it will be visible to the customers.

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  • A Few E-Commerce Platforms Crushing It In 2017

    If you are thinking about launching an e-commerce platform this year for your online business, you'll need to consider these major platforms to help you grow that company. You need to choose a platform that has capitalized on both social commerce and mobile commerce trends. Shopify More than 325,000 online stores are hosted on Shopify alone.

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  • Start Getting Paid on Time with Invoice Sherpa

    Is your business struggling with cashflow and late payments? Whether you’re a solo operator, small business or doing bigger business at enterprise level,every day’s hard work can see you and your people stretched and pulled in multiple directions. Just keeping up with the workload can be overwhelming, let alone also keeping a vigilant watch on cashflow, outstanding or ‘lost’ ...

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  • Are You Drinking Too Much? Understanding Alcohol Addiction

    Add Media Alcohol addiction is something you hear about on a regular basis in the United States. The fact is that alcohol is all around you, from backyard barbecues to what is likely a whole aisle of wine, beer and spirits in your neighborhood market. Social drinking or having a glass of wine with dinner might be generally healthy, but for some people, the drinks don’t alwa ...

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  • What to Look For in a Software Vendor

    Today’s software marketplace is more crowded than ever in the past—a seemingly infinite sea of products and services, all claiming to be the best available. Even the most tech-savvy business owners often find themselves overwhelmed when searching for a new software vendor to partner with, especially given the constantly changing nature of the industry.

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  • Trading Forex for Dummies

    Trading in forex is exciting. No doubt about it. It’s like a racetrack. It’s fast and requires quick decisions. In a matter of seconds you can either win or you can lose it all. Forex attracts traders who want to jump in and out of the market in a way that results in high profits. That’s all good and fine, but it doesn’t happen over night. Trading forex isn’t really for dummies.

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  • 4 Types of Companies You Can Form in the UK

    Knowing the different types of companies that you can form in the UK is the first step towards actually starting one, either on your own or with a partner. Every type of company has its own financial and legal liabilities, and knowing them beforehand is important. Companies like 1st Formations can help you on your path to success by providing all the relevant information and ...

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  • Double Your Website Traffic in 30 Days

    Traffic is the lifeblood of every Internet business. Without it, we have no prospects and customers to speak of. So your company will have a difficult time succeeding unless you can start generating more traffic on the web. It takes time, effort, and energy to develop and maintain an online audience. Many websites stagnate because they can’t figure out how to generate new leads.

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  • 5 Lessons in Management to Learn from the Security Industry

    For many years, the security industry lagged behind others as digital security for IT became a priority. However, in the last few years, they have really pulled up their socks and become a power to be reckoned with, integrating relevant software solutions for both those on the ground, and those in a more managerial role.

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  • 3 Data Security Mistakes that Can Kill Your Startup

    Startups are often fighting an uphill battle for survival – the battle often lasts long until they reach the critical mass needed to breakthrough to the mainstream market. Startup entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs already know that they can't afford to run out of cash and they always walk around with 30-second pitches and pitch decks in the hopes of attracting investors.

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  • Meet the Industry-Leading Affiliate Network, T DOT UK

    The payday industry has been steadily growing over the years, attracting countless Affiliates to this niche in pursuit of digital leads. It’s given way to a number of Affiliate Networks, each one hoping to outdo the last in terms of traffic conversions. Yet, there is one Affiliate Network that has quickly risen to the top of the industry because of its consistency, complianc ...

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  • Key Questions to Ask Potential Drop Shipping Partners

    Working with a drop shipper is a great way to get product to your customers without incurring the costs of maintaining inventory on hand. When the shipper is also the manufacturer, you’ll save a lot of money on transportation and storage charges as product can go from factory to customer without visiting your warehouse in between. With that said, different drop shippers have different policies.

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