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  • How to Start the Process of Moving Your Business

    Making the move to a bigger business space or to move across state lines is a huge step for any business; it means you’re growing and you need more room or a bigger community. But now that you’ve chosen the area and have found a space that fits your needs, are you prepared to make the move? If you’re not and this is the first time you’re moving business spaces, you’ve come to the right place.

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  • 9 Business Communication Skills Every Professional Should Master

    Communication is a critical element in all aspects of life including the workplace. Some business communication skills are necessary for the success of any business. Any professional who masters these communication skills will be able to work smart and deliver the intended results. This article presents nine communication skills that every professional has to master.

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  • How To Boost Facebook Engagement With One Easy Step

    You run a successful business. You get good results and good engagement on all your social channels. It seems like you’re doing everything right and getting the results you want. Now, what if I told you that you could be doing even better? What if there was a way to reach even more of your target audience by making one tiny adjustment to how you present just some of your conte ...

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  • How to Stay Sane While Working from Home

    Working from home means no more commuting or spending hours away from home in a stressful environment. It also means you’ll have to take charge of your work life and create the type of life you really want. When you work from home, you have the flexibility to make your day look however you want. But, if you don’t actively set yourself on the right course, you may just go insa ...

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  • Mobile eCommerce Tips to Gain Brand Loyalty

    Mobile eCommerce is growing at a fast pace, with global smartphone users currently sitting at around 2.3 billion, and global sales via mobile expected to hit $638 billion by 2018. With a growing number of mobile users, shoppers and industry in general, it makes it more clear than ever that merchants need a winning mobile strategy to seize this type of business opportunity.

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  • What Happens to Your Business If You Can’t Work?

    If you’ve just started a business, or you’re running a small one, your work is crucial to the success of that business. You’ll be managing all the high-level tasks, including making decisions, staying on top of sales and cash flow, and providing direction for the future of the business. So what happens if something comes up and you’re rendered unable to work? What if you acqu ...

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  • What Types of Insurance Should Your Business Have?

    You wouldn’t get into your car if you didn’t have auto insurance. You wouldn’t be comfortable owning a house without at least a basic home insurance plan. If you want to protect your business, business insurance is just as important—but there are many types of insurance available, and if you’re not familiar with the terminology and services involved, it can all seem a bit complicated.

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  • 5 Tips To Make Investors Beg You To Take Their Money

    So, your basement business moved into an official shared workspace. You hired your first small team, and you’re ready to pitch your big vision to a prominent investor. There’s only one problem – you don’t know where to start. Sure, you’ve given presentations in high school, but now you’ve got more than your grades at stake. This is your life’s work.

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  • 3 Hidden Marketing Takeaways From Major Corporations

    Thinking like a consumer won’t make you rich. If you want to take your success to new heights, you need to think like a marketer. Here are three secrets to start: 1. You’ll never get rich selling a product Companies that start out selling products often change their business model when they realize selling products alone is an unsustainable model.

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  • When Should Your Business Borrow Money?

    Most businesses will run into financial trouble at some point in time, whether that’s in the initial phases of seeking funding, or hitting a cash flow wall in the middle stages of growth. Ideally, your company would generate enough revenue on a consistent basis to cover these problematic patches, but there will be extenuating circumstances that prevent that from happening.

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  • Specific Ways to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Small Business

    First impressions are everything in the business world. Whether you’re an online entrepreneur or you have a physical storefront for your small business, what customers see the first time they interact with your brand often influences how they’ll feel about you for years to come. Tips for Boosting Physical Curb Appeal From the very moment a customer walks up to your storefront ...

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Audience Segmentation

    With your first money-making blog, you may be tempted to target the biggest possible audience, writing content that could apply to everybody. This seems like a logical move, since you’ll be working with a much larger pool of potential customers and readers, but in reality, it’s better to split your audience into different segments—or narrow your focus to one segment, in particular.

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  • 6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Conference Call Quality

    Conference calls are a necessary evil for most entrepreneurs. Email is a remarkably efficient mode of communication, but it lacks the conversational nature of a conference call. Individual discussions would be better, but at the same time, you need to have everyone contributing at once for the most ideally productive discussion.

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