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  • Video Collaboration Tool for Business Team Discussion

    Home > Blog & Grow > Video Collaboration Tool for Business Team Discussion Video Collaboration Tool for Business Team Discussion By Blogtrepreneur on July 1, 2015 Tweet Pin It Collaboration has always been an important part of business, whether that collaboration is occurring between coworkers or with business partners thousands of miles away.

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  • Best Whitening Toothpaste for a Busy Lifestyle

    White teeth are everywhere in modern society. Without them, you stand the risk of losing job opportunities, perhaps even your professional reputation because we live in a day and age where looks really are everything. But, going to the dentist every three months to have your teeth whitened isn’t something that most entrepreneurs have time for.

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  • How To Survive A Startup

    For a certain breed of individual, there’s always been something quite alluring about the thought of being stranded on a desert island. The idea of being totally responsible for every choice we make and the part each tiny decision plays towards our ultimate success or failure is for some, the perfect challenge. We are of course talking about ambitious entrepreneurs.

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  • How To Get Real Traffic To Your Website

    The biggest problem for most businesses is: How to get more targeted traffic to their website. Without traffic, a website will not generate any revenue. A few years ago I was in the same boat. Even after I created great content, no one was reading it.

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  • Best Gym Bags for the Entrepreneur 2015

    When you’re in business for yourself, it’s important to have the best equipment possible for use. If your equipment happens to include gym bags, there are several factors to consider when choosing the best ones for you. It must be durable, dependable, stylish, and must hold all of your equipment! So if you’re on your way to the mall as we speak, check out these brands.

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  • Does My Small Business Need To Accept Credit Cards?

    Though you have control over the forms of payment you accept when you own a small business, your decision to accept credit cards might have more impact on your profitability, revenue and customer loyalty than you think. Here’s a look at whether your small business should accept credit cards. Cash is being dethroned.

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  • How To Overcome The Fear Of International Expansion

    We all suffer from fear of the unknown. It’s a perfectly natural response designed to keep our ancient ancestors from doing anything stupid. Without it the human race is likely to have been wiped out in a series of ill informed decisions, over zealous curiosity and the occasional poke at things with very big teeth. But too much fear can be equally as damaging.

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  • The UAE: An Entrepreneur’s Paradise?

    For any business, especially fledgling start-ups, entering a fast growing marketplace is a sure-fire way to establish a solid client base and build rapid turnover. Currently, the UAE has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, making it a prime destination for companies to export their goods and services, or even to base their headquarters.

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  • 50 Essential Qualities of Modern Day Entrepreneurs

    Home > Blog & Grow > 50 Essential Qualities of Modern Day Entrepreneurs 50 Essential Qualities of Modern Day Entrepreneurs By Brad Smith on July 15, 2015 Tweet Pin It There may be a thousand definitions of success, all true, but there are 50 qualities that every modern day entrepreneur is likely to possess.

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  • 5 Hobbies To Help You Get Away From It All

    As an entrepreneur, it is extremely stressful. If you complain about the 50-hour work week, you are definitely not up to the game of entrepreneurship. Therefore, it is very beneficial to maintain a casual hobbies to relax after stress and work. Below are 5 of the entertaining hobbies for entrepreneurs to release stress. Yoga Classes Yoga is a great way to improve your work performance.

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  • Marketing Your Own Personal Brand

    Understanding Your Personal Brand An organisation’s brand is supposed to encapsulate its core values. And the same is true of your personal brand. This doesn’t mean you have to spend all day every day marketing yourself, but it does mean that it’s a good idea to know how you appear to the world around.

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  • A Comprehensive Review of The Lending Club

    Introduction When you are short on money or trying to get out of debt you may want to check out Lending Club. It is credited as being the largest online credit marketplace in the world, as they facilitate business loans, financing for medical procedures, and personal loans. While some people may still be skeptical or unsure how peer-to-peer lending works, the following inform ...

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  • The Workaholic’s Guide to Relaxing on Vacation

    For those who are highly dedicated to their work and achieving their goals, the idea of planning a holiday can almost feel counter-intuitive to a happy and successful future. And while it might be true that taking more than a week off from work can be difficult for anyone, from a high-powered CEO to an intern, it is probably most difficult on those entrepreneurs and employees ...

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  • Simple Accounting Tips for Start-ups

    Accounting can be a tricky business; there’s a reason people hold those in the field in such high esteem. Small businesses in particular can be stung by high accountancy fees and risk collapse. This can be especially the case if you’re a cash-strapped start-up, so it’s imperative you have the financial know-how you need to look out for your business’s interests.

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  • Latvia – A Rising Star for International Entrepreneurs

    Latvia isn’t a country that immediately springs to mind when you think of economic heavyweights, but this small state, tucked quietly away by the Baltic sea, is actually one the world’s growing economies. According to the International Monetary Fund, Latvia is expected to overtake its Eurozone neighbours by doubling its economy growth to around 4% by the year 2020, with one ...

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  • Risks and Uncertainty in the Entrepreneurial World

    Is it uncertainty or opportunity? Let’s talk about risk and uncertainty. I remember 20 years ago when I was working for Harrison & William in London, my manager unexpectedly resigned one morning and there was lots of talk and worry in the office about what was going to happen, but especially within my team of approximately 10 people.

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  • Expenses – are they worth the time?

    Keeping an eye on the accounts is an essential skill of any business owner. This is even more pertinent to small businesses, who don’t necessarily have the capability to employ someone specifically to deal with this or to outsource such functions. And while sole traders and small businesses can often save themselves tax by employing an accountant – even for as ‘small’ a job a ...

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  • How to Attract Investors to Your Start-up

    Any new entrepreneur knows that investors can provide more than just capital to their business — they can become resources for organizing, marketing, and realizing ideas. Mentoring and nurturing people with their ideas can be as important as the first seed capital funding that they receive. Sometimes an angel investor is akin to a good friend to someone as well as their business advisor.

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  • Tips for Making Work Travel a Breeze

    Trying to squeeze your carry-on luggage, plus a laptop and other work materials in a small overhead space, navigating from the airport to your clients office in a city you’ve never been to, spending the night away from home while eating a room service dinner…business travel isn’t always as exciting or fun as one may think.

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  • 50 Blogging Tips From the Pros – Infographic

    Home > Blog & Grow > 50 Blogging Tips From the Pros – Infographic 50 Blogging Tips From the Pros – Infographic Tweet Pin It The Story Behind the Creation of 50 Blogging Tips Infographic One lazy Sunday afternoon, I decided to pop into my favourite blog by Pat Flynn. Pat’s blog is full of treasures – the more you dig the more you find.

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  • 20 Tips for Startup Entrepreneurs – Infographic

    Home > Blog & Grow > 20 Tips for Startup Entrepreneurs – Infographic 20 Tips for Startup Entrepreneurs – Infographic Tweet Pin It Start-up is the toughest part of an Entrepreneur’s journey without a doubt. When starting out there are doubts about the viability of the venture; a scary feeling about venturing into the unknown and an excitement that makes you get up ...

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  • How to Get Rid of Razor Burn

    There is nothing like a clean shaven face to get a good start to a day! A perfectly shaven face never fails to impress potential clients, colleagues and of course your significant other, who love to touch a smooth face! However, a clean shaven face is tricky and lots of men are walking around with their necks covered with red rashes, the well-known and famous – razor burn! In this article we .

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  • Blog Post Ideas – Never Run Out Again!

    If you’re struggling to come up blog post ideas, I can help. Blogging is one of the most effective marketing tools around and it’s clear every business should be doing it. What’s not always so clear is what you should be blogging about. Fortunately, there is a bottomless pit of ideas just waiting for you to dive in. It doesn’t matter what industry you belong to.

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  • Turning A Hobby Into A Business – A Happier Life

    In 1937 George Valliant, a psychologist and Professor at Harvard University, began one of the longest running studies of physical and mental wellbeing ever recorded. For over 70 years Professor Valliant and his colleagues studied the lives of 268 individuals through wars, divorces, sickness and even a successful presidential election.

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