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  • Jobs for 14-Year-Olds

    14 year old kids can already have a taste of what it’s like to work and earn money. There are a multitude of jobs for 14 year olds that you can try to give you a preview of what is to come in the coming years where you will have to work for a living. Working as early as 14 years old will help you become more responsible towards yourself and money, and you can carry on what you ...

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  • Jobs for 15 Year Olds

    Teenagers are best taught about financial independence and good work ethics by letting them experience what it’s like to work, even if it’s just a few hours each day. Working part-time or during the summer break is a good way to break them into the real world of working for a living, face different types of people each day and teaching them the value of hard work and money.

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  • Jobs for 16-Year-Olds

    Jobs for 16 year olds prepare them to enter the workforce in a few years. They get to have a taste of what it is like to work with adults. They are also given more responsibility such as handling the cash register in stores. These jobs can be done either part-time during the school year or full time during the summer.

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  • Top 3 Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Your Mac

    You will always rely on your hands. Whether you're flipping on different TV shows or typing away in your computer, you can always count on your hands, fingers and wrists to get the job done. Even in your office and home, you involve yourselves with technology, with a lot of people loving Mac computers. Virtually, we all use a keyboard to some extent.

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  • The 5 Best Peer To Peer Lending Sites Compared

    Finding the best peer to peer lending platform nowadays requires a good understanding of the services offered by the websites. Borrowing or lending money through traditional methods - involving financial institutions and red-tape - can be a tad problematic, and that is why the concept of Peer to Peer Lending is so remarkable.

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  • 5 Ways to Make Blogging a Successful Business

    Blogging has been an extremely popular pastime. Some people blog to share a passion about something. Others blog to provide a narrative of their life to people who are interested in reading about them. Others blog to raise awareness of things that are important to them. Finally, others blog to create interest in their products or services.

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  • 6 Ways You Are Doing Online Advertising Wrong

    ?The following is a sponsored guest post from Cher Zavala of Seek Visibility. In this digital day and age, online advertising should be your first and best bet for attracting customers. However, no matter how much experience you have in other forms of advertising, your gut instincts are likely to lead you astray when it comes to generating prospects and converting sales.

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  • 6 Terrible Mistakes Every Beginner Blogger Makes

    Are you new to blogging? If you are, congratulations! Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts, build relationships with great people, and even make a bit of money. Just be sure you get off on the right foot by avoiding the following 6 mistakes. 1. Failing to Get Your Own Domain Name The good news is that thanks to a variety of free blog and website hosting options, anybo ...

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  • 7 Fantastic Websites To Promote Your Startup or New Website

    One of the biggest issues facing startups today is being able to cut through the waves of new startups starting each day, in order to generate exposure and buzz about their brand. As both technology and awareness of the ability to start an entrepreneurial venture have increased, so has competition for eyeballs and attention.

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  • Working Vacation: FlightHub’s Favourite New Tech For Working Abroad

    While some people use a vacation as a means to disconnect from the modern world, some simply can’t unplug from their work. While many would suggest the best accessory for people like this is served in a glass or bottle, at the end of the day how you spend your vacation is up to you. I spoke with FlightHub, an online travel agency, to get their opinion on the best new high te ...

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  • Becoming an Uber Driver

    There are a lot of benefits in becoming an Uber driver. To begin with, you can drive your own car, set up your own schedule and have a stable source of income. Since Uber technology was introduced, it started with only a few drivers in 2012 and grew by over 150,000 in early 2015. The dramatic increase is by 400%.

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  • Tips & Tools To Write Both SEO Optimized And User-Friendly Content

    SEO Optimization is a tricky thing. On one hand, you want your website to rank on Google. On the other, you want the writing to sound natural and effortless. You don’t want to turn off your audience with keyword saturation and obvious optimization tactics. Here are some tips and tools to help you balance your human reader and the machine that determines your visibility.

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  • Questions to Ask Yourself Before Living in a Condo

    Living in a condo may or may not suit you. How then would you know? Ask yourself the following questions before signing that contract and moving in. Am I Capable of Paying More Than Just the Mortgage? The truth is, the cost of living in a condominium does not end with the monthly mortgage fees. You would also need to pay for other things such as the association fees and the ...

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  • Best Wet Stone Knife Sharpener 2016

    Having a sharp knife ensures that the blade won’t plunge right into your fingers after slipping from the pieces of food you are trying to cut. It also ensures that the cut of the food will be uniform so the presentation will look better and more appealing. There is always a constant need to whet the knives because the more a knife is used, the duller it becomes.

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  • Best Smoker Thermometer

    Best Smoker Thermometer for Smoking Meat One of the most important aspects of smoking meat is getting it to the right temperature, so having the best smoker thermometer is a must. Smoking is a process where you use a combination of heat and smoke to slowly cook your meat or seafood. Seeing as you’ll be taking several hours versus several minutes to cook your meat, it’s importan ...

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  • The Best Car for an Uber Driver

    Driving for Uber is now seen as a good way to earn more money. It is a system where car owners are allowed to use their personal car to drive passengers. They also have the freedom on when to drive and how many hours they will spend a day to drive. Uber drivers earn an average of $20 to $40 an hour. In order to maximize earning, it is important to use the right car.

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  • Best Wireless Headphones for Kids

    Kids these days are finding music as a personal way of enjoying and having fun. Even though our grandparents never had the chance to take music anywhere they went, today’s generation is enjoying that benefit. If you’re a parent or a kid looking for the best wireless headphones for kids, it is important to consider the features.

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  • Best Ergonomic Mouse to Ease Carpal Tunnel

    Carpal tunnel syndrome is real and a lot of people are suffering from it. This illness may happen to anyone. Those who are suffering from diabetes, thyroid dysfunction and high blood pressure are of higher risk. It can also happen to those who use drilling or vibrating machines over a longer period of time.

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  • The Best Wireless Headphones for Working Out

    Tired of untangling your headphone wires every time you want to listen to your music? Do the wires keep snagging whenever you go for a run? Does one of your earbuds keep losing audio? Well surely, these are problems that did not exist when your grandparents were still in their hipster years. Before, people listened to music mainly during concerts or in public places.

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  • Best Tools Now Trending for Small Businesses Today

    Managing a small business is a full-time endeavor that requires the best tools and techniques to ensure you are able to maintain a high level of productivity. There are many solutions available that can make invoicing easier, improve collaboration, and connect better with your customers. When you want a solution that will help you get the most out of your company, consider addi ...

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  • The Best Practices on How to Use a Knife Sharpener

    There are different techniques on sharpening a knife. It depends on what type of sharpener you have and what type of knife you are working on. To champion in this skill, you must be aware of all the options available to you. That is, if you ever plan to learn through the skill yourself because you have another recourse: to have your knives sharpen by another.

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  • The Best Ergonomic Chair for 2016

    Sitting on a chair for a long time can add physical stress to the spine. This could lead to severe back pains that can worsen if an intervention is not made. Ergonomic chairs are among the best tools to correct this problem. They are equipped with the proper supporting system to help you attain a better sitting posture. There are many kinds of ergonomic chairs for you to choose from.

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  • Best Warthog Knife Sharpener for Your Kitchen

    Shopping for kitchenware is really hard. You need to consider some factors like quality, warranty, and price. Knives are important since they are widely used in the kitchen. Keeping them sharp is the least we can do to preserve their quality. You may not know it, but there are home sharpeners that may destroy your knives.

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  • Review of the Best Sites that Offer Paid Surveys at Home

    The worldwide web offers so many ways for people to earn money, whether through full time work, online business, passive income and so much more. Paid online surveys have also become extremely popular, which is evident with the rapid growth in number of websites that offer paid surveys at home or at the comfort of your own desk.

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  • Best Single-Cup Coffee Makers without Pods Review for 2016

    Keurig, the market leader in single-cup coffeemakers that use K-cups, changed how we consume coffee. While pod-type coffeemakers are convenient, most consumers still believe that the single cup coffeemakers without pods are better. That’s why the former only rank second most popular coffee making method in the US, lagging behind traditional drip coffeemakers.

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  • Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

    Many people attest to the comfort provided by memory foam when they sleep. This polyurethane material molds to the shape of the body because it is sensitive to temperature and pressure. It is widely used in products like mattresses, pillows, and mattress toppers. Several companies have already come out with their versions of memory foam mattress toppers that it could now be di ...

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  • The Best Masticating Juicer for 2016

    A masticating juicer is the better version of regular juicers that you can find out there. It allows a slow squeeze and crush action in anything that you put inside it. Therefore, it has the ability to produce juices out of leafy vegetables and wheatgrass. You can also expect the juice extracted from this type of juicer to last for a longer time.

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  • The Power of Bing Search Marketing

    Bing can be found where one least expects it. Bing Network enhances search experiences on the Xbox and in Microsoft Office, reinforces local search options on Yelp, powers Twitter’s translation interface, and provides Uber’s extensive mapping unit. One in every three Web searches in the US are powered by Bing, and considering how involved Bing is in people’s everyday lives, it ...

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  • First Class Boss: FlightHub’s Guide To Being Productive In First Class

    Imagine your workspace. Now imagine it closing around you like a horror movie-like trap. That’s what it can feel like when you try to work on an airplane. Whether it’s a loud sleeper, a crying baby, or a simply the claustrophobic feeling of being crammed into your seat, being productive in the air is not an easy task.

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  • How to Turn Your Business Green

    The world is fast reaching its physical limits with its current linear model of production, consumption and disposal. At our current rate of expansion, it is estimated that by 2050 we will need three worlds worth of resources to fulfil the population’s needs. However, although many people are aware of this, very few have made the change to a more sustainable way of life.

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  • Meeting Uber Driver Car Requirements

    Uber’s promise is very enticing: you are your own boss while earning a considerably good amount of income by simply helping riders get comfortable rides to wherever they are headed. That is why, it has a growing number of driver applicants on a daily basis. If you are one of those who seek to take the plunge and form part of the company’s backbone towards exceptional rideshari ...

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  • The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer Review

    For quite a long time now, the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center juicer has been one of the most sought after kitchen appliances on the internet. This is because most people have realized the exceedingly great benefits of this juicer over other juicers. The masticating style juicer also boasts of having high-end features that make it a practical preference to other types of juicers.

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  • Funding Circle Reviews: What You Need To Know

    What is Funding Circle? Funding Circle is an international peer-to-peer lender that specializes in small business lending. Founded in the U.K in 2010 by successful business owners whose loan applications had been rejected by numerous banks, Funding Circle has now lent more than $ 2 billion to over 15,000 businesses in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

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  • The Most Common Lending Club Complaints Explained

    Is Lending Club a Good Choice for Me? What do the person who owes between $5,000 and $35,000 on his credit cards and the person who has $35,000 in the bank have in common? Lending Club is looking for both of them. Lending Club is a good place for people who need to borrow money to get it, and it is also a good place for people who have extra money to invest it and earn rates ...

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  • What is the Difference Between Uber and UberX?

    Uber is the name of the company that offers pickup service to customers who need a ride. This is beneficial to those who are having difficulties getting a cab or transport that would take them to their destination, especially during the wee hours of the night or during a busy day. What makes it different from other car hire or cab hire companies is that it doesn’t directly employ drivers.

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  • The Truth About Inbox Dollars Surveys

    You might have heard about inbox dollars before. They usually appear in various ads all over the web where you are asked to take a survey and you will earn a lot of money in doing so. Hence, the survey is named Inbox Dollars. The truth is that you won’t necessarily earn that much as promised. Perhaps you can, but before you do so, you must have exhausted your energy and spent ...

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  • Six of the Easiest Ways to Resolve Workplace Drama

    Get any group of people together in one room, and you’re bound to have some differing opinions. It’s why there are 12 jurors for more serious cases. The idea being that if you can get 12 different people to agree with on something, it’s probably the right choice. Luckily, most workplace dramas aren’t as intensive as the latest courtroom battle, but you can work to cut back on u ...

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  • Just What is Uber Driver Pay?

    Uber is an American multinational transportation service company. It works just like the usual taxis, but it is barely regulated by the government. The main headquarters is located in San Francisco, California. Using Uber, those who need a ride can make a request and they will be picked up by an Uber driver and bring them to a respective destination. Uber drivers use their personal car.

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  • The IoT for SME Efficiency

    In the first couple of months of 2016, we have seen many business owners still resisting the push towards moving towards the incorporation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices into their company. Yet, according to a cyber security study done by McAfee, the network of devices that the IoT is comprised of is set to grow at a staggering rate in the coming years.

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  • Stop! Read these electric lawn mower reviews before your next purchase!

    Have you been lugging around an old, heavy gas mower for a good portion of your life? Are you aware of the new push mowers that run on electricity? Yes, electricity. Not gas. Imagine how different your next mow could be if you could get your hands on one of these! Not only will they be lighter, but they are environmentally friendly.

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  • Giving a PowerPoint Presentation When You’re a Total Rookie

    As humans, fear is hardwired into our brains. From heights to snakes and spiders, there are plenty of things that give us an unsettled feeling in our stomachs. But among these fears lie an all too common one: public speaking. The National Institute of Mental Health posits that 74 percent of people suffer from speech anxiety.

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  • High Paying Jobs for Teens: Teaching Them the Value of Work

    What parent does not want his child to land the hob that he dreams of in the future? In order for a young adult to be able to be the best in his chosen field when he goes to join the workforce, he must first learn the basics and what better to get the motivation and discipline started than in his teenage years when he is in his full development potential that will help him succeed in life in th.

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  • Summer Jobs for Teens

    The best thing about summer jobs for teens is that you can do them full time, compared to when you work during the school year when you are only allowed to work up to 8 hours a week and not later than 7 in the evening. Summer jobs can be done up to 8 hours per day, so you can calculate in your head how much you can get each week if you work full time.

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  • Omega Juicer Reviews for the Healthiest You

    It goes without saying that Omega Juicers are some of the best juicers for health-conscious people in many parts of the world. This product category comes with different kinds of juicers that, if you look even cursorily, you are bound to find a juicer to match your needs. A lot of Omega juicer reviews have been written from different points of view but this one considers som ...

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  • How to Protect WordPress Site – Infographic

    WordPress powers 20% of the web and is the most popular content management system online. This also means hackers go after WordPress sites most often than any other sites. So it is important to protect WordPress sites before it is too late. Now, you may think what the hacker is going to do with my site; it will be useless for them.

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  • Is Tip Included in Uber payment?

    Uber’s unique business model have countlessly challenged different cultures, morals, and principles. The Uber mobile app is currently operating in over 300 cities worldwide. The biggest concern about the service? Is tip included in the Uber payment? Tip is Not Required, As Per Uber In most countries where tipping forms part of the riding culture, especially those where taxis p ...

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  • Talalay Latex Mattress Toppers

    Over time, your mattress will no longer feel as comfortable as it was the first time you use it. With constant use, the foam becomes softer. Your back starts to feel the pain. If you have used the mattress for a long time, then you won’t have second thoughts buying a new one. However, you can’t afford to do it each time your mattress does not feel as comfortable as you would h ...

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  • Rada Knife Sharpener Review – What You Should Know

    Rada is a cutlery brand based in the US. Since 1948, it has been manufacturing high quality kitchen knives that make life easier in the kitchen. All their products are made in America, starting from the raw materials up to the construction. Their products are sold by fundraisers, independent sellers and their main website.

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  • Swagbucks Review and All About Swagbucks

    There are various ways to earn money online, at the comfort of your own home. Taking paid surveys is one of them, but Swagbucks is more than just taking surveys and get paid. It is called such because Swagbucks is the name of the virtual currency you can earn by doing various activities such as searching online, playing games, shopping or many others, apart from taking surveys.

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  • Work for Yourself by Trading Online

    The idea of being your own boss sounds very appealing. No office hours, deadlock meetings, dress codes, carpooling or traffic jams. But with great power comes great responsibility, and in order to make it work, you’re going to need a well-designed business plan. There are several ways you can become your own boss and sail on the tides of independence, and this one, in particul ...

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