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  • 10 Things You Must Know Before Starting a Part-time Job

    Part-time jobs are monetary way-outs for new mothers on sabbaticals, retirees wishing to stay in touch with the professional world and students- looking for earning some quick bucks. If you are working full-time, then a part-time opportunity can make your monthly bill payment drudgery tad easier. Thanks to the internet, you will get plethora freelance assignments or commission- based projects.

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  • 11 Online Store Ideas That Are Easy To Start

    While starting an online store is a tempting idea, the reality of this project may be harder than you think. By focusing on your strengths and capabilities you will find that the internet offers you the opportunity to make a good amount of money without having the expense of a brick and mortar shop.

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  • 12 Low Effort Online Business Ideas

    In this increasingly technological society, more and more people are turning their entrepreneurial leanings to the internet. The good news is that there are a plethora of online opportunities available to those of us who desire to earn an income from the comfort of our home. And most of them require little to no effort to start.

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  • 40 Budget Bloggers to Follow in 2016

    Are you looking to consolidate your current debt? Are you trying to save more money for a big purchase or so you can retire earlier? Want examples how others are doing these things so they can live more comfortably and freely. Our list of the Top 40 Budget Bloggers to Follow in 2016 share information on living frugally, planning for weddings, traveling for cheap and more.

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  • Top 25 SEO bloggers you should follow in 2016

    Looking for some SEO tips or want to hire someone to improve your website's SEO? Then check out these hand-picked "Top SEO Bloggers and Experts." In their blogs, you will find tips and advice on how to improve your SEO. As a bonus we've included one of the best posts of each expert for you! Aaron Wall Aaron publishes SEOBook, one of the oldest standing SEO sites that i ...

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  • 25 Successful Copywriting Experts You Should Know

    Looking for some copywriting tips or wanting to hire someone who can write a persuasive message for your audience so that they can convert? Then check out these “Top 25 Copywriting Experts”. In their blogs, you will find tips and advice on how to write a succulent and engaging copy that your visitor love.

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  • 3 Things You Didn’t Know About Investing in a 401K

    Copyright: krisckam / 123RF Stock Photo 401 (k) plans. Chances are you’ve heard about them, but where do they get their name and why should you worry about investing in one? In the United States, a 401(k) plan is the tax-qualified, defined-contribution pension account defined in subsection 401(k) of the Internal Revenue Code. In layman’s terms, investing in a 401(k) is saving for retirement.

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  • The 4 Questions You Need to Answer About Your Blog’s Privacy Policy

    You can easily overlook your blog’s privacy policy while you’re focused on creating content. But neglecting it is a dangerous mistake. A clear privacy policy protects you from legal liability and shows your integrity to readers. You’re legally required to have a privacy policy on your website. Laws like the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) require certain mea ...

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  • 5 Tips for New Investors

    Investing. What is it? A hobby for successful businessmen? Informed gambling? Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s lay down the definition. Investing is the act of committing money or capital to an endeavor (a business, project, real estate, etc.) with the expectation of obtaining an additional income or profit.

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  • Busting Financial Woes: 5 Ways to Raise Capital for Your Business

    Great business ideas need cash to turn them into a success and that’s a fact that some entrepreneurs fail to acknowledge. You may have the best ideas, but being financially unstable can be a big burden. According to Vic Lance’s article on, running out of cash is one of the top reasons start-ups fail.

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  • 5 Ways to Get Paid to Blog

    Let’s face it: blogging is kind of fun. You get to write about things that interest you and, for many, it is a fantastic creative outlet. Even though blogging can be a very personal thing, why not try to make a bit of money. This article will walk you through five common ways that people have found related to how to get paid for blogging.

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  • What Is An Inversion Table? 5 Reasons Your Body Loves Inversion!

    Why Would You Buy An Inversion Table? We understand you are looking for a solution to your back pain, not another piece of equipment to clutter up your house. You have probably heard of the benefits of using inversion tables, which are used to effectively help back pain and prevent chronic pain. This is called “inversion therapy.

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  • 5 Tips to Finish College Debt Free

    olegdudko / 123RF Stock Photo Describe college in one word. What would you say? Homework? Parties? Alcohol? Sex? How about debt? The average student in the 2016 graduating class finished with a whopping $37,172 in student loan debt. It is possible, however, to avoid amassing stifling amounts of debt in college.

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  • 6 Hassle Free Ways To Earn Passive Income Online

    Passive Income has a nice ring to it. It conjures up the vision of sitting on a beach while still earning money without actually doing too much. That's exactly what it means! Would you like to do just that? Then you really should take a look at these proven methods which will generate a steady and reliable income, sometimes even while you sleep! Contrary to what many people t ...

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  • 7 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Yoga Mat

    So you are up for practicing yoga, aren’t you? The first thing you need soon after you decide to practice yoga is the mat itself. Yeah, without a mat, where you are going to do the asanas? You know it’s not sensible to do it on the bare floor. That’s why you need a guide on selecting the perfect yoga mat for you.

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  • 7 Secrets for Being Effective on Sales Calls

    Many people, even with years of experience, feel a bit of anxiety about selling to unseen strangers – or doing it successfully. Even in today’s digital world, many businesses still are forced to interact with sales prospects through traditional means of communication. Whether it’s cold calling or responding to a website generated lead, entrepreneurs need to understand how to co ...

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  • 8 Security Features You Definitely Need in Your Payment Processor

    E-commerce is such a popular mode of business these days that plenty of entrepreneurs breeze through the business-building steps to get straight to the revenue-making steps. As a result, most entrepreneurs partner with big-name payment processors without considering the terms and conditions or available features, and they become locked into agreements from which they can’t wait to escape.

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  • How To Come Up With A Memorable Blog Name

    A blog is a great way to share your ideas, plans, hobbies and opinions with others online. In fact, becoming a blogger is much easier now than it once was with many popular bloggers having huge followings and making a great living. One of the things all of these successful bloggers have in common is a name or online brand they have created for their blog that is catchy, some ...

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  • The Complete Guide To Buying A Blog Domain Name

    Buying a domain name for your blog is a big step… it could be the start of a big journey into the online world, something that you pour your heart and soul into where you express and share your thoughts with the world. But coming up with a domain name is just one step in the process to setting up and running a successful blog.

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  • How To Start a Blog: Easy Beginners Guide for 2016

    Contrary to popular belief, learning how to start a blog is incredibly easy and can be done within a few short hours. No matter how tech savvy you deem yourself, learning how to start your own blog can be done without having to touch a single line of code. If you need even more information take a look at our guide on what makes blogs successful.

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  • How to Advertise Your Blog The Right Way With Google Adwords?

    There are many ways you can expose your blog to people who have not come across it yet. Some channels are free while some are paid. Most of the time, majority of the bloggers will seek for free promotion channels. I mean who don’t want free traffic right? However, very often the free ways to get visitors to your blog needs a lot of efforts and time to make the whole campaign a success.

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  • How Companies are Reimagining Business Processes With Algorithms

    More changes in today’s business are being driven by computers- not through useful programs written by humans, but processes re-engineered by data analytics. This branch of computing relies on complex mathematical algorithms that today represent machine learning – the ability to learn, adapt, and evolve better machine intelligence.

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  • Here’s What You Can and Can’t Say on Your Company Blog

    Company blogs are one of the most important aspects of any company’s online image; hence knowing what to say and when to say it can be the difference between a sterling online image, and a debilitating libel lawsuit. Usually while many do get it right, it could become disastrous for one to get it wrong.

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  • Don’t Let Bad Breath Ruin Your Career

    According to the Bad Breath Institute, approximately 40 percent of people worldwide have some level of halitosis, or bad breath. Included in that 40 percent is an estimated 80 million Americans, many of whom get up in the morning, get dressed and head off to work hoping to advance their career. But so often the opposite ends up being the case, whether the individual realizes ...

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  • Why Hormonal Balance is Highly Important for Human Health

    What Are Hormones? How Do They Work? Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers. They travel around through the body via the bloodstream to impart their unique signals on their targeted receptors. There are roughly 60 different types of hormones in the body. Each one has its own function. Some have many different roles to play, and their receptors can be found in a variety of places.

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  • What Makes The Best Blog Names?

    So you’ve decided to become a blogger. Welcome to a whole new world where you will be able to share your thoughts on just about anything with just about anyone. However, before you start posting those amazing blog posts, you need to consider something very important to the long term success of your online identity – like many of the best names for blogs it should be catchy, cr ...

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  • 9 Best WordPress Plugins for your Store

    If you are a small scale business owner or a big retail shop starting an online shop for your products is very crucial in today’s always connected world. Starting an online store has become much easier with the help of a wide variety of WordPress store plugins available today. You can easily build sites that sell both digital goods and physical goods that need shipping.

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  • 11 Essential WordPress Plugins in 2016

    WordPress, since its release in 2003, has grown to be the most popular and versatile website solution in the world, with more than 26% of the top 10 million sites powered by it. With an ever-growing online presence and consumer interactions powered by the data and smartphone revolutions, a properly designed and maintained site or blog is a great source of income.

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  • Best Rating and Review WordPress Plugins

    Reviews and ratings are an essential component of any site or blog today. They influence the visitors in reaching a decision to buy a product or not, based on the review comments or ratings. A product with many positive reviews and rating builds trust and can lead to successful conversion. They also help to improve the site content and tell us what exactly the customer is looking for.

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  • News Trading and Binary Options – Do They Mix?

    Almost every trader in the modern financial market has, at some point, considered news trading instead of relying on complicated analytical procedures they did not understand. This actually makes more sense, as their assumption would be that enough people would jump the gun and the market would move in one direction or the other.

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  • How to Write Blog Posts that Increase Conversion Rate?

    You’ve started a great blog and you’re really happy with the look, layout, and content and the traffic is starting to pour in. What’s everybody’s next question? How do I convert that traffic into real leads? These 8 tips are sure to help you increase that conversion rate. Know your audience Before you write a single word it is important to think about who are you writing fo ...

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  • A Quick Checklist for the Newly Blogger Entrepreneur

    Becoming a blogger and starting a business-oriented blog is no different than opening an online business. However, there is one major difference – anyone can do it. When you really think about it, any blog can turn into a proper business. You pick a topic that you want to write about actively and then, assuming you also want to profit from it, you can pick up on the several way ...

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  • 5 Proven Tips on How to Start Blogging for Money

    Can you make money blogging? The short answer is yes, absolutely. If you were curious about how to start a blog and make money, than you are in the right place. Recently, blogs have increased in popularity as a way to have a voice on the Internet and share an expertise on a specific subject that writers are passionate about.

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  • Wake Up Old Blogs Posts And Get Them Working Again

    5 Ways To Wake Up Old Blog Posts Sometimes, coming up with new content ideas for your blog is difficult. Especially when you know Google and the other search engines reward websites that consistently deliver fresh content. And let’s not forget the most important element – your readers. You’ve sweated blood and tears to get them to read your blog in the first place and now that t ...

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  • Managing Employees: How To Ensure Your Business Stays Secure

    Effective employee management is seldom talked about in success stories and press releases of companies. Make no mistake of its importance, however, as employee mismanagement can build a weak foundation and affect other essential business aspects. Fortifying these potential weak spots by properly managing your workforce can help ensure business security.

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  • Is Your Business Fundable? 6 Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Funding

    For entrepreneurs and small business owners, one of the greatest challenges is obtaining funding from investors in order to successfully launch the business. It’s understandable for investors to hesitate since they need to assess whether or not your business is worth funding. Fortunately, Aaron Chong from Ace Capital, a Melbourne mortgage broker firm, has six tips to help incre ...

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  • How to Start a Digital Marketing Career [Infographic]

    What is Digital Marketing? Well, it’s basically marketing online rather than the traditional medium. Digital Marketing, consists of many other components. Some of them are; Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing and Web Analytics.

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  • How to Teach Your Children Money Management Skills

    You need to teach your children this at a very young age. You should tattoo this point on the back of your hand. One of Britain’s richest men (Richard Branson) said that the first lesson he recalls was from his mother, and it was that he should save his money. And, it is unlikely that Bill Gates was spending his money on designer T-shirts and fortified wine when he was in University.

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  • Do You Really Understand Credit Well Enough?

    I don’t mean to be a bummer, but it’s entirely possible that you don’t understand credit as well as an adult should. Let’s take a quick quiz! What is a credit reporting agency? What are three ways you can cause your credit score to go up? Why does a credit score matter? If you have a bad mark on your credit report, will it ever go away on its own? If you have trouble answerin ...

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  • Denver Startup Week

    I’m partnering with Chase Ink and attending Denver Startup Week on their behalf. Startup weeks and weekends may be a relatively new concept, but they exist all over the country; growing entrepreneurial communities in cities like Phoenix, Washington, D.C., and Portland even have their own startup weeks.

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  • Moringa: Why is it One of the Top Super Foods?

    Out of so many medicinal trees, there is a tree, native of India whose fruits, flowers, seeds and even leaves! carry high nutritional value, do you know its name? But, today we are going to talk about its magnificent leaf only. That tree’s name is commonly known as the ‘Drumstick Tree’ whose leaves have been named as the ‘Moringa leaves’ ; proved to be beneficial for everyone, ...

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  • Top 7 Best Foosball Tables Reviewed

    Foosball is one of the most popular table games that you will often see in a home games room. It is something that people of all ages can truly enjoy. There are a lot of foosball tables available out there for you to choose from. This guide will show you product reviews of seven of the best foosball tables today.

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  • Writing From the Road – Make Sure You Do This!

    One of the best things about building a business that lives online is the freedom it offers, right? I know some of you bloggers know this. I’ve seen your travel blogs, pictures of you smiling over natural wonders in Eurasia or overlooking the mighty Nile. This post is not geared toward you. This post is talking to all of the people who earn their freedom by making a digital l ...

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