• Modern Inventors: Making Everyday Items More Useful

    The future never comes bundled into little packages that the world can tear open and access immediate transformation. Growth is a lengthy process that requires years of development. It also takes the contribution of geniuses all over the world who not only foresee the profound difference those small improvements can make, but also have the ingenuity and passion to create those changes.

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  • Security Investments All Entrepreneurs Should Think About

    Security should be a priority for any entrepreneur’s business. The majority of Internet users are innocent and are not criminals, but there are thieves, some very skilled, that make a living on stealing data and physical goods from others. Luckily, there are ways for entrepreneurs to protect themselves, and the security below will substantially deter the theft of data and burgl ...

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  • Sam Mizrahi: Builder Behind Canada’s Next Skyscraper

    Nestled in what is referred to as Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe region, Canada’s largest and most populous city, Toronto, has worked hard to overcome its dated moniker of The Big Smoke. Indeed, the city that was voted most liveable in 2015 has reinvented itself as a chic international destination, a city that is also home to Canada’s largest group of young entrepreneurs.

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  • Small Business Tech Trends That Will Define 2017

    2016 was a year of unprecedented upheaval, and many of us will be keen to see it go. But in spite of (or perhaps because of) all this, businesses are looking confident about their prospects in 2017. Whether it’s leaps in technology, nostalgia for old habits or just selling with a smile, these small business tech trends for 2017 should see your SME through a period of prosperity.

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  • 3 African Entrepreneurs Overcoming the Odds & Helping Others

    Entrepreneurs from 3rd world countries don’t often get enough recognition as they should do. We hear about all the great entrepreneurs from the likes of the US, but what about all the other entrepreneurs across the world, who don’t necessary have access to the same resources as we do? There are plenty of amazing African entrepreneurs, living in very poor countries, who are o ...

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  • How bespoke software can improve the process flow in your company

    Does your organization have the right software to help it reach its end goals? You might be surprised as to how a normal software can create redundancies within the workforce, and waste up a considerable portion of work time. Without the right software for your employees designed to suit organizational needs, you’d be losing out to your competitors.

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  • What they do not teach you about Vision Boards in School

    Business Vision Board from www.Eventbrite.com I have yet to be a guest lecturer or find a curriculum where the concept of creating vision boards is part of the process. I do not say this to make anyone wrong. It is an observation of how as a society, focus on the tactics and strategies to have success. This is not to say that having a plan and creating a strategy is not important.

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  • 5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Business Loan

    The internet has empowered business owners around the world. If you have ever wondered how to get a business loan, look no further. MyBusinessLoan.com connects business owners with business financing, providing entrepreneurs with the reliable cash stream they need to make profitable improvements on their companies.

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  • Business Brexit: How To Relocate Your Enterprise to France

    In the post-Brexit clamour to tempt businesses away from Britain, the best claimant may be France. The UK’s closest continental neighbour already has thriving hubs for many of the UK’s key industries. With the banking sector a particularly tempting prize, politicians have already rallied to provide further incentives.

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  • Key Things to Consider When Choosing an Office Space

    Choosing an office space is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, there are all the opportunities your new space offers for growth, cost savings and culture development; on the other, there are all the worries and challenges to be tackled before moving day. To help you overcome the daunting and focus on the inspiring, we’ve put together this list of key questions to as ...

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  • You Can Have It All! A Guide to Raising Children Whilst Working from Home

    According to the Office for National Statistics Labour Force Survey, the amount of women choosing to work from home has increased by 45% since 2005. However, managing your workload whilst nurturing a baby, toddler or pre-schooler can be complicated; meaning a definitive balance between your work and family is essential.

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  • Top Tips For Becoming a Web Developer in 2017

    Being a web developer is an extremely in demand profession, particularly as more and more businesses shift online. In this article I will provide you an outline on how to become a great web developer. How To Become A Web Developer 1. Think about HTML and CSS Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is not a programming language, it’s the language that each web page on the internet is composed of.

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