• 5 Things Nobody Tells You About Making Money in Your Underwear

    That’s the dream, right? No dragging your butt out of bed at an ungodly hour, sitting in traffic, being stuck inside an office all day, and slaving away your life for a measly paycheck. Instead, wake up whenever you feel like it, saunter over to the laptop in your skivvies, and sip a cup of java while you “work.

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  • 7 Ironclad Reasons to Podcast (Even If You Hate the Sound of Your Own Voice)

    Look, I get it… You hate the sound of your own voice. You’re unfamiliar with the tech. And you feel much more comfortable typing than you do talking into a mic. So you may feel hesitant to start your own podcast. Maybe you even feel intimidated by the prospect. But you should do it anyway. Because podcasting can pay major dividends for you, your blog, and your business.

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  • Why All Bloggers Should Offer Coaching (Yes, Even You)

    You started your blog because you want people to read it. You want your blog to connect with people. You want your content to reach a wide audience. You want to build a base of fans that gobble up your every word. And yes, at some point, you also want to make money from your blog. Because let’s face it … as much as you love to write, you didn’t start your blog as a journaling project.

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  • WP Super Cache Made Easy: A Step-By-Step Guide to Speeding Up Your Site

    You want your website’s visitors to have the best experience possible, right? Well, then you better not keep them waiting. Slow-loading pages are one of the biggest frustrations people experience online. In fact, having slow page loads can affect everything from how many people view your site and where you rank in Google to how likely people are to buy from you.

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  • Best of 2017: Our Favorite Posts for Writers from the Last 12 Months

    2018 is around the corner. This could be the year you crack your first 1,000 subscribers. This could be the year you get published on that blog you’re dying to write for. This could even be the year one of your blog posts goes viral. But none of that will happen unless you keep at it. You not only have to keep writing, you also have to keep honing your craft.

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  • A Simple Strategy That Got This Blogger 3.6 Million Facebook Likes

    When Jon Morrow launched his new personal development blog, Unstoppable.me, at the end of 2016 he reached out to a few successful bloggers to share his first post. Jon credits Steven Aitchison’s Facebook fans for the massive amount of clicks and shares that put that first post over the viral edge — 16,000 in three days. “Without question, Steven is a Facebook master,” Jon said.

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  • 8 Ways to Make Old and Boring Topics Feel New and Exciting Again

    I get it. You don’t want to be one of the millions of bloggers stuck in the land of sameness — indistinguishable as you parrot the same old advice everybody else does. You want your voice to be heard, and you want it to feel vibrant, fresh and new. But your blog topic feels threadbare, and you’ve got no bloody idea how to make it exciting again.

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  • 8 Old-School Blogging Tactics That No Longer Work

    You feel misguided. When you started your blog, you thought you could just follow in the footsteps of your favorite blogger, right? Just publish great content and maybe spend some time on social media and you thought the readers would come. But in reality, you find yourself grinding. You stay up late after your 9-5 to write articles. You hustle for every single visitor.

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  • What the Heck Is Ghostwriting? (And Why You Might Want to Do It)

    You want to make money as a writer, right? You’ve told everyone on Facebook (including your weird aunt) that you’re available to write. You’ve been writing guest post after guest post to showcase your talent and get your name out there. Maybe you’ve even landed a few jobs already. (Good for you!) But then a potential client emails you with the question, “Do you offer ghostwr ...

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