• YouTube Mobile App Marketing

      Marketers have historically been concerned with driving mobile app downloads. However, users’ devices have become so super-saturated with apps, one in four installed mobile apps are never used. It’s time to come up with better strategies for engaging the right users and keeping them interested. It’s well-worth considering YouTube as part of your mobile app marketing strategy.

      Karen Amundson/ BoostBlogin YouTube- 33 readers -
    • AdWords ETA: What You Need To Do Now

      By now, you’ve heard the AdWords Expanded Text Ads announcement. This is big news for search engine marketers. Initial Google reports cited CTR lifts of 20%. But the change is going to require a massive amount of copywriting—or the risk missing out big. Unless you’re one of a few beta testers, Expanded Text Ads isn’t yet available in your AdWords account.

      Karen Amundson/ BoostBlogin Paid Search- 30 readers -
  • 3 Facebook Ads Predictions for 2017

    Facebook has predicted slower growth in their latest earnings reports. What does this mean for Facebook advertisers and what can they expect from Facebook in 2017? Boost Media shares three predictions. 1. Higher CPCs on Facebook Ads Facebook is essentially running out of places to put ads and new users to reach out to. Twenty-two percent of the global population is already on Facebook.

    Karen Amundson/ BoostBlogin Social- 17 readers -
  • Setting Up Apple Search Ads (for AdWords Experts)

    Previously, Boost Media shared an overview of Apple Search Ads vs. AdWords to help search marketers understand the new app advertising platform. Now, it’s time to delve deeper into the nuances to help you set up and manage your first Apple Search Ads campaign. Apple Search Ads features and functionality Here are some of the nuances associated with Apple Search Ads—generally mo ...

    Karen Amundson/ BoostBlogin Paid Search- 17 readers -
  • Making Better Apps With Apple Search Ads Data

    What if, before developing an app, you knew exactly which features users wanted, and clearly understood app use-cases? Would having this information up-front influence your product roadmap? Could you leverage the information to build apps that more easily gain traction in the marketplace and save money on dev resources? Although there’s no crystal ball for this information, the data available t.

    Karen Amundson/ BoostBlog- 6 readers -
  • Creative for Apple Search Ads

    Continuing our coverage of Apple’s recently released mobile app advertising platform, Boost Media covers ideas on how to optimize Apple Search Ads when you can’t directly influence the ad creative. The first week, we shared ideas on incorporating Apple Search Ads into your marketing mix; last week, we provided a quickstart guide for AdWords experts wanting to start using Search Ads.

    Karen Amundson/ BoostBlog- 19 readers -
  • Apple Search Ads for AdWords Experts

    Last week, Boost Media outlined ideas on incorporating Apple Search Ads into your marketing mix. This week, we share tips to help you quickly transfer your AdWords SEM expertise to understanding Apple Search Ads. To keep it simple, we’ll compare Apple Search Ads and AdWords to see what’s the same and what’s different. Apple Search Ads vs.

    Karen Amundson/ BoostBlog- 21 readers -
  • Apple Search Ads: Adding Them to Your Mobile App Marketing Mix

    In June 2016, Apple released a beta version of its new Search Ads platform to promote mobile app downloads. On October 5th, Search Ads were released to all advertisers. Early adopters are seeing excellent results with very low competition and CPTs (cost-per-taps). Boost Media shares ideas on integrating Apple Search Ads into your overall mobile app marketing mix.

    Karen Amundson/ BoostBlogin Mobile- 20 readers -
  • Listen Up for 2017, Part II: Why you Should Consider Podcast Advertising

    In the last installment of this series, Boost Media shared how exciting technology trends like IoT, AI, wearables, voice-activated devices, and a growth in audio media are culminating to position audio and voice as the next-generation user interface (UI). But this, like all emerging trends, seems nebulous, highly uncertain, and not immediately actionable for marketers with KPI ...

    Karen Amundson/ BoostBlog- 17 readers -
  • Listen Up for 2017: Sounding Off on the Next User Interface, Part I

    The way we interact with media content is constantly evolving. Way back in 1968, introduction of the mouse was critical to personal computer adoption, making computers accessible to non-technical users. Fast-forward to 2000, the introduction of mobile phones with a touchscreen (i.e., smartphones) put the wheels in motion for the mobile revolution.

    Karen Amundson/ BoostBlog- 26 readers -
  • Getting Ready for 2017: Creative Resources

    It’s about that time of year. Pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween candy have made their debut, reminding us that 2017 is just around the corner. Yes, the holiday season is upon us, but it’s also time to start planning your marketing budget, resources, and strategy for the new year! To get you into the right mindset, Boost Media shares considerations for planning your 2017 creative resources.

    Karen Amundson/ BoostBlog- 23 readers -
  • Use Powerful Words to Compel Digital Ad Conversions

    Every week, Boost brings you insights straight from the writers in our Creative Network. Writers share tips on how to inject more creativity into ads, best practices for writing ad copy, and more. This week, Dylan Barmmer, pen name “wordisborn” who has been an active writer in the Network for over five years, discusses the power of words in conversions.

    BoostBlog- 12 readers -
  • 5 Creative Ideas for Snapchat and Instagram Stories

    We certainly aren’t here to tell you which social media platform’s version of Stories is better—Instagram or Snapchat—but we think it’s important to understand what they’re about before pouring resources into them. Boost Media shares a few things to consider to help ensure your creative for Snapchat and Instagram Stories is jiving with your marketing objectives.

    Karen Amundson/ BoostBlogin Social- 18 readers -
  • Join Us At SMX East in NYC

    Co-founder and CPO Rob Lenderman was invited to speak at the “Getting Images Right In Paid Search” panel at SMX East. Join us at the premier Search marketing conference in NYC on September 27-29. Panel Overview Images are central to many types of search and social advertising, and there are easily as many ways to fail with images as win with them.

    Sarah Burns/ BoostBlogin Paid Search- 16 readers -
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