• Looking Ahead at Google Local Results for Lawyers

    I wrote an article for LawMarketing.com about the changes that may (or may not) be coming to local results for lawyers in Google. As it is, a local search for a lawyer/law firm brings up the traditional A – G map listings. But in other local industries like hotels, restaurants, events, bars, clubs, etc., the Google carousel is used. I think there’s ...

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  • The Wrong Way for Lawyers to Create Content

    Today at AttorneyMarketing.com, David M. Ward wrote about creating content that’s “designed to bring you search engine traffic for a high ranking search term.” Specifically, he talks about writing a post on “how to find a good ___ attorney.” He even tells you what to discuss – referrals and search terms – and ends the post with: Once this post is published, as with the previ ...

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  • How Lawyers Can Avoid Content Marketing Fatigue

    In a Slideshare presentation he used from SMX Munich, Rand Fishkin noted that content growth is now exceeding query growth, meaning that the content marketing push has become so great that production is now growing faster than search demand. He predicts that content marketing will go the way of other advertising channels, where more impressions often leads to a lower overall response rate.

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  • Using Google Webmaster Tools to Fine-Tune Your SEO Strategy

    There are a ton of ways to use Google Webmaster Tools to refine your SEO strategy and results, but for this blog post we’ll be looking at one technique in particular, and that is using search query data to update your meta titles, meta descriptions and page content. When you create a page on your website, say for a topic within a practice area, you might have an idea of what ...

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  • Improving Your Search Engine Strategies in 2014

    I posted an article on Business 2 Community on ways law firms can improve their search engine strategies – both for PPC and SEO – in the year ahead. Obviously there are a ton of ways to improve your organic/paid search performance, but this article goes over a few broad, high-level things you can do to start off.

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  • SEO for Firms with Multiple Locations

    I have a post on Web Marketing Today about doing SEO for businesses with multiple locations. It doesn’t focus on law firms specifically, but it’s helpful information nonetheless. I’ll follow up that theme with some law-specific posts about firms with multiple locations on this blog, and I’ll also cover how to handle multiple practice areas at the same location, say, if you ...

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  • Should Lawyers Continue Guest Blogging?

    Two days ago, Google webspam godhead Matt Cutts announced that “guest blogging is done; it’s just gotten too spammy.” He clarifies, though, that it’s only spammy “if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014.” For other uses, such as branding, general marketing, or offering content to someone you know and can personally “go to bat” for, it’s perfectly fine.

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