• How Golf is like Affiliate Marketing

    I know a lot of you who have me on facebook probably notice I golf a lot. Golf is one of my favorite things too do. I get to enjoy the outdoors and relax. Mainly I stick to golfing during the weekdays because it tends too be less busy and anyone who has golfed before knows that waiting 15 minutes at the next tee block and having another group on your ass is really annoying.

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  • Prosper202 Cronjobs Error – Fix

    I just had this error on my prosper202, it seems an update or something with MySQL caused the table to crash and I could not find a solution anywhere so I am posting this for anyone who has this issue in the future. SELECT COUNT(*) FROM 202_cronjobs WHERE cronjob_type='secon' AND cronjob_time='1373633941' Table '.

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  • Amazing PPV Target Scaling Script

    Obligatory haven’t posted in forever starting sentence: (Holy shit a new post? Whats it being almost a year now… ) I found this simple but awesome PPV target scaling script years ago I believe on the Affbook/PPV Playbook forums (they are awesome btw and yes that is my referral link). Here is a screenshot for an example of what it does: You would be surprised just how much ...

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  • Reflecting On The Last Few Years

    Wow, it has been an incredible ride over the last few years and I really don’t see it ending any time soon as long as my passion is still there. I still can’t believe everything that has happened but I really do love this industry and the opportunities it has given me. We live in a time where millionaires are made over night and where people can make more money in a single d ...

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  • If I Owned An Ad Network

    I am sure everyone has their own gripes about ad networks they use and I figured I would share some of mine. Mind you these range over a ton of ad networks and apply to none specifically. When I log in I want to see my balance right away The ability to delete campaigns shouldn’t be an option 24/7 approvals should be standard for big networks.

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  • Are Entrepreneurs Born?

    I watched a video clip yesterday that got me thinking about my own past and how I was growing up. From as early as I can remember I have always done my own thing. When I was a kid I had garage sales every weekend trying to sell my parents junk. I could go on and on with examples over the years. I have never enjoyed school or being told what to do.

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