• How to Create an Extraordinary Social Media Strategy for 2017

    Crafting an effective social media strategy to help you achieve your goals can be a real challenge. Like we mentioned earlier this week in a post about goal-setting strategies, coming up with social media goals for our marketing team here at Buffer has often been a bit haphazard for us. There are so many goals we could potentially focus on – like brand awareness, engagement, ...

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  • Creating Winning Social Media Habits and Goals with an Elite Runner – Tina Muir [SSM024]

    Malcolm Gladwell once wrote in his book, Outliers, that the key to achieving world-class expertise in any skill is, to a large extent, practicing the correct way for a total of around 10,000 hours. No matter which way you slice it, that’s a lot of practice. When setting out on the path to becoming a master at anything, big goals and great habits must be formed in order to lay ...

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  • Facebook Ad Specs and Image Sizes [Fully Updated for 2017]

    Facebook ads can be an incredible way to reach your target audience. And as we move into 2017, it’s becoming more and more likely that you’ll have to pay to maximize the impact of your content on Facebook. In the past, we’ve talked about how to get up and running with all the different types of Facebook ads and shared the lessons we learned with our own paid Facebook campaigns.

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  • 5 Under-the-Radar Social Media Studies to Make You A Smarter Marketer

    We are very grateful for all the research that has been done on social media. Social media studies have given us great ideas to improve our social media marketing, helped us understand the psychology behind social media behaviors, and made us better marketers. To help you better understand the ever-changing social media landscape, we jumped into the latest social media resear ...

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  • The 10 Best Social Media SlideShares of 2016 to Get You Ready for 2017

    With all the great articles out there, it can sometimes be hard to catch up on every single one of them. So imagine being able to go through a 2,000-word article in a minute or two. Or even faster. Enter: SlideShare! With SlideShare, great ideas and strategies are condensed into a couple dozen concise slides.

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