• What content marketers need to know about RankBrain and SEO

    What content marketers need to know about RankBrain and SEO Kevin Lee | December 10, 2015 | Comments Google's RankBrain and Hummingbird will take the context of search queries into more consideration when calculating rank. How will this impact your content marketing strategy? The traditional notion of SEO content involves the generation of large blocks of text (usually gre ...

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  • Why should marketers care about image recognition technology?

    When you see a fashion style you like, don’t let the moment get away. The new Snap. Find. Shop. feature on the Neiman Marcus app allows you to find fashion any product category from shoes and handbags to dresses and accessories. Just simply Snap a pic of the item and the NM app will Find a match that you can Shop for instantly. Check out designer collections: https://www.youtube.

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  • 7 ways startups can improve rankings without relying on SEM

    Seven ways startups can spend their marketing resources without relying on SEM. When you’re just starting out and budgets are restricted, earmarking dollars in your marketing budget for an SEM campaign might not be in the cards. So what can you do when you’re charged with boosting your startup’s search rankings on shoestring? The answer is to invest your time and effort in ...

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  • Welcome to the Next Generation of Rank Tracking

    Welcome to the Next Generation of Rank Tracking Guest | October 7, 2015 | Comments To keep up with the progressive evolution of the search engine ecosystem, selecting an efficient SEO rank tracking platform is essential. The search engine ecosystem is rapidly changing, so it might be time to revisit your choice of SEO rank tracking platforms.

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  • Why Quality Content Can Help Top Rankings

    Why Quality Content Can Help Top Rankings Mike O'Brien | September 30, 2015 | Comments Content scored high in Moz's biennial ranking of search engine ranking factors. It may have been the first time that it was included in the research, but industry experts believe we'll be seeing a lot more of it as a definitive ranking factor.

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  • Minimizing Errors With the HREF Language Element

    Minimizing Errors With the HREF Language Element Motoko Hunt | August 10, 2015 | Comments | Motoko Hunt offers these tips for ensuring your HREF language elements are linked correctly in your global sites for maximum search optimization. Over the past few weeks Google has been sending notifications to webmasters that they have errors with their “Rel=Alternate HREF Language.

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  • Your Email Marketing May Impact Your Rankings

    Google was just issued a patent based on tying its rankings with email spam. While that patent shows what could be, rather than what will be, it reminds us that Google is always watching. Two things I've never personally tied very closely are email marketing and rankings. Of course, I've understood that newsletters can inform possible linkers or social sharers of new resourc ...

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  • Are You Optimistic About SEO?

    Share Search engine marketing can sometimes seem overwhelming. Marketing expert Bryan Eisenberg simplifies the procedure with his 5 Rs of Search Marketing. He explains how content on your site must be (1) relevant, (2) build your reputation, (3) remarkable, (4) readable, and (5) of sufficient reach. Relevant. You need to have content that speaks to what people are interested in. Reputation.

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  • Beyond YouTube: Alternate Video Venues

    Beyond YouTube: Alternate Video Venues Kevin Lee | June 5, 2015 | Comments While YouTube is the dominant platform when it comes to video SEO, the video offerings on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat shouldn't be ignored. By now it likely you've heard that YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google in the U.S. and probably globally.

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  • 4 Tactics for Outstanding E-commerce SEO

    How retailers can come out on top in the changing world of search. Search engine optimization (SEO) has become ever more complicated. And the complexity is much greater for e-commerce sites, with their multitudes of automatically generated pages, loads of images and intense competition for clicks.

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  • Strengthen Your Case to Develop a Mobile Strategy

    Strengthen Your Case to Develop a Mobile Strategy Dave Lloyd | May 13, 2015 | Comments Recent studies by Forrester show that most brands fail to adequately invest in mobile. However, brands that allocate the correct budget can see exception returns on mobile investment. Forrester Research recently predicted that in 2015, most brands will fail to adequately invest in mobile ...

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  • How to Implement an Intent-Based SEO Strategy

    How to Implement an Intent-Based SEO Strategy Crispin Sheridan | March 4, 2015 | Comments SEO strategists should be sure to group their content based on the intent of the audience they're trying to reach - but what is the best way to go about doing that? In order for SEO to be successful, your website and the keywords you rank for must deliver on the intent of the user that chooses your lis.

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  • Is Mobile-Friendly Good Enough?

    Is Mobile-Friendly Good Enough? Gregg Stewart | March 9, 2015 | Comments Is passing Google's mobile-friendly test good enough to ensure that your site is optimized the best it can be? Recently I had the great pleasure of teaching a four-hour session on local and mobile SEO at SES London. We reviewed tips and techniques for optimizing your mobile presence to improve local l ...

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  • Reach Customers Where They Are With Mobile

    Reach Customers Where They Are With Mobile Dave Lloyd | March 18, 2015 | Comments A surprising 53 percent of small businesses don't have a website and their customers have already moved onto mobile devices. Learn the importance of reaching your customers in their favorite places with mobile technology.

    Dave Lloyd/ ClickZ- 3 readers -
  • Old SEO vs. New SEO

    Old SEO vs. New SEO Crispin Sheridan | April 1, 2015 | Comments What are the differences between SEO tactics that worked in the past and the best practices that work in today's search marketing world? The SEO landscape has changed drastically over the years and continues to evolve through new technology and the growth of social media.

    Crispin Sheridan/ ClickZin SEO- 2 readers -
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