• How to Write Content & Build Quality Links for Boring Niches

    Content Marketing is dominating the internet. It stays at the core of everything, be it an article, a video or even an ad. So, in order to succeed or even attempt to be successful at digital marketing, you have to create some form of content. However, many people find it very difficult to create content or do link building, especially if they’re in a ‘boring’ niche.

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  • Multilingual stuff

    Badly Implemented Rel=”Alternate” Hreflang=”X” Good implementation: www.example.com/clothes.html rel alternate to www.example.de/Kleidung.html Poor implementation: www.example.com/clothes.html rel alternate to www.example.de Correct tag: hreflang=”gb” Incorrect tag: hreflang=”uk” -INSTAGRAM HAS HREFLANG UK AND IS WRONG view-source:https://www.instagram.

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  • 13 SEO Myths That Are Probably Killing Your Ranks

    Faster, easier, higher. That’s what we’re all up to when it comes to ranks and traffic, right? Well, easy wins with little effort are rare in SEO. There are most likely myths that will wipe out your business instead of boosting it. As we are often being asked about many misconceptions from the SEO world, we’ve decided to gather and share with you the most important SEO myths ...

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  • Do Nofollow Links Impact SEO? Are They Still Worth Having?

    If you’re a webmaster, then you love backlinks. You’re all about them, saying yes to every backlink opportunity like it’s your first date ever. You smile when you manage to get one, and you’re always looking for new link building openings. But I’m about to tell you a story about a link that doesn’t bring you that much joy: Someone read your article. They liked it.

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  • SEO Competitor Analysis | The Complete Framework to Analyze Your Competition

    Knowing how to analyze your SEO competition is an important step in determining your overall keyword and SEO strategy. There are many factors involved in the process, and without the correct framework, it can get complicated. This SEO Competitor Analysis Template will guide you through the exact steps you need to take in order to deploy a comprehensive analysis.

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  • Context Is King! Everything You Need to Know About the New Era of SEO

    Google is trying to change the game of the results and focus more on the user, as we’ve heard multiple times before and seen it into action with its various updates and algorithm changes. What do users want? What are they searching for? What do they need? What is the context of their search? Search has changed dramatically over the years and that is natural.

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  • How to Outrun Competitors That Have Spammy Link Profiles But Rank Better Than You

    Google’s algorithm has evolved a lot over the years. The main purpose of the improvements was to be able to better distinguish natural links from artificially generated links. Although big advancements have been made, top ranking websites with clean link profiles aren’t always the case. It probably happened to you (or to someone you know) to run a business in compliance with ...

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  • How Did the SEO Landscape Influence Your Rankings in 2017

    There’s no better time to draw conclusions and get ready for 2018 than December, a month of celebration and reviews regarding the year that is passing away. Adopt this tactic and avoid getting cold feet in January, having already done your homework and knowing your goals. Given that a lot has happened this year and that we also love to analyze and discuss the results, we thou ...

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  • 70% SEO Visibility Increase by Doing Content Optimization

    We’ve got to the point where we are no longer trying try to convince you about the importance of content (*hysterical applause, whistles, cheers*). But to the point where we want to show you ways to improve your traffic and rankings in just a few easy-to-follow steps. Worked wonders for us. Everybody wants higher rankings in Google.

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  • How Your Website’s Theme Affects SEO & Rankings

    The advent of CMS (Content Management Systems), such as WordPress, has revolutionized the internet, with around 5-10 websites being built every single second. If websites were built before only by professionals, today anyone can create a website in a matter of minutes, with little to no coding knowledge. That creates lots of opportunities, but also comes clogged up with many problems.

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