• How Your Website’s Theme Affects SEO & Rankings

    The advent of CMS (Content Management Systems), such as WordPress, has revolutionized the internet, with around 5-10 websites being built every single second. If websites were built before only by professionals, today anyone can create a website in a matter of minutes, with little to no coding knowledge. That creates lots of opportunities, but also comes clogged up with many problems.

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  • Exclusive 20 Digital Marketing Tips from 20 Top Amazing Women Marketers

    The digital marketing industry is full of people worth following, reading, listening to, and eventually learning from. There’s no one who could utter the words “I did it all on my own” or “I’ve got no inspiration other than me, myself, and I, because I know all the digital marketing tips and secrets out there”.

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  • Underused Techniques to Identify and Craft High-Ranking Content

    We are witnesses to the huge leap content is making nowadays, and we need to adapt our content marketing strategies. We need to stand out in the crowded content space. But where should we start from? Plato’s saying is one many writing talents and content gurus hold dear to, and it goes like this: “Those who tell the stories, rule the world”.

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Spammy Structured Markup Penalty

    Used correctly, structured markup data is a good decision to help websites display correct information on searches and increase the organic search visibility. But what happens if you use it incorrectly? As we all know it, Google is not a fan of websites that don’t comply with quality guidelines and don’t offer the best user experience.

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  • How Advert Point Has Increased Its Clients’ Organic Traffic by 78% in One Month

    This is a TRUE & SUCCESSFUL story from Krumel – Founder & CEO at Advert Point, with 10 years of experience in the search marketing field, written and documented by himself. We optimized 6 articles from one section of a blog and increased the organic traffic by 78%. Background One of the issues we are facing at Advert Point is the constant challenge of increasing ou ...

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  • New Tool to Spot Google Algorithm Updates in Real Time

    We are constantly striving to improve and renew our tools. In a business environment that transforms exponentially, reinventing ourselves is not just an aspiration, it’s our job. We are very proud to share with you cognitiveSEO’s newest tool named Signals. What is this tool doing? Keeping your online business safe.

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  • How to Optimize a Single Page for Multiple Keywords

    Increasing the rankings of your website has been a heavy lifting task…since forever. And you have a lot of keywords and phrases that you’re going after for a chance of showing up in top 10 results in Google. Not once has it happened to you to think that you’ve created the best piece of content possible, but then only to get it lost in the big pile of data out there.

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  • How Negative SEO Affects Your Brand & What To Do If You Get Attacked

    If you don’t have any competitors, there’s no need to read this article. But just in case you do, then you’d better not miss it! Why’s that, you might wonder? Well… it’s because often times, unethical competitors prefer to blow in somebody else’s candle so that they can shine brighter. Instead of working more on their websites to improve user experience, some webmasters attac ...

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  • Copy: Decoding the Google Answer Box Algorithm – a SERP Research on 10.353 Keywords

    Last time we looked at the Google’s Answer Boxes, we came up with quite a handful of interesting observations. However, we couldn’t quite give you the best explanation of what it takes to get your website on the position zero, as some named it. We gathered you needed to be regarded as an authority site, but what does that really translate into? The most exciting phrase to hea ...

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  • Does the Google Interstitials Penalty Impact Your SEO Efforts?

    Since the mobile intrusive interstitial ad penalty from January 10h, 2017, there has been a lot of fuss on pop-up, banner and interstitial ads. Google itself announced it will devalue webpages that use intrusive pop-up and interstitial ads in mobile search. Is this the end of those types of ads? Is there a Penalty for them? What does Google have to say? Be patient and you’ll ...

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  • Everything You Need To Know About Augmented Reality and its Impact on SEO

    The SEO industry will always vary according to trends, and the rise of AR will definitely be course-changing for the SEO specialists and their content strategies. An emerging field of technology, augmented reality or AR seems to be somehow of a buzzword nowadays. Rumor has it that augmented reality is limitless and has enormous potential, holding plenty of features in the store for the future.

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