Constant Contact - Posts from June 2015

  • UK Marketing Consultants: Digital Marketing Survey 2015

    Marketing consultants focus the majority of their time and energy on advising clients about how to attract and convert new customers, but do they practise what they preach when it comes to their own marketing? With this in mind, we partnered with Our Social Times and, with the support of Smart Insights and Enterprise Nation, surveyed over 130 UK-based marketing consultants and agencies on their.

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  • Small Biz Stories, Episode 3: Window Designs, Etc.

    Small Biz Stories tells the story of some of the bravest people you’ll ever meet — small business owners. You’ll hear how they got started, their biggest challenges, and their dreams for the future. Join us for episode 3, where we share the story of Marie Mouradian, owner of Window Designs Etc. Find us on Stitcher You can also read the transcript below: Small Biz Stories i ...

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  • Small Biz Stories, Episode 4: Artists for Humanity

    Small Biz Stories tells the story of some of the bravest people you’ll ever meet — small business owners. You’ll hear how they got started, their biggest challenges, and their dreams for the future. In episode 4, you’ll meet Jason Talbot, co-founder of Artists for Humanity. Jason will share his views on how to transforming ideas, individuals, and the greater community.

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  • 9 ways your business can use Periscope

    Editor’s note: This post comes from our Constant Contact UK office. You can view all the posts from our UK team here. Or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. The live-streaming app from the folks behind Twitter has been an instant hit. Here’s how your business can use Periscope’s popularity to expand your online reach and promote your brand to a fresh new audience.

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  • Why digital agencies should remember testimonials and case studies

    Ever heard the one about the handyman whose own house is a DIY disaster? Many digital agencies are simply too busy working on their clients’ marketing to focus on their own. But what if there was a reliable shortcut to winning new clients? You work in a digital agency. Chances are you don’t spend nearly as much time on your own marketing as you do on that of your clients — es ...

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  • What services should your marketing agency offer?

    Editor’s note: This post comes from our Constant Contact UK office. You can view all the posts from our UK team here. Or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. Imagine two agencies that offer digital marketing services. Agency A has a core team of ten staff. They offer web design, content marketing and email marketing. Agency B is a team of two ex-agency dudes.

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  • How to Sell on Pinterest and Instagram with Buy Buttons

    Attention e-commerce businesses: did you know that you now have the power to sell your products and services using Instagram and Pinterest? Pinterest and Instagram recently announced buttons that will allow users to purchase items directly through your business’s social media accounts. Both social platforms will be adding this new feature, but they will function a little diff ...

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  • [Q&A] Expert Tips for Planning and Promoting Your Next Event

    Here at Constant Contact, we’re gearing up for one of our favorite events of the year — our OneCon Partner Conference on October 4-6, 2015. This annual event brings together Constant Contact Solution Providers and Authorized Local Experts, Constant Contact executives, and small business thought leaders from all over the world to network and learn from each other.

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  • Get to Know Your Twitter Community with Twitter Audience Insights

    You’ve got a strong social following with loyal Twitter followers. But what do you really know about your Twitter audience? Twitter’s recently announced that its Audience Insights feature, which was previously only available to advertisers, is now available through Twitter analytics. Check out our latest video to find out what this feature can do for your business and how yo ...

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  • 10 simple SEO mistakes to avoid

    Editor’s note: This post comes from our Constant Contact UK office. You can view all the posts from our UK team here. Or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. You have a website and you want people to see it. The trouble is, you have an awful lot of competition. If the world wide web is a beach, the websites on it are grains of sand.

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  • Google Adds Tweets to Mobile Search Results

    Google recently announced tweets will appear on mobile devices within Google Search. When you’re searching on the Google mobile application or on a browser on your phone or tablet, real-time tweets will appear from Twitter directly within search. Tap the tweet, and you’ll be taken directly to Twitter where you can discover additional content from that user.

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  • We Promise To Give You the Best Marketing Tools To Succeed

    Editor’s Note: Here at Constant Contact, helping small businesses succeed is the motivation behind everything we do. We believe small businesses have a real advantage and we’re committed to your success. As part of our commitment to you, we created The Promise. This year we’re taking a closer look at what this promise really means across our business, and providing advice to s ...

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  • Look Great in the Inbox: The 7 Don’ts of Email Design

    First impressions matter. Especially in the inbox. Your readers are making decisions on whether or not to open and interact with your email, and if it doesn’t look appealing, they could delete your message. Make your audience sit up and take notice with great email design. This webinar will review the 7 Don’ts of Email Design and help you avoid them.

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  • One Big Mistake You Don’t Want to Make When Growing Your Email List

    You love to see new people signing up for your email list. But have you ever thought about what each new signup really means to your business? These aren’t just names on a list. These are people who have opted-in to learn more about you, your business, and products and services you have to offer. Chances are you weren’t the first business or organization to ask them to sign up.

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  • 3 Things Smart Business Owners Do to Grow Their Email List

    How many people walk into your store or office each day? What about your website or social media pages — how many people visit you there? People are discovering and interacting with your business every day. And while many of them will be loyal customers who will come back on their own, there is a high percentage of people who won’t.

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  • 21 Easy Marketing Ideas to Cap Off DIY Marketing Month

    June has been DIY (do it yourself) marketing month. I know, for many small business owners, every month is DIY marketing month. I highlighted what a few small businesses were doing a couple of weeks ago. But before June totally fades from our memory, let me share with you some ideas that I’ve been collecting throughout the month.

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  • How to Train and Motivate Your Staff to Grow Your Email List

    Take a minute to think about all the times you’ve been asked to join an email list. Now, think back to when you actually agreed to sign up. What’s the difference? For most people, signing up for a mailing list starts with an excellent customer experience. And there’s a good chance that experience comes from a positive interaction with your friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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  • How to Determine Your Salary as a Small Business Owner

    To prepare for this post, I performed an online search for the phrase “how much should I pay myself?” I received a staggering 61.9 million results, clearly demonstrating it is a subject of much interest. After reading some of the articles and accompanying comments, I discovered it is also a subject of much frustration.

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  • 6 Ideas for Creating Content that Your Customers Want to See

    You often hear today about how content is so important for marketing, but you also may wonder to yourself — where do I actually find content ideas? Finding content ideas can actually be easier than you think when you turn to your customers to guide you. After all, they are the ones who will be reading and engaging with the content, doesn’t it make sense to start with them? He ...

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  • For the Ferret on Crack Who Puts the Cheese in the Bag

    “Social media?” “More like anti-social media.” “What a waste of time!” I didn’t agree with what Peter was saying. But I could certainly understand it. Like most business owners, Peter is busy — really busy. And sometimes, as Peter puts it, he can feel like a ferret on crack, running from task to task. Perhaps you’ve felt that way too.

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  • Doing Business in Bunny Slippers Around the Globe

    When I first started my business, like many start-up operations, I decided to work from home. I equipped an empty bedroom with a card table for a desk, cardboard boxes for filing cabinets and my dogs served as my office assistants. Voila! I was ready to roll, and it was great. I could go to work in my fuzzy pink robe and bunny slippers. After all, no one other than the dogs would know.

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  • Can Resending an Email Improve Your Open Rates?

    You work hard on your emails. You put in the time to share something you think your audience will enjoy, and it’s frustrating that less than half of your subscribers are giving your emails a chance. What can you do to get more people to open your emails? You shouldn’t expect that everyone on your list — even your most engaged readers ­­— will read every message you send out.

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  • Mastering Word-of-Mouth, Step One: Identify Your “Mouths”

    In my previous posts, I defined word-of-mouth and its importance for your business. The “mouths” in word-of-mouth are those people who are willing to share your “word.” So who are they and how do you find them? The mouths that matter are people who are trusted by others, close by, and made up of two primary groups: customers with whom you have a personal relationship, and othe ...

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  • The 5 Essential Elements of a Fundraising Email

    All organizations know that email marketing is a critical component of donor engagement and gift solicitation. Yet, it’s obvious that people are inundated with email: personal, work, and promotional messages drown inboxes daily. When your email does get opened and read, how should you structure your email to improve your chances of engaging the reader? In this post, we’ll cov ...

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