• Why I will not “do SEO” for you

      I published this in 2014, people liked it. So I decided to revisit the topic this year. This is one of those posts that has been in my drafts folder for some time and while it probably should to stay there, I am publishing it anyway! I will not “do SEO” for you Not now, not in the future, never again really. Not if you ask me nicely, say please and take me out to lunch.

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    • Are You Just Another Hard Worker… or a Smart Worker?

      Hard work is the only way to get ahead in life (and business). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that saying over the years, thinking that working hard was the key to success. Of course, now I look back fondly on the naivety of that advice. And how it led me to $20,000 in credit card debt and a bout of depression. Hard work, you did me a lot of good.

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  • Episode 48: Brent Csutoras

    Today for our 48th episode, we will talk with Brent Csutoras, who is a man of many talents, including the founder of Pixel Road Designs, managing partner of Search Engine Journal, and so much more. This podcast was great. One of the few instances where I just let the interview run its course, while only interjecting minimally with questions and clarifications.

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  • Episode 47: Outreach

    One of the most exciting projects over the past two weeks is having one-on-one conversations with many of my Agency Course students. The new group of agency owners and freelancers taking my course are all really sharp. The biggest conversation we have had is around lead generation and the sales process that goes with selling services.

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  • Episode 46: Sha Menz

    Today for our 46th episode, we will talk with Sha Menz, Google penalty recovery expert and founder of the Big Digital Adelaide Conference, which happens next week in South Australia. In our pre-interview chat, Sha told me about living on Kangaroo island – a place I was hoping to visit when I was in Adelaide last November, but unfortunately ran out of time.

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  • Episode 45: Personal Branding (and Speaking Gigs)

    Today for our 45th episode, we are going to have another Jeffisode. That means there is no guest, just a man and his microphone, talking to you from his AirBNB in Lisbon, Portugal. If you don’t like these Jeffisodes, as a few listeners have started to affectionately call them (or at least I assume it’s affection; but then again, I’m the egomaniac who names everything with Jeff ...

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  • Episode 44: AJ Wilcox

    Today for our 44th episode, we will talk with AJ Wilcox, the worlds foremost LinkedIn Ads expert and owner of B2Linked. AJ and I met in London a few years ago at Hero Conference. We sat down for lunch with several other brilliant PPC marketers and started a conversation. It was a lot of fun getting to know AJ, and he was nice enough to put me in touch with the organizers at SL ...

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  • Episode 43: Jeff’s Reflections

    Today for our 43rd episode, we are going to try something new. Instead of doing an interview, it’s just going to be me talking this episode. But I’m hopeful that you find this talk to be both interesting and inspiring. If you are only coming for the interviews, then it’s OK that you sit this one out and check back in two weeks for Episode 44.

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  • Defining the Roles of Partners in an Agency Business

    Earlier this month, we asked “Should freelancers partner up to form an Agency?” Today we elaborate on the roles that should be covered in the agency business. If you have been working as a freelancer or consultant, the idea teaming up with others to form a business partnership can be exciting. But there are also a lot of daunting questions that must be addressed.

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  • Episode 42: Josh Shogren

    Today for our 42nd episode, we will talk with Josh Shogren, a college student and founder of Passion into Paychecks. Josh and I met just recently, but I think you are really going to enjoy hearing his story. Unlike many of my guests, who have long established careers in the world of marketing and analytics, Josh is still in college.

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  • Should freelancers partner up to form an agency?

    I often come across freelancers who want to partner up with other freelancers to form an agency. The logic is simple: birds of a feather flock together. Two freelancers working together to solve a problem is better than one. But is this a good idea? Should freelancers partner with someone just because they have complementary skill sets? The goal of this post is to answer that very question.

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  • Episode 41: Jeff Allen

    Today for our 41st episode, we will talk with Jeff Allen, president at Hanapin Marketing, who you may also know as PPC Heroes. Jeff and I have struck up a friendship over the years based on mutual respect and admiration, so I was really excited to hear that he was an avid podcast listener. After his Twitter comment on our David Baker episode, I invited Jeff onto the podcast.

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  • The Duct Tape CEO

    Duct tape has always been a handy asset in my home. Whether it’s used on a leaking faucet or a busted bumper, duct tape fixes almost everything. It may not be the prettiest, but it is a quick fix. It’s an instant and affordable solution to a problem that will be fixed with more money and effort in the future. In many ways, we hold our careers together with the same utility.

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  • Episode 40: Ayat Shukairy

    Today for our 40th episode, we will talk with Ayat Shukairy, Co-Founder of Invesp, serial entrepreneur and someone who literally wrote the book on conversion rate optimization. I was introduced to Ayat from a podcast listener who heard my interview with Talia Wolf in episode 38, and suggested that we connect. I’m sure glad we did.

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  • Episode 39: Dan Shure

    Today for our 39th episode, we will talk with Dan Shure, owner at Evolving SEO and a Moz associate. I have seen Dan’s name around the SEO world for a few years, but this was our first time talking to each other. We were introduced by Fred Pike, who is a friend of Jeffalytics and thought we would have a lot in common.

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