• Episode 37: David Baker

    Today for our 37th episode, we will talk with David Baker, founder of Recourses and a sage for agency owners looking to take on their biggest challenges. David and I were introduced to each other through another podcast guest, Dan Golden from episode 32. Dan and I talked for a fair amount of time after our recording, and he mentioned that I really need to have David as a guest on the podcast.

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  • Episode 36: Rick Webb

    Today for our 36th episode, we will talk with Rick Webb, former agency owner, author, investor and all-around interesting guy. Rick and I met several ago when he came and presented at MIMA in Minneapolis. I was a board member of the organization at the time and I remember commiserating after his speech over sliders at La Belle Vie, then the nicest restaurant in town.

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  • Episode 35: Ilise Benun

    Today for our 35th episode, we will talk with Ilise Benun, Mentor to creative professionals and founder of Marketing Mentor. Ilise has been working for over 25 years to help creative professionals run better businesses and get more fulfillment in their work. While her focus is on her clients, Ilise’s story is pretty remarkable as well.

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  • Episode 34: The best from our first year of Jumpstart

    Today for our 34th episode, we are going to share some of our favorite quotes from the first year of the Jumpstart Podcast. I recorded this episode from Thailand, where I am spending the winter working on some important projects and doing the whole Digital Nomad thing. It’s thanksgiving in the US, so today’s episode is going to be a little shorter than normal. No guest this time.

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  • Episode 33: Jen Havice

    Today for our 33rd episode, we will talk with Jen Havice, copywriter extraordinaire at Make Mention Media. Even though Jen and I are from the same location in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, we did not cross each other’s paths until 2016. But from there, the floodgates opened. When I needed some help with the landing page for my Analytics Course, my friend Peep Laja ...

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  • Episode 32: Dan Golden

    Today for our 32nd episode, we will talk with Dan Golden, President of Be Found Online and Adjunct Lecturer at Depaul University in Chicago. Dan and I first met back in 2014 when I moderated his session at HeroConf in Austin. In looking back at our old email exchanges, Dan asked that I introduce him like Michael Buffer introduces boxing matches, complete with a fog machine for dramatic effect.

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  • Episode 31: Jacob Baadsgaard

    Today for our 31st episode, we will talk with Jacob Baadsgaard, Founder of Disruptive Advertising. Jake and I had talked previously about our respective businesses, so this was our second time chatting. This time, the introduction came from Andrea Warner, who you may remember from Episode 30 (aka our last guest). It was nice to hear Jake’s story, and I walked away impressed.

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  • Google Partners Accounts: Personal or Company Email Address?

    Setting up Google Partners account is a milestone for many digital marketers. This is when things get official. However, I’ve had many people approach me with confusion about the best way to set up Google Partners account. This is especially true for small agencies. An individual may be setting up a Google Partners account on behalf of their company, yet they are the only per ...

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  • Episode 30: Andrea Warner

    Today for our 30th episode, we will talk with Andrea Warner, A/B Testing Evangelist and Community Architect at Big Barker. Andrea and I met in Salt Lake City earlier this year when I talked with the local SLCSEM organization about analytics. I remember being so positively blown away by the people of Salt Lake city. So sharp, positive and really genuinely nice people. Andrea is no exception.

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  • How To Recover Google Analytics Account

    Have you ever lost your keys to your car or home and panic ensued? You search for clues everywhere. You re-trace your steps, maybe freak out a bit. You blame inanimate objects. At some point you re-gain access to your car or house. Maybe you called a locksmith, or maybe you found a window cracked open. Either way, the ordeal is over. It’s always in the last place you look.

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  • Episode 29: Purna Virji

    Today for our 29th episode, we will talk with Purna Virji, PPC trainer, evangelist, speaker and more at Microsoft, and also my new bestie. I have followed Purna for years, but we had only met in passing to this point. But you could say we hit it off right away and I am excited that we were able to kick off a friendship based on mutual admiration and enjoyment.

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  • Episode 28: Yehoshua Coren

    Today for our 28th episode, we will talk with Yehoshua Coren, the chief Ninja over at Analytics Ninja. Yes, I just used word ninja twice to describe Yehoshua, and during this podcast you will hear how that name and brand came about. You’ll also hear about how to break into a new industry, the importance of building a personal brand, and what it feels like when the student becomes the master.

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  • Episode 27: Aaron Weiche

    Aaron Weiche is the Chief Marketing Officer at Get Five Stars and Vice President of MnSearch. Aaron is one of my oldest friends in the online marketing world, and we have been helping each other grow our careers for nearly a decade. So I’m honored to have a chance to share our friendship and Aaron’s great story with all of you.

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  • Episode 26: Kirk Williams

    Kirk Williams is a rising star in the PPC world and founder of Zato marketing. I have gotten to know Kirk a bit over the past few years, having met in person at conferences in Minnesota and London. Not only that, but Kirk helped provide feedback on my PPC Course when I launched it. So we have had mutual respect over the years, and I’m glad to see it finally culminate with an ...

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  • Episode 25: Ginny Marvin

    Today for our 25th episode, we will talk with Ginny Marvin, Paid Media reporter for Search Engine Land and Marketing Land. If you have any interest in following developments in paid media, you have probably come across articles written by Ginny. I know that I have personally learned about new Google products, advertising trends and much more from her columns.

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