• Why I will not “do SEO” for you

      I published this in 2014, people liked it. So I decided to revisit the topic this year. This is one of those posts that has been in my drafts folder for some time and while it probably should to stay there, I am publishing it anyway! I will not “do SEO” for you Not now, not in the future, never again really. Not if you ask me nicely, say please and take me out to lunch.

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  • 77: Marketing lessons learned from our Agency Course launch

    Today for our 77th episode we’ll go even more in-depth with the lessons learned from our successful November 2017 launch for Agency Jumpstart Course. NOTE: This is a companion to episode 75, so it’s probably a good idea to listen to the episode 75 first, if you haven’t already. I recorded the episodes back to back, before the course cart was finally closed, so not every learn ...

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  • 76: Using Common Sense To Build Awesome UX with Els Aerts

    Today for our 76th episode, we will talk with Els Aerts, Co-founder of AGConsult, the best usability and CRO company in whole of Belgium Now we haven’t talked much about usability on the podcast before, so today’s episode is going to be extra special, because you get to talk to a true expert. Els and I met earlier this year in Estonia, and I couldn’t wait to ask her a bunch of ...

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  • 75: Launch Recap

    Today for our 75th episode, I wanted to give a quick recap of the launch we just wrapped up for my Agency Jumpstart Course. By the time this episode goes live, we will have wrapped up my biggest launch to date for any product here at Jeffalytics, and I wanted to share some of the components for what made our launch successful this time around.

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  • 74: Will Google Try To Kill Agencies? A Chat With Maddie Cary

    Today for our 74th episode, we will talk with Maddie Cary, Director of Paid Search at Point It and the biggest Beyonce fan of all time. And those are her words, not mine. Maddie is a top PPC influencer, and an all around bundle of joy to have in your life. And I can prove that fact, since it was Maddie’s tweets during the MnSearch Summit that made me feel like an all-star afte ...

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  • 73: Getting ahead of the game

    Today for our 73rd episode, I wanted to add a follow up to our 71st episode when I talked about deep work. This episode I wanted to quickly talk about getting ahead of the game. Specifically, talking about the types of tasks we can do in advance in order to get ahead of things. In this Internet enabled world, it’s so easy to focus on the immediate. To let our inbox run our lives.

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  • 72: “100% on Purpose” – Talking Business with John Doherty

    If you have been around the world of SEO in the past few years, you probably recognize John Doherty based on his avatar. At least that’s how I first spotted John, with his signature plaid shirt and beard. John has been a contributor to the SEO world for nearly a decade, so even if you don’t recognize the name, you will probably recognize his work for sites like Zillow and Trulia.

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  • Analytics for Every Stage of Business Growth

    This weekend I had the pleasure of speaking at the DMSS conference in Bali. This was the first year of DMSS, and the conference was an incredible success. To me, the main success metric for a conference is the quality of ideas that you walk away with from the speeches you attend, plus how much knowledge you gain from the informal conversations you have in between sessions.

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  • How to Calculate Your Google AdWords Budget

    How much should I spend on AdWords? Building a Google AdWords budget is one of the toughest challenges faced by both new and experienced pay-per-click marketer. Budget planning can feel overwhelming, time-consuming and downright thankless. But a well-planned budget is an essential part of being successful with AdWords.

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  • 71: Deep Work and Your Best Working Conditions

    Today for our 71st episode, I wanted to talk about the concept of deep work, and the conditions that I have found to be most productive. Because I have had a tremendously productive last few weeks holed up here in the mountains in Virginia. The crisp autumn weather is setting in, and I’m just pumping out productivity like it’s seeping through my veins.

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  • 70: Hand Picked Analytics and SEO Advice with Jenny Halasz

    Jenny Halasz and I first crossed paths while we were both speaking at the SMX advanced conference, I believe in 2013. I was blown away by her technical SEO and analytics skills and scrambled to write down notes and look up the tools she mentioned. Her talk was so good that it made mine feel a little pedestrian by comparison. We were reacquainted again this past summer at the MnSearch Summit.

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  • With Google’s gtag.js, the Future is later…

    What the heck is a gtag.js and why should you care? For the past few weeks I have been fielding a lot of questions about gtag.js on the Analytics Course forums. Students are asking why my recommended method of tracking sites is analytics.js, yet their account only allows them to install gtag.js on their site. The same thing goes for Google AdWords conversion tracking.

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  • 69: Momentum in Business – What it looks like, how it feels

    Today for our 69th episode, I wanted to talk about some of the cool things we have going on at Jeffalytics. This episode is long overdue, and I’m excited to talk about all kinds of fun things that are going on behind the scenes. If you aren’t interested in the business chat or an internal perspective of marketing campaigns and what’s working in marketing in 2017, then you migh ...

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  • Why the New Google Analytics User Management Policy is a Terrible Idea

    The other day I noticed something in Google Analytics that might be worthy of your attention. It’s a change to the way Google displays users in an Analytics account. Here’s the notice, which you may have seen in your account as well. Sorry if it is hard to read, but it’s the best I could do screen-grabbing from the GA interface. Now this message seems harmless at first glance.

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  • 68: Geeking Out on SEO and GTM with Mike Arnesen

    Mike Arnesen got his start in the digital marketing industry by building his own personal website. He was amazed what he could do by just editing style.css and, later, tacking up PHP templates. Then he started blogging about random nonsense and writing thorough reviews of the punk rock albums. These posts lead to traffic from Google and comments from random people on the Internet.

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  • 67: What are your hobbies outside of work?

    Having hobbies and developing skills outside of work. This is something that has been important to me for as long as I can remember, but I have fallen away from these hobbies in recent years. It’s a shame, but I’m hoping that this episode will help me break out of that funk. If you listened to episode 65, you heard me talking about spending a weekend with other entrepreneurs.

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