• UK publishers see Facebook Live viewership stagnate

    Facebook Live is stagnating in the U.K. And with Facebook ending payments to media companies for creating live video, publishers don’t expect to ramp up live video production in the next six months. In January, pages run by media companies in the U.K., like BBC Sport, The Guardian, Daily Mail and Sky News, created 850 Facebook Live videos, according to SocialBakers data, a n ...

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  • Domain spoofing remains a huge threat to programmatic

    Because programmatic advertising has automated so much of media, more and more marketing dollars are underwriting fraud without advertisers’ knowledge. One major trick unscrupulous publishers are using is domain spoofing. While not exactly new, domain spoofing is getting into the public eye thanks to the rise of fake news.

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  • The Raf Simons guide to transforming a brand

    Following a buzzy New York Fashion Week debut, Raf Simons is continuing to ride the wave of success he’s been on since taking over the helm of Calvin Klein. Over the course of just a few months, Simons has managed to breathe life into a stale brand, which was suffering from a lack of cohesive vision over a fractured portfolio of companies.

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  • How traffic resellers trip third-party verification filters

    When it comes to ad fraud, everybody’s got a stake to protect. Verification vendors came into hot demand last year after social platforms made several measurement errors. But fraud researchers claim that bot traffic is still prevalent. Bots are systematically designed to bypass these verification filters, with some researchers suggesting that as much as 80 percent of bot tra ...

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  • Inside The Specialist Works’ quirky office

    When performance agency The Specialist Works tricked out its North London HQ, it didn’t call a pricey interior design firm. Instead, it tapped the cheaper option, Jephsons Shopfitters — which specializes in the food retail, hospitality and catering industries — to decorate all three floors. The move is typical of the 14-year-old independent shop: scrappy, close-knit and quick ...

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  • How Birchbox, Carnival Cruise and more use Instagram album

    Within a week after Instagram introduced its album feature that lets every user upload up to 10 videos and static images in one single post, brands like Birchbox and Carnival Cruise Line already tested it. While those companies cannot get metrics like swipe-right rate and click-through rate, they think Instagram album is a “great” engagement tool.

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  • Axios to launch fifth vertical, with an emphasis on energy

    Not two months into its launch, Axios is moving into its fifth vertical. The Jim VandeHei-helmed startup will launch coverage of the energy sector in March, after poaching two reporters, Ben Geman from National Journal and, more recently, Amy Harder from the Wall Street Journal. Harder’s departure was announced via an internal memo at the Journal Monday morning; Geman started a ...

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  • Ad tech and ad blockers share common ground on inventory quality

    by Tom Schmidt, VP product, video and display advertising, Yahoo Like a proud parent, every advertiser wants its ads to be seen. With the evolution of digital marketing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ensure that real people are seeing those ads. Today, an ad may never be seen for a number of reasons: 1.) poor viewability, where the ad could suffer from poor placement 2.

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  • CNN’s platform publishing unit Great Big Story has a six-person cartoon team

    CNN’s Great Big Story loves cartoons — so much that the company has built an entire team dedicated to animated videos. Funded by CNN, Great Big Story is an independent subsidiary of the news giant focused on inspirational and edgy content for social and mobile platforms. Of Great Big Story’s 40 employees, six people work within its animation department, which is responsible fo ...

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  • How Duracell’s digital priorities have shifted

    This month marks the one-year anniversary of Duracell’s departure from the P&G stable, as part of the global conglomerate’s drive to slim down its categories and cut costs in the process. Now under Berkshire Hathaway, Duracell’s priorities have shifted, according to international CMO Tatiana-Vivienne Jouanneau.

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  • Inside the Daily Mail’s shift to video

    The Daily Mail, like many publishers reliant on display ads, has been shifting quickly to video. The news and entertainment publisher has managed to double its video views on its site over the past year, mostly this is through licensing video content. For instance, this article about a great white shark heading for a surfer in Australia has the video embedded at the top, fol ...

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  • Can see-now-buy-now save department stores?

    There is a seemingly never-ending stream of bad news for America’s department stores, facing declining foot traffic, declining shopping mall environments, and competition from Amazon to Zara. But there is, perhaps, one trend working in their favor: the ongoing shift in fashion to new see-now-buy-now business m ...

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