• Facebook video ad viewability rates are as low as 20 percent, agencies say

      Facebook’s metrics woes may be far from over. After fessing up to a string of measurement errors over the past six months, the social media company has bowed to pressure from ad buyers and started letting third-party auditors check its numbers. Some agencies started using the new auditing capabilities a few months ago and have been stunned to see viewability rates on Facebook ...

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    • Consulting firms are crashing the party in Cannes

      Management consultancies are taking their tussle with agencies for marketing budgets to the Croisette in Cannes. Accenture Interactive, Deloitte, PwC, Ernst & Young and McKinsey will all be out in force at the festival. Purists might argue their presence is indicative of how industrialized advertising has become, but few can deny the influence these companies could wield i ...

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  • How to become a speaker at a Digiday event

    Digiday mixes deep industry knowledge and experience with an emphasis on honesty over spin and quality over quantity, and that is no different with our events. Our events bring the Digiday content you read every day to life. We look for people who are making change happen, leading the conversation when it comes to challenges the industry is facing and have new innovative idea ...

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  • Best of the week: Amazon makes push for video publishers

    This week, our top stories examined Amazon’s video platform and Facebook’s tool that will give publishers more Instant Articles performance data. As always, a full list of these articles appears at the bottom. Amazon courts video publishers with money, free help … Amazon continues to make moves that support the idea that it could turn the duopoly into a triopoly.

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  • The NowThis approach to launching new Facebook channels

    If there’s any brand that knows Facebook, it’s NowThis. In January 2015, the digital video news publisher for millennials shut down its site and became a distributed publisher, and it quickly became one of the most-watched news publishers on Facebook, with its video-with-text-overlay style widely copied. But growth has its limits on Facebook, which has its own rules.

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  • The reverse Vice: Why agencies are becoming media companies

    In late June, a bright, neon yellow digital billboard appeared on 33rd Street and Seventh Avenue in New York, right outside Madison Square Garden. It read “Don’t Trade Porzingis,” beseeching then-Knicks president Phil Jackson to keep the Latvian basketball player at all costs. “We’re not affiliated with Porzingis. We just want him to stay,” the billboard read in smaller letters.

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  • How the Guardian is using article surveys to inform editorial decisions

    The Guardian has introduced a tool at the bottom of article pages so readers can vote for topics they want more detail on. For an article about the Conservative Party’s manifesto on social care, the Guardian offered three questions it could answer for readers. The options: how much the average person would have to pay for social care under the Conservative proposals, whether t ...

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  • Why Conde Nast, with the help of Anna Wintour, is turning to hackathons to innovate

    Squirreled away in a glass-enclosed conference room at the Condé Nast Entertainment office on Wednesday, a group of ten employees hailing from different publications and departments were feverishly brainstorming ways to improve e-commerce infrastructure across the media conglomerate’s 20 brands. A hush fell over the group as Fred Santarpia, Condé Nast’s chief digital officer, ...

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  • Wimbledon to localize its bid to become a digital media brand

    The Digiday Content Marketing Summit is coming up next month in Vail, Colorado, and we’re opening up a limited number of complimentary passes for content marketers from brands. Interested? Apply here. The marketers behind the Wimbledon tennis tournament will develop more local content for next year’s event as they look to shore up how it will compete with the World Cup for viewers.

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  • How Hulu tapped into political turmoil to promote ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

    The Digiday Content Marketing Summit is coming up next month in Vail, Colorado, and we’re opening up a limited number of complimentary passes for content marketers from brands. Interested? Apply here. Hulu’s original series “The Handmaid’s Tale” has racked up 13 Emmy nominations, the most Hulu has ever received for one show. The streaming service hasn’t gotten to this point by accident.

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  • ‘It’s just one more of the taxes’: How viewability shortchanges publishers

    Now that ad buyers regularly buy ads based on viewability, publishers need to pay close attention to how their viewable impressions are being counted because what they can bill for depends on these calculations. When transacting on viewability, ad buyers are increasingly only using metrics from their viewability vendor instead of using a mix of metrics from the ad server and v ...

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  • ‘We’re in an influencer bubble’: A Digiday+ town hall with Ian Schafer

    Ian Schafer, chief experience officer at Engine and the founder of Deep Focus, joined us on Thursday for a town hall on Slack. We discussed influencers, new agency models and why Amazon may one day rule everything. We hold Slack town halls every two weeks, and in between, we’ll have editorial chats and group discussions on industry topics. Become a member of Digiday+ and join us.

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  • EU Publishers: Clean up your cookies or get burned by GDPR

    The ticking clock on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) website is a stark warning for digital publishers behind on preparations for the EU’s massive expansion of data privacy rules. The GDPR is coming, and soon. Europe’s privacy laws are tightening even further, potentially limiting the data that publishers can collect and the ways they can collect it.

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  • Publishers are finding Flipboard drives nice traffic

    Surprise, publishers are finding a new source of referrals: Flipboard. In the last six months, dozens of publishers have made their content available on Flipboard, an aggregator platform that launched in 2010. Time Inc. UK started putting all its brands on the platform in April. Now, the company said Flipboard is its fourth-biggest referrer behind Google, Facebook and Twitter, ...

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  • BuzzFeed is developing an app for Tasty

    BuzzFeed is developing a separate app for Tasty, the online publication known for its viral recipe videos. According to people with direct knowledge of it, the app will contain those same recipe videos as well as separate side-by-side visuals and instructions and a favorites list. The publication has shopped around a list of eight taglines for the new app, asking users which they like the best.

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