Digiday - Posts from August 2014

  • Should publishers really think ‘mobile-first’?

    The trend for many publishers is to loudly declare they are “mobile-first.” But the reality is, well, more complicated. Most mobile-first proponents loudly trumpet exploding mobile audiences. That’s true. Just about every publisher today is seeing an increasing amount of their traffic coming from mobile devices — often over 50 percent of their overall, in the case of sites lik ...

    Ricardo Bilton/ Digiday- 31 readers -
  • This Twitter vigilante is calling out mediocre promoted tweets

    The world of branding has another vigilante. Enter @SocialLandlord, an anonymous Twitter account from a creative agency employee that is punishing brands that send out bad promoted tweets by replying to them — because every time an advertiser sees “engagement,” in the form of an RT, reply, favorite or click, they get charged.

    Shareen Pathak/ Digidayin Social EMail- 5 readers -
  • Haters gonna hate: Brands pay to get an earful on social platforms

    Social platforms, notably Facebook, are starting to shift away from the airy talk of “brand engagement” and instead offer more nuts-and-bolts ad offerings. But one area remains from the bygone “join the conversation” era: Comments on ads. Naturally, this often backfires on brands. They can find themselves the subject of mass ridicule, leaving some wondering why brands pay for negative publicity.

    John Mcdermott/ Digidayin Display- 11 readers -
  • Taco Bell’s latest campaign is a Willy Wonka spinoff

    Taco Bell has brought its own version of Willy Wonka’s golden tickets to life. In a real-life viral effort to promote the 11 items on its new Dollar Cravings Menu, the fast food giant has noted down the serial numbers of and then released 11-dollar bills across the country—which if found, guarantee its finder a lifetime of food from Taco Bell.

    Tanya Dua/ Digiday- 11 readers -
  • ‘Facebook’s not the place to be the source of your community’

    There was a time, not very long ago either, when brands looking to build their content-marketing strategies inevitably started in one place: Facebook. That’s where the masses were, that’s where these brands could try their hands at publishing content to reach them. That’s no longer the case. Facebook’s move to choke off organic reach has caused marketers, and their agencies, t ...

    Brian Morrissey/ Digiday- 4 readers -
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