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  • How TV’s holding back programmatic — and what we can do about it

    By John Snyder, Grapeshot, CEO Last month in these pages I offered publishers a specific road map for making the most effective transition from a real time bidding-based, open exchange environment to a premium, private marketplace-driven one. The TV industry needs to make that transition, too. The notion, of course, is that a unified premium programmatic media marketplace will lift all boats.

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  • Yield management: coming to an ad tech stack near you

    By Ryan Christensen, SVP and GM, Publishers, AppNexus Many people today have never heard of People Express, but in 1985 it was the country’s most prominent low cost airline. People Express CEO Donald Burr later remarked, “We were a vibrant, profitable company from 1981 to 1985, and then we tipped right over into losing $50 million a month… We had been profitable from the day w ...

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  • From proxies to people: Why third-party data isn’t enough

    Imagine a world in which advertisers can seamlessly serve data-driven ads to the right user at the right time across channels and devices. Publishers, partnering with third-party data partners, layer extra data over their unique viewer profiles and get a clear look at who their audiences actually are, allowing their advertisers to get the targeted results of their dreams. Now wake up.

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  • An optimized image is worth a thousand…clicks?

    You’ve heard it thousands of times before: “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” In the world of digital marketing, words don’t serve as very effective currency or as an effective quantifier of performance. But a new concept, image optimization, is emerging in online advertising. Using it, marketers can quantitatively measure images not with words but with clicks and conversions: m ...

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  • Just what is ad mediation anyway?

    This column was authored by Nikao Yang, SVP Global Marketing, Opera MediaWorks What happens when you try to plug too many cords into a single socket? Your system overloads. A publisher who plugs multiple ad networks into its system to maximize profits can overload it, too. Each ad network typically has its own software development kit (SDK) that requires integration into the publisher’s code.

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  • Get ready for summer with these hot programmatic trends

    By Alex LePage, VP Marketing and Product Strategy, Buyer Cloud, Rubicon Strategy The sun is shining, the beach is beckoning and the air conditioners are blasting. All that, plus the sweltering heat, can mean only one thing: It’s time to take a look at this summer’s trends in programmatic. Put on an extra layer of sunblock, because these programmatic trends are hot enough to burn you.

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  • GoPro’s Golden Gate flyby and 5 other examples of interactive video done well

    Interactive video has had some highlights in the past few years—see: Bic’s “Insane Human Curling” in 2011, Terry Crews’ dancing pecs in “Muscle Music” for Old Spice or Bob Dylan’s seriously belated official video for “Like a Rolling Stone.” Even the infamous Subservient Chicken, star of Burger King’s 2004 interactive campaign, made a triumphant return for a 2014 follow-up.

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  • Indiana Jones and the DMP swap: What we learned when we migrated our data

    This column was authored by Scott Messer, Senior Director, Business Development at D360. You remember the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark? Indiana Jones deftly traverses a number of booby traps and expertly replaces the Golden Fertility Idol with a bag of sand. In this case, of course, “deftly” means leaving at least one guide dead in his wake and “expertly” means esc ...

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  • The gamer’s guide to mobile advertising

    PopSong game developer FreshPlanet buckets their audience into two camps: Those that make in-app purchases and those that watch ads. Why? Power ups–sold for a dollar a pop–are simply more profitable, but that revenue comes from just about 2 percent of their audience. “Fifty percent of our revenue is coming from advertising, but it comes from the 98 percent of users who never b ...

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  • Viewability: Publishers are taking the brunt, but the buck stops with brands

    This article was written by Martin Stockfleth Larsen, Chief Marketing Officer, Adform This one’s for the American Literature majors. Name that classic: Puritan minister meets girl, beds girl, publicly denounces girl and forces her to leave town wearing a big red “A.” Sound familiar? It should. It’s a fable for our day.

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  • Everything you need to know about Apple Music and Beats 1

    The finishing touches are being put on Apple Music. Next Tuesday, the highly anticipated streaming music service slash global radio station launches and details of who’s hosting Beats 1 (Drake! Elton John!) and what’s streaming are seeping out. Let’s review what we know: The Taylor Swift saga ends on a happy note After a public blow out with Apple over royalties, the undisp ...

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  • 10 lessons the NBA finals taught us about advertising

    Adam Kleinberg is CEO of digital agency Traction. The NBA Finals has already been the most-watched matchup in the history of the game, and the most exciting we’ve seen in many years. Such great playing, such great coaching, such a great spectacle. And such great lessons to learn. Indeed, marketing executives could benefit from paying close attention because so much of what dr ...

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  • How commerce and content made Purch a $100m business

    Many publishers are trying their hand at ecommerce, but few have run as far with it as Purch. The tech site network, whose stable of 20 tech brands includes Top Ten Reviews, Live Science, and Tom’s Guide, has made commerce a key part of it its business over the past few years. Roughly fifty-five percent of the $100 million it pulled in last year came from its commerce business ...

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  • Storytelling 101 from the founder of the Moth: Be vulnerable

    People are drawn to stories. It’s woven into the human genome. They are how we understand ourselves and others. It is this thought that, in 1997, prompted poet and bestselling novelist George Dawes Green to found The Moth, a platform dedicated to storytelling in New York. Since its launch, The Moth has given artists and storytellers the opportunity to present their unique stor ...

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  • Millennial dads 101: What marketers need to know

    For all the attention that’s been paid to millennial moms lately, their counterparts have gone curiously understudied. But marketers take note: 4.5 percent of the U.S. adult population are dads between the ages of 18 and 34. And as with the rest of their cohort, millennial dads have their own unique characteristics: They are more likely to participate in household chores and d ...

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  • Watch the Digiday Retail Summit livestream

    Some of the most innovative retailers are gathered in Chicago for the Digiday Retail Summit, today through Wednesday, to discuss industry trends and forecasts. The theme of the summit: “Staying relevant through fierce viral competition,” a topic particularly close to retailers’ hearts as they fight for their slice of the digital space.

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  • Bankrupt in 2008, Ziff Davis beat the odds with its digital turnaround

    Few turnarounds are as unlikely as the one Ziff Davis managed to pull off. The 88-year-old publisher of a stable of business-to-business and print titles struggled with the shift to the Internet, which upended the value position of its tech brands. There wasn’t much hope for the company, owner of PCMag, AskMen and IGN. It filed for bankruptcy protection in 2008.

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  • 12 charts: Mobile adoption around the globe, and what it means for marketers

    Mobile Advertising Around the Globe- 2015 Annual Report Working with many of the world’s largest and most sophisticated advertisers, our research uncovered many interesting trends that highlight the mobile imperative for digital advertisers. Sampling the Marin Global Online Advertising Index, composed of advertisers who invest more than $7 billion in annualized ad spend on ...

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  • Christmas in July: The 2015 holiday shopping forecast in 5 charts

    The calendar may read June, but for the retail industry, it’s time to start preparing for the holiday season. For the past few seasons, a running narrative surrounding holiday shopping has been that the traditional hype is diminishing. Thanks to e-commerce, deals are more readily available over a longer period of time, and people aren’t flocking into stores to take advantage of sales.

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  • #LoveMustWin: 3 things brands can learn from the marriage equality campaign

    Michael Crawford is the digital director at the non-profit activist group Freedom to Marry. The biggest challenge for any campaign right now is to get noticed. We’re all competing for attention. On Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court announced its ruling legalizing the freedom to marry nationwide. The marriage equality movement has been activating passionate supporters for years, ...

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  • Facebook’s new mobile ads show off 360-degree views and vertical videos

    Facebook ads of the future are going to be difficult to ignore. At Cannes Lions yesterday, the social network showed a prototype of a fully immersive ad experience that goes beyond links and carousels. Facebook created an advertisement that is an interactive, 360-degree experience that is navigated with the user’s finger. Users won’t leave the app when they click on the ad.

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  • The global rise of ad blocking in 4 charts

    Ad blocking is no passing fad. One of the most pressing problems that publishers don’t like to talk about, ad blocking has gone from a fringe issue to a mainstream concern that’s having an impact on publishers’ bottom lines. And it shows no signs of letting up. Here are four charts that show why it’s here to stay.

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  • Submit now to the 4th annual Digiday Awards

    Started in 2011 to recognize the innovators pushing the media industry forward, the Digiday Awards remain dedicated to a mission that honors the best creative marketing and advertising being done today by brands, agencies, publishers and platforms. This year, there are six categories for awards that will be announced out in a ceremony this coming November in New York City: Be ...

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  • 5 things we learned at the Digiday Retail Summit in Chicago

    Retailers, both small and large, gathered in Chicago this week for the Digiday Retail Summit to discuss the future of the industry. It’s an exciting time to be a retailer, but it can be a confusing one, too, as buy buttons flood social platforms and attribution becomes more elusive. Gathering representatives from Amazon, Walgreens, Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble and more in the ...

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  • The kick collections of 5 agency sneakerheads

    Sneakerheads are dedicated, obsessed and loyal. They’re not a new breed — some of those rare Nikes have been lurking in closets for years now — but only somewhat recently has the label “sneakerhead” seeped into the common vernacular and mainstream media (beyond just niche publications). The kick culture has also nabbed the attention of the cultural elite: This summer, an exhib ...

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  • 7 apps with large teen fan-bases brands should know about

    Snapchat and Rapchat. Whisper and Secret. Yo and Yik Yak. Old news. All of them. Teens today are already onto the next big things. A new cluster of apps, with names like Jott and Dubsmash, are increasingly gaining traction among the demographic. “The common denominator is that they allow teens to tap into and express themselves with pop culture,” said Melanie Shreffler, senior ...

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  • The 9 best reactions to Jeb’s new campaign logo

    No one is more excited about Jeb Bush’s campaign logo than the Internet. Well, besides the actual logo itself, which features a enthusiastic, bright red exclamation point! Here’s what the Republican hopeful tweeted out, ecstatically on Sunday, in announcing his candidacy: pic.twitter.com/PTcgx420KC — Jeb Bush (@JebBush) June 14, 2015 Perhaps unsurprisingly, the logo l ...

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  • Daily Mail study: News is a safe place for advertisers after all

    Brands have always been as careful about placing their ads near certain types of content. One major casualty, specifically, is hard news, which, with all its controversies and tragedies, may not be seen as “brand safe.” The Daily Mail, an entertainment and gossip site, has been increasingly pushing into hard news, so North America CEO Jon Steinberg has been on a crusade lately ...

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  • At Cannes, it’s poach, be poached or get out of the way

    Last year at Cannes, the president of an ad agency was enjoying a glass of rosé on the terrace of the Carlton Hotel when a nightmare began to unfold in front of her: One of the agency’s favorite clients happened to bump into someone from a rival agency while waiting at the bar and they struck up a conversation. “I couldn’t let that happen,” this president said.

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  • Ad blocking’s collateral damage: publisher data

    When publishers think about ad blocking, they fixate on how the tech hurts their ad revenue. But fewer are thinking about how it could hurt their ability to collect data about readers — and that’s a major long-term issue Most ad blockers, including Adblock Plus, work by preventing sites from loading elements from certain domains and subdomains.

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  • About.com’s native ad formula: data-driven explainers

    About.com is plowing deeper into native ads with the proposition it can marry its hallmark explainer-style articles with search-like intent data. The company, known for search-friendly fare such as “10 Ways to Sleep Better” and “Top 10 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job,” this week launched Idea Studios, a four-person native ad unit that will create how-to and explainer articles for brands.

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  • Publishers’ latest thinking on mobile ad placement

    The rise of viewability on mobile is already having a big impact on the designs of publishers’ mobile sites. While the industry has yet to settle on a permanent mobile viewability standard, media outlets are nonetheless tweaking their ad placements to get in line. The most prevalent trend is placing the ads high up on the page, where readers are likely to see them on first glance.

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  • The brand verdict on Instagram’s new ad offering

    Advertising on Instagram has so far been the domain of only a handful of big digital-spending brand advertisers, who have used it to push brand engagement. But Instagram is now cranking up its advertising, opening itself to both big and small advertisers, letting them target their consumers based on age, gender and other interests. For brands and marketers, it’s been a long time coming.

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  • The publishers that take soft approach to fighting ad blockers

    For publishers, it seems there are almost as many tactics for combatting ad blockers as there are people running them. A slight exaggeration, perhaps, but one method increasingly in vogue among media outlets is to simply find a way to show readers ads anyway. That’s the mission behind Pagefair and now Sourcepoint, a new “content compensation platform” that says it can save pub ...

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  • Copyranter: Between ad tech and creativity, an all-out war

    Mark Duffy has written the Copyranter blog for 10 years and is a freelancing copywriter with 20-plus years of experience. His hockey wrist shot is better than yours. Follow him on Twitter. It’s on like Donkey Kong. In this case, Kong equals tech, and Mario is creativity. Sure, parties on both sides put on good faces while sitting on daises talking about “working together” to ...

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  • Throwback Thursday: Blowing smoke in cigarette ads

    This week’s Throwback Thursday takes us back to a time when Madison Avenue minted money glamorizing cigarettes, blowing smoke in the face of mounting medical research and targeting kids. Oh, there’s no shortage of sexism, either. What a time to be alive: Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble could share a Winston with your kids and Lucille Ball told women that Phillip Morris ciga ...

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  • Evan Spiegel gets serious in his video pitching Snapchat video ads

    For the second time in a week, Evan Spiegel is proving to be quite the budding YouTube star. The Snapchat CEO released another homemade-like video, this time pitching the app’s new advertising approach in conjunction with his presentation at Cannes Lions this morning. Looking fresh in an outfit perfect for picture day and speaking over generic track of music reminiscent of pre ...

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  • The clever Hotels.com workaround for muted Facebook video ads

    Videos on Facebook are defaulted to “mute,” a feature that may be nice for consumers but isn’t the best way for a brand to advertise its creative out loud. To solve the issue (somewhat) Hotels.com, the hotel-booking site, worked with CP+B for new video ads that get the message across even if you can’t hear them.

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  • Serial woos brands in Cannes ahead of season two

    Producers from the hottest podcast in the world are in Cannes this week hoping to score some brand love. And they have the numbers to prove they’re worth it. Serial, the runaway hit from the producers of “This American Life” is part of the Cannes agenda this year. Executive producer Julie Snyder, host Sarah Koenig and producer Dana Chivvis are on a panel Friday along with McK ...

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  • Reuters’ distributed approach to native advertising

    All publishers are trying to crack the nut of native advertising at scale. Some are running such ads on other sites in their own portfolios, extending advertisers’ campaigns on social media or pushing them through programmatic platforms. Reuters has a 160-year-old tradition as a news agency serving publishers, but now with its Content Solutions division, it’s extending that re ...

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  • An insider’s guide to the South African advertising landscape

    Although technology has made our world flatter and more interconnected than ever before, the global advertising landscape is far from homogeneous. Each region’s marketing is a reflection of the people who live there. This is Global Creative, a new series by Digiday that highlights the nuances of advertising scenes in different parts of the world, through the eyes of an establis ...

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  • Buy Jessica Lange a drink: How A&E Networks is making TV more social

    This is ThinkTank, a series where we quiz brand chiefs and CMOs on where the industry is heading. Elizabeth Luciano had a busy weekend. While everyone else was winding down getting ready for the workweek, the VP of marketing and brand strategy at A&E Networks spent her Sunday night masterminding a large scale social TV project for the network’s Critics Choice TV Awards.

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  • The golden age of journalism — for millennial reporters, that is

    When it comes to jobs for young reporters these days, there is an embarrassment of riches — well, at least options BuzzFeed, Vox Media, Vice and others of their ilk are flooding the market with new jobs, most of which are aimed at young digital-savvy reporters. They’re also in demand at legacy media companies, which are desperate to infuse their own ranks with more digital talent.

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  • Who said it: Creative or Confucius?

    Creative directors have a tough job. They don’t just steer creative output to help clients, they’re also responsible for motivating those in advertising so they believe they’re doing something bigger and more meaningful than selling soap. That means a lot of pithy quotes and awe ...

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  • ‘Look at Me': The first-ever Instagram book is a self-help guide for brands

    You’ve read books in print. You might have read books online or on a mobile device. But until now you probably haven’t read a book on Instagram. Jason Sperling, executive creative director at agency RPA on Friday began publishing his new 160-page (and growing) book, “Look at Me When I’m Talking to You,” exclusively on the platform — one page at a time.

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  • The real winners of the 2015 Cannes Lions

    Cannes is almost over and the A-Listers are already starting to head off on their summer vacations. But while the official Cannes Lions awards are still being doled out, the real action at Cannes rarely happens inside the Palais des Festivals. Instead, the scene is centered on yachts docked out to sea, in nearby Antibes or one of the numerous villas off the main Croisette.

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  • Opinion: Five ways to measure your content marketing

    Jordan Berg is a Founding Partner at Questus, a digital advertising agency with offices in New York, San Francisco and Brea. Content marketing is rapidly gaining momentum in the advertising world for a number of reasons: It allows brands to provide value to customers and prospects more authentically than a 30 second commercial.

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  • Now 500 people, Gary Vaynerchuk’s VaynerMedia sets its sights beyond social

    Over the past decade, Internet posterchild Gary Vaynerchuk has spent a lot of his time doing everything but running an agency: judging the Miss America pageant, being a wine entrepreneur and writing books, covers of which dot the VaynerMedia offices in Manhattan’s Flatiron district. It was only over the last four years that he dedicated his attention toward running VaynerMedia.

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  • Inside the agency: McKinney NY reboots with new business and a killer view

    The coolest part of McKinney’s two-floor downtown Manhattan space is the window that looks out into North Carolina. That’s not an exaggeration: This Cheil-owned agency is so serious about its “one agency, two doors” philosophy that it has installed a giant screen in its Soho headquarters that looks into its Durham office. A webcam, a microphone and speakers connect the two.

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  • The perfect Cannes itinerary for every festival-goer

    Cannes is here. You are there. So how can you make the most of your week on the French Riviera? Well, that depends on who you are. Allow us to present four different Cannes itineraries, customized just for you. The ad-tech guy Mornings: If you’re an ad tech person, you probably have a yacht. How nice for you. Set up shop there — maybe you’re even sleeping there.

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  • Costolo out: What agencies want to see next at Twitter

    When Twitter announced Thursday afternoon that Dick Costolo would step down as CEO next month, Wall Street rejoiced. In after-hours trading, the stock jumped 7 percent Thursday. But Madison Avenue was a little more cautious. Costolo has steered Twitter for the last five years, but slowing user growth and feature failures made him a target for Wall Street analysts and shareholders.

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  • Inside the agency: Leo Burnett Chicago

    Leo Burnett is a standout feature on the Chicago skyline. The entire building, designed by Kevin Roche-John Dinkeloo and Associates and Shaw & Associates, rises 50 stories above the Loop and is shaped like the Leo Burnett “pencil,” a nod to the big black pencils the founder of the agency was famous for using. The agency lost its U.S.

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  • Havas to Chicago: Take our interns, please

    This summer, interns at Havas Chicago won’t just be working on Havas projects. Many of them will be outsourced throughout the city. As a part of the agency’s new 10 week-long 2015 #GimmeAnIntern Summer Internship program, which kicked off yesterday, its new crop of 14 interns will also double up as young guns for hire — for others.

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  • Cannes Questionnaire: How Arthur Sadoun does Cannes

    This week, we’re buttonholing ad execs to ask them how Cannes is going. Today, it’s the notoriously press-shy CEO of Publicis Worldwide, Arthur Sadoun, who is holding forth at a large table on the terrace of the Majestic Hotel with a giant leaflet outlining his big vision to transform the French agency. “I give it to everyone I meet,” he said.

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  • Get a free ride in a Rolls from Nice to Cannes, with one creative catch

    Students come up with a lot of creative ways to cut through the noise at Cannes — like the Falmouth University duo that is 3-D printing the backside of Lions, or as they call it “Lion Arses,” to go along with the front half of the famous trophy. But one effort earns extra points for being useful, creative and actually quite swanky.

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  • One charity’s whimsical approach to attracting millennials to a serious cause

    The Internet has been flooded with cheeky baby memes for a while, but one new campaign has co-opted them to attract attention to an important cause. International children’s charity Smile Train has unveiled a new campaign in conjunction with agency SS+K titled “Serious Baby,” to drive awareness on the health conditions of cleft lip and palate in children — all with a light-hea ...

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  • RIP, creative director: Creativity belongs to everyone

    Matt Iliffe is co-founder and partner at Beyond, an experience design agency. If you’re not in the creative department, you’ve no business contributing to creative output. This viewpoint may sound familiar, but it’s outdated. Not only that – it’s dangerous. Why? Many agencies continue to approach briefs in a blinkered way, with each employee asked only to perform one specific task.

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  • Cannes Lions: We rate the stunts

    Get a bunch of advertising people in one place and you’re bound to be subjected to stunts. That’s true in the South of France as much as anywhere else. We rate some of the highlights of what we found this week. Blippar lets you find parties Say Blippar to a couple of mobile ad execs here in Cannes and they say “Wait, that’s still around?” Indeed, it is.

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  • Cannes Questionnaire: Edelman’s Glenn Engler

    Each day we’ll buttonhole an advertising and media exec to find out their thoughts on Cannes and why everyone in these worlds congregate here in June. Our first participant: Edelman global chief strategy officer Glenn Engler. How many Cannes have you been to? This is the third. How do you justify it to yourself and those back home? You go where the clients and partners are.

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  • Inside M&C Saatchi Mobile’s new ‘brutally simplistic’ NYC space

    When James Hilton founded M&C Saatchi Mobile (then Inside Mobile) in 2006, mobile as a digital channel had yet to take off. Nine years later, mobile is center stage — the agency itself has grown significantly from a small office in Shoreditch London to seven offices worldwide with over 150 employees. Open office culture at M&C Saatchi.

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  • For Best Buy, the move away from an agency model (and a case of déja vu)

    In April, Best Buy joined the growing list of companies that said it would be moving away from an agency-of-record model to a project-based system with plenty of its work done in-house. It’s part of what agency execs say is an ongoing trend popularized by tech giants like Apple and Google. Spokesman Jeff Haydock told Digiday, “This is part of broader changes to our marketing s ...

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  • MTV International’s ‘massive rebranding’ includes user-generated on-air platform

    MTV ceased being “music television” so long ago, it’s become a cliché to point out the irony baked into the network’s name. Musically minded shows like “Headbangers Ball,” “Yo! MTV Raps” and “TRL” were nixed years ago in favor of teen moms and the cast of “Jersey Shore.” But it’s not just the unstoppable modern reality TV phenomenon that’s changed the network.

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  • Bieber? Or Kardashian? How brands choose their celebrity ambassadors

    Celebrity endorsements are nothing new — Mark Twain’s image once appeared on cigar packaging — but today, brand campaigns have the muscle and visibility of social media behind them. So the celebrities brands team up with for these digital campaigns aren’t chosen randomly. Brands recruit the celebrities they work with in order to appeal to their audiences, and more increasingly ...

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  • Inside Moleskine’s unlikely digital age success story

    Digital may be killing off newspapers, but it’s not killing paper notebooks. At least, one specific notebook brand. Moleskine, the artsy notebook equally beloved by tech entrepreneurs and creative fashion designers, has enjoyed a blowout year. It sold over 17 million notebooks last year, and has seen revenue almost double in the last five years.

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  • Anatomy of a niche publisher: Sneaker News, the ‘CNN for kicks’

    Wednesday was a big day in the sneaker world. Nike announced its Spring 2016 Air Jordan lineup nearly a year in advance, a rare move for the company, which threw sneaker fans in a frenzy. And it also gave Sneaker News, which calls itself the “CNN for kicks” plenty of fodder for stories. “It was absolutely an all-hands-on-deck kind of day for us,” said Sneaker News editor-in-ch ...

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  • Budgets don’t lie: Content and native are becoming industry necessities

    For a while, content marketing and native advertising budgets were cobbled together from the leftovers of more traditional digital allocations, the tactics seen more as auxiliary than central to campaigns. Those times are clearly behind us, according to the most recent State of the Industry research conducted with Digiday.

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  • Join Digiday, Demand Media and Bounce Exchange in Cannes for ‘Cocktails and Lies’

    Digiday is heading to France next week for the Cannes Lions international festival and awards honoring the most innovative minds in advertising. We’ll cover the festival from all angles and pull back the veil on the real action of Cannes. We’ll share with you the scuttlebutt heard along the Croisette and take you inside the biggest parties.

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  • Sign of the times: Even Playboy is going mobile

    The very name “Playboy” may evoke an earlier generation’s views on women, sexuality and culture. But with 77 percent of the magazine’s readers accessing the site on mobile today, the magazine’s brand remains as modern as ever — starting with the new, free and (mostly) PG-rated app Playboy Now. “Playboy is about fun,” said Jimmy Jellinek, Playboy’s chief content officer and editorial director.

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  • Inside LittleThings: a quietly viral site with a huge audience

    While Facebook has made a handful of efforts to curtail the growth of low-quality viral content, it’s proven hard to keep a good viral site down. Independent Journal Review, for example, rapidly went from obscurity to become one of the largest sites in the U.S. Ditto for Elite Daily, Viral Nova and the quiz-heavy PlayBuzz. Add LitteThings to that list of under-the-radar viral giants.

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  • Retailers: What is multi-channel attribution, anyway?

    Retailers from top brands like Nordstrom, Zappos, GameStop and Barnes & Noble are gathered in Chicago this week for the Digiday Retail Summit. One of the biggest challenges confronting them: multi-channel attribution. Ideally, retailers would have some sort of complex model that essentially lets retailers figure out what the different components were that drove a specific sale.

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  • AOL chases views with a new video-centric design

    AOL has been building up its video chops as it has tried to move beyond the online-access-subscription business into an ad-based one. But the site hasn’t quite kept up visually. Now, it’s trying to make the site a better showcase for its video. AOL has bought 5min, a site known for instructional videos on topics like fitness and cooking, and acquired video ad network Adap.tv.

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  • Inside BuzzFeed’s new app: ‘We are obsessed with performance’

    BuzzFeed jumped into the news app fray Thursday, and the devastating Charleston church shooting gave the publisher a chance to show off its serious side. BuzzFeed has been branching out from its viral roots to hard-hitting journalism, and while most people still come to the site for its lifestyle and entertainment fare, the app represents an earnest attempt to go after a news audience.

    Lucia Moses/ Digiday- 14 readers -
  • How Barnes & Noble appeals to millennial readers

    When Barnes & Noble markets itself to millennials, it goes full BuzzFeed. “What we’re focusing on is trying to engage the reader in different ways,” said Jeanniey Mullen, who leads marketing for Nook by Barnes & Noble, at the Digiday Retail Summit in Chicago this week. “And what we found with millennials is identifying the avid reader.

    Shareen Pathak/ Digidayin How To's- 16 readers -
  • So this is what Newt Gingrich thinks of the Apple Watch

    It seems that everybody is a tech blogger these days. Even Newt Gingrich, who made his debut on Mashable reviewing the Apple Watch. Mashable approached Gingrich to review products after they aggregated the review of Oculus Rift he wrote for his personal website. So, dreams came alive today with a hokey, three-minute video where he shared his thoughts on the Apple Watch.

    Digiday- 13 readers -
  • Apple News vs. Facebook Instant Articles: How they compare

    At its Worldwide Developer Conference Monday, Apple announced a new mobile newsreading product, News, with dozens of big media partners including The New York Times, Condé Nast and ESPN. Due out in the Fall, News is the latest overture by platforms from Snapchat to Facebook to encourage publishers to distribute their content directly on their apps.

    Lucia Moses/ Digidayin Social- 17 readers -
  • How Taylor Swift changed Apple’s mind over music royalties

    Taylor Swift rocked Apple to its core on Sunday. The chart-topping artist posted a blistering open letter on her Tumblr account explaining why she wasn’t selling her recent album, “1989,” on Apple’s forthcoming streaming music service. She slammed Apple for not paying artist royalties during the initial free three-month trial period for new users, calling it “shocking, disapp ...

    Digidayin How To's- 9 readers -
  • Makeup brand Urban Decay’s social approach to product launches

    Urban Decay, a makeup brand founded in 1996, predates social media. Today, social plays a central role in how the brand launches new products. It has also helped the company build a loyal cult following around Naked, a series of eyeshadow palettes first launched in 2010. This week, after much teasing, Urban Decay announced Naked Smoky, the fourth addition to the collection of Naked palettes.

    Digiday- 8 readers -
  • You can now ‘walk around’ Reddit using virtual reality

    Reddit reimagined as a virtual environment isn’t as unsettling as you might imagine. SceneVR, a Web app that culls websites’ HTML and javascript and converts them into VR experiences, recreated Reddit into a 3D gallery that users roam around in. It’s similar to a two-bit version of The Sims. You can instant message other users, navigate around the area using the arrow keys (y ...

    Digiday- 9 readers -
  • ShopStyle brings e-commerce to Snapchat, with an assist from influencers

    Click-to-buy buttons are popping up on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram feeds; now, Snapchat has signaled how it will be looking to tie in e-commerce. But just like explaining to your Gen X managers how the photo-disappearing app works, there’s going to be a learning curve. ShopStyle, the shopping search engine and sales aggregator, is diving into Snapchat, and it’s ...

    Digiday- 24 readers -
  • ‘I would call it fraud': Why attribution has a viewability problem

    The rise of viewability has caused headaches for premium online publishers, with brand advertisers demanding that their ads actually have a chance of being seen by humans. But here’s the irony: those that adapt may be hurting themselves with performance-based advertising. If brand advertisers are taking the lead on viewability, it’s been less of a focus for direct-response advertisers.

    Lucia Moses/ Digidayin Affiliate- 15 readers -
  • Ding dong: Avon Ladies learn to tweet, embrace e-commerce

    This is ThinkTank, a series in which we quiz brand chiefs and CMOs on where the industry is heading. Avon has had it up to here with people that dismiss it as a “direct-selling company.” Sure, that’s what they do, but Matt Harker, vp for North America marketing at the brand, says that his mission is to bubble up the bigger purpose behind the beauty brand: how it empowers women ...

    Shareen Pathak/ Digiday- 15 readers -
  • Swarm brings back mayorships, to the relief of nobody

    Remember Swarm? The location-sharing app that spun off from Foursquare last year is reintroducing mayorships, the company announced in a post today. Mayorships, a perfectly useless title solely for bragging rights, used to be awarded when Foursquare was its own app. It was eliminated, however, when Foursquare became a recommendation and reviews engine last May.

    Digiday- 6 readers -
  • Watch Steve Ballmer struggle to come up with a new Clippers logo

    Blame Blake Griffin for the atrocious new Los Angeles Clippers logo. The NBA team, purchased by former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer last year, unveiled new uniforms adorned with the divisive logos on Wednesday. Fans revolted, comparing it to a tacky video game logo designed using ClipArt. Ballmer took the criticism in stride and poked fun at it in a new Funny or Die video depi ...

    Digiday- 15 readers -
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