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  • Golden Globes: 1.4 million total tweets with Lady Gaga being the most talked about celeb

    “Awards Show Twitter” snapped back into its boisterous form last night with the airing of the Golden Globe Awards on NBC. The three-hour drunken spectacle, hosted once again by Ricky Gervais, garnered 1.4 million total tweets according to Amobee Brand Intelligence, with plenty of moments that left people talking, including Lady Gaga winning a trophy for acting.

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  • Lad-lite publisher Joe Media rings in 2016 by doubling its UK team

    Lad-lite publication Joe Media thinks the male-interest sector is still underserved in the U.K., and it has a strong roadmap in place to serve that need, starting by doubling its U.K. team to 30 before the quarter is out. With a tagline of “for men, not lads,” the 5-year-old digital publisher has its roots in Ireland and entered the U.K. last summer. It has since built its U.K.

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  • Report: StoryTech’s Top Trends from CES 2016

    Digiday partnered with StoryTech to analyze what they saw come out of the three days of CES 2016. In this report, you will learn how the following trends will affect the evolution of content and content creation for brands and agencies: “Beyond the Browser” – Software and apps are eating the world, making the web browser a barrier to discovery.

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  • Pokémon reveals its first-ever Super Bowl for its 20th anniversary

    Nintendo is celebrating Pokémon’s 20th birthday with a no expense-spared celebration during the Super Bowl. Today, the nostalgia-fueled brand that’s sure to excited any millennial, released an extended version of its 30-second ad that will air during the third quarter of the Feb. 7 game. Packed with Pokémon characters, the commercial is marketed as a celebration of its “mill ...

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  • DramaFever finds Latin America loves Korean soap operas

    Latin Americans apparently love Korean soap operas. DramaFever, the SoftBank-owned video streaming platform best known for Korean films and TV shows, saw its watch time in the region increase by 250 percent in 2015 — going from 80 million to 280 million monthly minutes streamed between January and December.

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  • Selfies are presidential: 5 ways millennial women embrace politics on digital media

    Get Out the Vote campaigns are in full swing, but one crucial demographic won’t need much convincing to head to the polls. A recent study by PopSugar finds that 87 percent of women who are registered to vote expect to do so this year. While no cookie-cutter approach to “women’s issues” is going to win them over, candidates can start by taking their campaigns digital.

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  • Bleacher Report did 29 million video views on Instagram in a month

    The distributed content model has helped Bleacher Report collect a lot of views on Facebook. Now, it’s helping the publisher see growth on Instagram. In December 2015, Bleacher Report generated 28.6 million views on Instagram, up from almost 8.8 million in October, according to Tubular Labs. It was also the 10th-biggest Instagram video account in December, edged out by ESPN’s ...

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  • It’s a Trap! Escape DFP With 3 Header Bidding Tricks

    In recent months, few trends in digital advertising have so fired the imagination of industry participants as header bidding, a practice that has gained substantial traction in 2015. Despite its increasingly wide adoption, header bidding remains a source of considerable puzzlement. Many publishers regard it warily, fearing that it is too complicated, too hacky and too freighte ...

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  • Twitter is now offering 30-second, skippable pre-roll ads

    Twitter now has longer pre-roll video ads that can run for either 15 or 30 seconds, a big jump from the six-second standard it first adopted. The longer ads also come with a skip option after six seconds so as to limit the potential fallout from haters of pre-roll video. They are shown ahead of videos that media partners post as part of the over two-year-old Amplify program, i ...

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  • Why Syfy is experimenting with 3D printing

    Syfy wants to explore how emerging technology from virtual reality to 3D printing could enhance its TV programming. The NBCUniversal-owned cable network has launched Syfy Labs, a new group within its 13-person digital team dedicated to testing such new technology. “You look at a show like ‘The Expanse’; it’s an hour long, and it airs once a week.

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  • 5 ad agencies to follow on Snapchat

    Snapchat is all the rage, but many ad agencies are waiting out using the platform. Agencies like SS+K, BBDO and R/GA so far haven’t joined, but others are wading into the millennial playground. Of the ones that are, here are the five agency Snapchat handles you should check out: VaynerMedia Founder Gary Vaynerchuk is a big proponent of Snapchat, so it’s no wonder that Vayner ...

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  • Saks Off 5th is using Gilt Groupe to battle Nordstrom

    Saks is using its discount retailer, Saks Off 5th, to catch-up to Nordstrom — and taking a page from its rival to do so. Saks’ parent Hudson’s Bay Company bought Gilt Groupe for $250 million, and announced last week that it would integrate Gilt’s infrastructure and data set with Saks Off 5th. Gilt has 9 million users and reportedly completes 50 percent of its transactions via ...

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  • The best agency creative Pinterest accounts

    Pinterest isn’t just all mommy bloggers and DIY enthusiasts. Turns out the platform has quite a few fans in the agency world as well. Inspiration, after all, can come from anywhere. If you’re still one of those people whose Pinterest is clogged with crockpot recipes and wedding dresses, here are seven agency folks who are taking creativity up a notch on their Pinterest account ...

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  • Rihanna’s $9,000 Dolce and Gabanna headphones have already sold out

    Even if Rihanna hasn’t yet released her much-anticipated album “ANTI,” at least she’s selling something. Yesterday, the singer tweeted a picture in which she is allegedly listening to her eighth studio album which excited legions of her fans online. It might even come out this year! But the news of the new Rihanna album was somewhat upstaged Rihanna herself: In the photo she i ...

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  • Everlane’s starting a private Instagram account for new products

    When a person’s Instagram account is private, you have to wonder who they’re hiding their photos from. When a retailer’s Instagram account is private, you wonder if the company made a crucial settings error. Everlane, the online brand for premium apparel, knows how to operate Instagram. Still, on January 25 when it launches its new account, @EverlaneStudio (secondary to the ma ...

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  • Tidal apologizes for continuing to charge for canceled accounts

    Tidal is once again striking a negative chord with its customers. The streaming music service, owned by Jay Z and a mafia of musicians, is reportedly charging some users a $19.99 monthly fee, even after they’ve cancelled their subscriptions. The incident was first spotted by a writer at The Verge who wrote that his credit card was charged despite canceling his subscription several months ago.

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  • Nick Denton: Facebook dominance is better than ‘convoluted’ ad tech

    Gawker Media CEO Nick Denton was an extreme skeptic of publishers relying too heavily on Facebook. Now he’s come around to the idea, in part because relying on Facebook is a lot better than relying on “the mess of ad tech.” Denton explained his thoughts in a podcast interview with Recode today. Gawker is “all in” on publishing directly to Facebook with its Instant Articles pro ...

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  • The secret to Time Out’s native ad success

    Time Out has hit on a winning formula for monetizing its native advertising distribution — one that it is currently exporting from London to its titles in Paris and New York. Like most publishers, its in-house content shop has created editorial-mimicking ad formats for years, but in the last six months it has carved a totally new direction for creating commercial content and distributing it.

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  • Facebook’s ad network extends to mobile Web

    Facebook has confirmed that its mobile ad network, Facebook Audience Network, is extending from serving ads on third-party apps to the mobile Web. Starting today, any one of the company’s 2.5 million advertisers will soon be able to use Facebook’s knowledge about its audience to target people off Facebook’s site.

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  • Confessions of publisher ad ops: ‘Salespeople just want to make their commission’

    Depending on your view, ad ops people are either publishers’ unsung heroes or the people most likely to know where the bodies are buried. Programmatic selling continues to grow, giving ad ops a key role in publishers’ sales operations. But that increased importance has also exposed them to some of the rougher parts of dealing with agencies, ad tech vendors and even their salespeople.

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  • How Slate, The Washington Post, Bloomberg fight ad blocking

    Ad blocking has gone mainstream. With 85 percent of digital publishers’ revenue coming from advertising, the trend has led to fear and finger-pointing but no consensus on how to combat the problem, which is complicated by the fact that all parts of the ad infrastructure — advertisers, agencies, ad tech, publishers — play a part.

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  • ‘Somebody’s got to own it': Publishers decide who gets the ad-blocking brief

    Ad blocking is quickly becoming every publisher’s problem. But once it’s identified, the question becomes who’s responsible. Ad blocking has implications for multiple aspects of the business, and their motivations may be in conflict with each other. The approaches to dealing with them range from being more collaborative — at Slate and Complex, for example — to the ad side play ...

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  • Opinion: Ad blocking threatens democracy

    David Chavern is president & CEO of the Newspaper Association of America. Digital ads can sometimes be very annoying. Slow load times and often chaotic content can drive people to download ad blocking software as an immediate “fix.” But there is, as they say, “no free lunch,” and there are serious costs – for everyone – from the growing use of ad-blockers.

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  • Mindshare’s Jordan Bitterman: Snapchat needs to work on its ad infrastructure

    Subscribe: iTunes | RSS | Snapchat is the belle of the ball among advertisers, eager to get at its young users. In a new survey of senior ad buyers, Snapchat was the clear favorite for social platforms they would begin to advertise on this year. But momentum can only take you so far. Snapchat, which is rolling out an ads application-programming interface soon, still lacks so ...

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  • Not even publishers’ ‘please whitelist us’ messages are safe from ad blockers

    The ongoing cat-and-mouse game between publishers and ad blockers has claimed another victim: publishers’ anti-ad block messages. People who use the popular ad blocking software AdBlock Plus and visit The Atlantic’s site, for example, get a message informing them that the site “is known to show targeted messages to AdBlock Plus users,” which the users can then opt out of.

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  • Copyranter: Let’s make ads for the ad blockers

    Mark Duffy has written the Copyranter blog for 10 years and is a freelancing copywriter with 20-plus years of experience. His hockey wrist shot is better than yours. According to a recent worldwide survey, one in ten people downloaded an ad blocker in the last quarter of 2015. This trend has publishers scared shitless. Good.

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  • The viral video of a New Yorker snowboarding in the streets doubles as an (unpaid) Jeep ad

    When there’s several inches of snow, there’s opportunity for a viral video. That’s what Casey Neistat discovered when he posted a video of himself strapped into a snowboard and being dragged behind a Jeep Wrangler through the snow-swept Manhattan streets on Saturday. Wearing a bright red jacket — appropriately embossed with a YouTube logo — the two-minute video quickly went ...

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  • Twitter is hoping users retweet ads with new ad format

    Twitter is continuing to beef up its advertising offerings with a new interactive format. The ads, debuting today, are called “conversational ads,” and they combine video, polls, hashtags and the ability for people to retweet it with a customized message. In a statement, Twitter said the new format makes it “even easier for consumers to engage with and then spread a brand’s ca ...

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  • Brave, an ad-banishing browser, aims to block the Internet’s ‘greed and ugliness’

    A Web browser that zaps ads only to replace them with more ads sounds counterproductive, but not to Mozilla co-founder and JavaScript creator Brendan Eich. He’s built Brave, a new browser released in beta that “blocks all the greed and ugliness” on the Internet by automatically blocking slow-loading and privacy-invading ads by default and replaces them with approved ads.

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  • New categories added to the Digiday Content Marketing Awards

    The third annual Digiday Content Marketing Awards are open and accepting entries. This year, we have added nine new categories, bringing the total to 29. Meet the new categories Best Brand/Influencer Combination Brands are learning that they can’t always create and/or distribute their best content all on their own.

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  • Copyranter: Real-life ads are the best ads

    Mark Duffy has written the Copyranter blog for 10 years and is a freelancing copywriter with 20-plus years of experience. His hockey wrist shot is better than yours. Real life ads are actual events that become ads, accidentally — as opposed to the made-up ads created by creative professionals who fake-love your brand when really they hate your stupid brand and you, and the onl ...

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  • Twitter’s new pitch to brands: Turn everyday fan tweets into ads

    Twitter is developing an ad product that would put tweets from everyday users into brands’ campaigns on the platform. Twitter will offer a new service that makes the platform easier for advertisers to collect tweets related to their products and then promote the content in their Twitter ad campaigns, according to sources, through a new ad unit.

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  • Snapchat is looking at ad tech partners to prove its ads work

    Part of Snapchat’s appeal to users is that it allows their content to vanish — but that’s a liability as it seeks to build out a big ad business. The messaging app is telling advertisers that it will look to bridge that gap by developing measurement capabilities that tap data firms like Sizmek, Nielsen, Datalogix and Moat, ad sources said.

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  • With real-time ads, Google moves in on Twitter’s Super Bowl advantage

    Twitter is getting rushed on all sides this Super Bowl with rivals challenging its real-time, live marketing business — and now it has Google competing more aggressively for ad dollars during major events. Google announced this morning that it’s launched what it’s calling “real time ads,” which let advertisers serve video ads across YouTube and 2 million partner websites during big moments.

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  • The Guardian is now calling native ads ‘paid content’

    When it comes to its native advertising, The Guardian is finally calling a spade a spade. On Monday the Guardian announced some tweaks to how it labels both its native advertising and content that’s supported by sponsors. Content paid for and controlled by advertisers will now be labeled as “paid content” or “paid for by,” both of which are far more clear than the “brought to ...

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  • Pinterest is about to get into video advertising

    Pinterest is bringing true video ads to its platform, following rival social media sites into this lucrative part of the digital ad industry. According to agencies briefed, the platform plans to roll out a video ad unit, but it was unclear what exact format it would embrace. “Just like the evolution of other platforms, it makes sense for Pinterest to accommodate video,” said a ...

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  • How CBS is trying to get big-name advertisers into podcasts

    “Serial” may have put the podcasting format on the map, but getting the ad revenue to follow is another story. The CBS Local Digital Media launched its Play.It podcast network a year ago and has gotten brands including Dunkin’ Donuts and DraftKings to advertise on the network, which — like traditional radio — offers 30-second commercial spots, sponsored segments and live reads from the hosts.

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  • Agency vows to stop objectifying women with #WomenNotObjects campaign

    Can a two-and-a-half minute video eliminate decades of objectifying women in advertising? That’s the idea behind #WomenNotObjects, a new campaign from agency exec Madonna Badger. The video starts with a search of “objectification of women” on Google and turns up decades of sexism. The video goes on to shame several brands, like DirecTV, Dodge and Burger King, by having the wome ...

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  • How Vox is embracing programmatic advertising

    Vox Media was once as skeptical as any publisher to fully hand over its ad business to the uncertainties of programmatic advertising. Now, it has found a way to leverage the tools of automation while maintaining the control of direct selling — and preserve its high direct ad rates. It does this through private marketplaces and now programmatic guaranteed.

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  • Antique antlers and giant slingshots: The totems of advertising agencies

    Standing smack in the middle of Mother’s Manhattan office is a fire-engine red telephone booth — a nod to the agency’s London roots. A quick jog downtown, at Barbarian’s New York digs, a giant, white undulating “superdesk” courses through the space. Agencies are known, ideally, for the work they do.

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  • Affordable makeup brand Nyx is forging ahead with digital stores

    Nyx, an affordable makeup brand available at stores like CVS and Target (but not higher-end Sephora), opened its first storefront late last year, and five more locations are slated to follow in 2016. The stores, in addition to expanding on the product offerings that customers can find in the drugstore, are putting the digital experience front and center.

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  • Confessions of a former agency CEO: too much mediocrity in leadership

    Agency business models are being put through the ringer. In the latest installment of Digiday’s Confessions series, where we trade anonymity for honesty, we spoke to an exec who spent years as CEO for various holding company agencies about why having centralized control has strangled leadership at the individual shops. Here are excerpts, lightly edited.

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  • Vice-owned agency Carrot Creative has only 7 percent turnover

    Subscribe: iTunes | RSS | Ask any agency their biggest challenges, you’ll hear “talent” pretty quickly into their answers. That’s because agencies are beset with turnover rates of 30 percent or higher. Not so at Carrot Creative, the decade-old 150-person digital agency owned by Vice. It boasts just a 7 percent turnover rate, according to Mike Germano, CEO of Carrot, and the a ...

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  • Agencies enroll staffers in virtual reality crash courses

    Virtual reality is undoubtedly hot. The Oculus Rift went on pre-sale yesterday just as the who’s who of brand nerds converge at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. Strapping on a pair of goggles is the “swipe right” of 2016. Agencies, never known for sitting out the next cool thing, are scrambling to get staffers up to date, holding workshops, breaking out hea ...

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  • VivaKi’s Marco Bertozzi to lead Starcom MediaVest performance marketing

    Former VivaKi chief Marco Bertozzi has been tapped to unify Publicis Groupe-owned media agency Starcom MediaVest Group’s global performance marketing services into one practice. Bertozzi has been appointed to the newly created role of global CEO of Performance Marketing at SMG. In his new role, he is responsible for uniting the agency’s global social, search, content and perfo ...

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  • Why agencies should rethink the open-office plan

    Lindsey Kaufman was working at Havas in 2014 when the agency underwent a big renovation. A cubicle farm office set-up was torn up to make way for the major hallmark of a modern office: an open floor plan. And that’s when the distractions started. “I hated it,” said Kaufman, who has since quit to go freelance. (The floor plan didn’t have anything to do with it, she says.

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  • Confessions of a PR rep: ‘Agencies don’t care about diversity’

    At many brands and agencies, the PR people perform many roles, from controlling public access to executives to keeping huge egos in check and making sure goals are realistic. In the latest Digiday Confessions, we traded anonymity for honesty with a PR professional who said brands still have a lot to learn about being transparent and that all the diversity talk is a lie.

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  • Confessions of a junior copywriter: ‘Your ideas will get shat on’

    Every year, a new crop of bushy tailed 20-somethings make their first forays into the advertising business, hopeful and hungry. But when you decide to switch careers a bit later in life, the lane change — and the dues that must be paid — can seem awfully daunting. In our latest confession, we catch up with a junior copywriter, who made a mid-career switch to advertising.

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  • UK agencies are making diversity a priority

    While a lot of lip service has been paid to tackling the lack of diversity in the ad industry, evidence is building that U.K. agencies are starting to act. And this time, they want results: “We thought we couldn’t go to another talk where they say that diversity is a problem and not do anything about it,” Nadya Powell, managing director of ad agency Sunshine, told Digiday.

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  • ‘They’re the worst': Why agencies are trying to kick the PowerPoint habit

    Those who can’t, PowerPoint. That’s what they say at 100-person agency Work & Co., anyway. The agency recently banned PowerPoints (and Keynotes, and Prezis), or as every agency staffer inevitably calls them “decks.” Said founder Gene Liebel: “They’re the worst.” For Work & Co., banning Powerpoint presentations was necessary because the person holding the remote or con ...

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  • ‘One big cultural village': An inside look at Dutch creativity

    This is Global Creative, a series by Digiday that highlights the nuances of advertising scenes in different parts of the world through the eyes of a local creative. The Netherlands is home to some of the biggest global brands including KLM, Unilever and Heineken — and a thriving global ad creative scene, with outposts of agencies including Wieden + Kennedy, 180 and DDB.

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  • Why Purple Clover is aiming at an often-ignored cohort, Boomers

    At a time when all the advertiser dollars seem to be going to the millennial demographic, it might seem crazy for a publisher to go in the opposite direction. But that’s just what Purple Clover is doing. The 3-year-old site calls itself The Cool Online Destination for People Over 50, and when many news startups are squarely addressed at people born after 1980, Purple Clover un ...

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  • Now you can rent a ‘Netflix and Chill’ themed room on Airbnb

    “Netflix and Chill” has gone from an Internet meme to a real-life money making experience. A posting on Airbnb popped up yesterday advertising a 1-bedroom apartment in Manhattan decked out in Netflix-themed bedspread, an HD projector connected to the streaming service and a full bar available to rent for $400 a night, or roughly the price of 40 months worth of subscriptions.

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  • Lip balm brand EOS is being sued for alleged severe skin reactions, deceptive marketing

    EOS, the maker of the recognizable bulb-shaped lip balms, is being sued for causing blistering and other harsh reactions. Rachael Cronin, the customer who filed the class action lawsuit, claims the lip balm caused her lips to suffer from “severe rashes, dryness, bleeding, blistering, cracking and loss of pigmentation” that lasted for days and even months, according to the laws ...

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  • Now Amazon is refunding people who bought hoverboards

    Has your hoverboard suddenly engulfed itself in flames? Well, Amazon is offering refunds. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced today that the online retailer is “erring on the side of caution” and has “voluntarily” stepped up to offer unhappy Amazon customers their money back. “As encouraged as I am by Amazon’s actions, I expect other retailers and manufactur ...

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  • Anatomy of a comeback: How McDonald’s got its groove back

    Don’t count out the clown. After its same-store sales in November 2014 declined to their lowest in the U.S. in more than a decade — McDonald’s reclaimed lost ground last fall, with U.S. sales increasing for the first time since 2013. Over the past year, McDonald’s has made several changes in order to provide better customer service and embrace long-term sustainable operations ...

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  • Digiday is hiring. Come work with us.

    Digiday is hiring for a variety of positions across sales, events, editorial and design. We are a small company but have large aspirations, so we’re looking for people with experience to share and the desire to get involved in many different projects. Learn more about the opportunities and responsibilities of each role below, and apply directly. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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  • Valspar wins Best in Show at the Digiday Video Awards gala

    Valspar, the paint and coatings company, was the big winner at tonight’s Digiday Video Awards. Valspar won Best in Show as well as Best Brand Video for its series about people living with colorblindness, “Color For All,” with EnChroma, a maker of color blindness-correcting glasses. The awards were handed out at B.B.

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  • Introducing Digiday Careers, a new kind of job community

    Digiday has posted jobs from other companies in one way, shape or form since 2010. This relaunch has been a marathon rather than a sprint. We started with tinkering with how the careers board looked by launching a new design in June 2014. In June 2015, we decided to really invest time and manpower in our careers section by hiring a product manager to take ownership of the care ...

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  • Tune in to the Digiday Retail Summit live stream

    The Digiday Retail Summit will be live streamed today starting at 6:45 pm EST. Brands and retailers are convening in Laguna Beach, Calif., Jan. 25-27, to discuss how the physical store and the digital world are converging to adapt to customer expectations. Today’s sessions include: The emotions of packaging, online and in stores with Nielsen’s chief neuroscientist Dr.

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  • Meet TV Land, SunPower and Caesars at the Digiday Content Marketing Summit

    The Digiday Content Marketing Summit, taking place from Feb. 10-12 in Austin, Texas, is a forum for brands to discuss the ingredients of a successful content marketing strategy, from hiring the right people to building a technology stack to automate the process. Sessions will include: Kristen Mirek, vp, multi-platform development & marketing at TV Land @ Viacom, on buil ...

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  • Parody site ClickHole isn’t aping BuzzFeed’s distributed strategy

    While the viral publishers it routinely lampoons are wholeheartedly embracing the distributed content model, The Onion’s ClickHole still wants people to come watch video on its website. Since its June 2014 launch, ClickHole has been doing video. The general aim is to do one new video per day. The videos, most of which have clickbait-style titles like “You’ll Never Believe How ...

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  • Fitness app Runkeeper wants to be a retailer

    Running-gear brands like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour are now in the app game, so it’s fair play that tracking app Runkeeper is moving into apparel. The freemium model app, which claims 40 million users in its community, is now selling its own merchandise for the first time, starting with running tops.

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  • The Economist is targeting Asian readers on Line

    The Economist is adding another platform to its social channel distribution: Starting today it is rolling out stories to Japanese messaging app Line. While Facebook serves up content relevant to each user, and Twitter Moments is more breaking-news driven, Line will prioritize more visually compelling and evergreen content.

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  • Inside Vimeo’s artsy approach to branded content

    For over a decade, Vimeo has been steadfast about not offering pre-rolls advertising, but that doesn’t mean it’s not willing to work with brands. The IAC-owned company, which is akin to YouTube for the artistic set, has an in-house branded content studio, which has worked with advertisers ranging from The Lincoln Motor Company to Samsung to create original videos and series.

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  • The Wall Street Journal plans three more vertical apps

    The Wall Street Journal’s taking a vertical approach to mobile apps. While the Journal has a main app for its content, the publisher is also making specific apps. For example, WSJ Live offers video content, What’s News is a daily digest of 10 stories a day, and City, the London-focused finance and markets app, is aimed at its 1.5 million U.K. readers.

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  • Why CNN, of all places, is asking for love stories

    With Valentine’s Day approaching, CNN is focusing on something that typically isn’t in its purview: love. CNN’s digital side has created Love Story, a “social-first storytelling project” that’s asking people to call a phone number and record their love story, whether it’s about the one that got away or the moment they knew they were in love.

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  • Hasbro leaves out main Star Wars character in Monopoly, leaving fans asking #WheresRey

    Hasbro is feeling the force of what an army of angry Star Wars fans feels like. Tapping into the marketing mania that surrounding the film, Hasbro released a Monopoly version of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” except there was one problem: Rey was missing. A figurine version of the character, played by actress Daisy Ridley, isn’t included.

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  • ‘How to make a man bun': Inside Asos’ social video strategy

    You’d think the most popular video on online fashion retailer Asos’ YouTube channel was about how to wear capes, this winter’s hottest clothing item. But it was actually about man buns. With over 562,000 views, its YouTube tutorial “How to make a man bun” was the most popular video in 2015. It’s part of the brand’s strategy of prioritizing lifestyle content over product — and ...

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  • ‘There’s been a mindset change': Legacy publishers are catching up

    Digital-native publishers like to crow about how being born on the Web gives them an advantage over their slower legacy counterparts. But when it comes to audience growth, many of those older brands have adopted the dark arts of audience development, which they’re using to speed up their own growth. Several legacy publishers have seen big traffic gains over the past year.

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  • Bauer Media UK looks to expand online audience log-ins

    Bauer Media UK wants to build on the success it has had with its logged-in user strategy for Absolute Radio, so it is mulling the possibility of introducing the method across more of its brands. Absolute Radio, which was acquired by Bauer in 2013, currently has an online registration process in which listeners who provide extra information like age, gender, email and location ...

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  • How auto brands are finally getting millennials to buy cars

    Millennials may be known for preferring Uber to Ford, but new data suggests that the generation may finally be ready to hit the lot. Automakers hit record sales in the U.S. last year, and one in four new cars was bought by a millennial, according to market research firm J.D. Power. With the number of millennial car buyers only set to grow — it is the most populous generation in the U.S.

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  • Periscope broadcasts will soon autoplay on Twitter

    Brace yourselves: Even more autoplay videos are coming to your Twitter timeline. Starting in the next few days, broadcasts from Periscope will automatically play within tweets as Twitter tries to expand the appeal of its livestreaming app. People can watch a stream on Twitter and use Periscope’s hearts (a.k.a. liking a video) and see comments if they double-tapped to full screen.

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  • TD Bank establishes innovation hubs to tinker with new tech — and spur new thinking

    Brands are building innovation centers to connect with startups (and to give themselves a hipper sheen). TD Bank has opened three innovation centers — the latest one just opened last week — where it experiments with prototyping, new technologies and a startup-like culture. The newest center, which opened in downtown Toronto last week, is housed in the Toronto Innovation Center ...

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  • Barneys and Givenchy launched a fashion week collection on Instagram

    Barneys New York celebrated Paris Fashion Week Men’s by posting some racy Instagram art on Thursday night. The department store’s menswear account @Barneysman, which has 71,000 Instagram followers (the main account has 871,000), partnered with Creative Partners artist Doug Abraham for “Seeing Stars,” an Instagram-only look book featuring Givenchy’s menswear collection.

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  • Target collaborates with SoulCycle for a line of basic clothing, free classes

    Target is putting a lot of sweat into getting back that old the “Tar-zhay” magic. The beleaguered big box brand announced today that it’s collaborating with SoulCycle, the high-flying (er, spinning?) fitness company with a line of dual-branded clothing, wellness shops within some of its stores and free spinning classes in 10 cities.

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  • Verizon’s pumping big money into video service Go90 to beat the odds

    It’s pretty much impossible to out-YouTube YouTube, but Verizon might have a shot at developing a foothold in digital video with its three-month-old streaming service Go90. So far, Go90 is only a mobile app. It has been downloaded 2 million times. Verizon has broad ambitions for Go90. The goal is to build Go90 into a mass-market streaming service that offers a variety of conte ...

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  • How Into the Gloss used Instagram and blog comments for new product ideas

    For beauty brand Glossier, Instagram and blog comments aren’t cringeworthy fodder to be ignored. Instead, they served a surprisingly real purpose within the company when the team collected them to create its first face wash, the Milky Jelly Cleanser, launched on Monday. Founded by beauty blogger Emily Weiss, Glossier is closely tied to Into the Gloss, Weiss’s blog that inspire ...

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  • LinkedIn is once again driving big traffic to publishers

    LinkedIn giveth and LinkedIn taketh away. Now, LinkedIn giveth back again. The social network has had a schizophrenic relationship with publishers. At one point, it was a small but reliable referral source, then it turned off the traffic hose. Now, LinkedIn is getting back in publishers’ good graces by significantly ramping up the amount of traffic it sends out.

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