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  • How social connected the dots to Maxus Global’s TV targets

    David Gaines, chief planning officer at Maxus Global, was elbows-deep in a campaign with a seemingly straightforward objective: Selling a car to women. And, when it comes to television programmed for that particular 50 percent of the population, TV buyers are spoiled for choice. But then this is the digital age and a deeper insight was needed.

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  • ‘Dunk in the dark’ is over: Why crouch and pounce social strategies distract brands

    by Scott Brandt, chief marketing officer, Sprout Social When it comes to social media, too many brands are embracing the “media” side of the equation and forgetting the “social.” Of course there’s glamour and acclaim to be had in putting on a good show on social media, but the real opportunity here is in the conversation brands are able to have with their customers on the regular.

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  • With help from the internet of things, programmatic delivers a unified customer view

    by Bruce Falck, CEO, Turn In 2013, a survey of 1,000 CMOs showed that 76% agreed that the title had changed more in the previous two years than in the preceding 50. If you ask those same executives about the next two years, I bet that most would say they just went through another half-century’s worth of upheavals. That’s because in technology, change doesn’t happen incrementally.

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  • Why ad tech needs to wake up before Facebook and Snapchat own vertical video

    by Tom Herman, CEO of DashBid. Premium publishers are finally tailoring their videos to match the way people actually consume media on their phones – vertically. However, vertical ad formats are still lagging behind. The Washington Post is not only creating video news stories and documentaries optimized for vertical viewing, it has also launched its own vertical video player.

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  • Your TV buying will be automated. Resistance is futile, and that’s ok

    It’s April, and spring is right around the corner, which means that so are the Upfronts. Programmatic TV will be a major discussion topic this year. Both NBCU and Fox announced programmatic TV offerings over the past few weeks, with more news likely to come. Furthermore, these announcements are quite different from prior ones that focused on just advanced data for television; t ...

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  • 10 things you can do to up your conversion rate right now

    You can’t improve conversion rates with gut instincts, no matter how experienced, robust or impressive your gut may be. Fortunately, we’ve made guesswork obsolete. It’s time to start convincing more people to opt-in and stick around with ten techniques you can put to work today–like, right now. ...

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  • Inside the Live gold rush: Tastemade plans to do 100 Facebook Live shows every month

    Tastemade isn’t just experimenting with Facebook Live, it’s going all in. The digital food and travel publisher, already one of the biggest video publishers on Facebook, plans to do 100 live shows a month on the platform. Show formats will include recipe tutorials, cooking programs with on-camera talent, travel shows and other new formats designed specifically to be watched in ...

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  • ‘132 people on a call’: Marketers share their conference call nightmares

    At the Digiday Brand Summit this week in Key Biscayne, we asked a room of brand-side marketing executives how they communicated internally. “Conference calls” was the unanimous answer. Indeed, for brands, conference calls are a fact of life. Ivonne Kinser, head of digital at Avocados from Mexico, said that she’s tried hard to move away from conference calls in favor of one-on- ...

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  • 27 percent of UK users expected to block ads by 2017

    Ad blocking isn’t going anywhere in the U.K. By 2017, over a quarter (27 percent) of Brits will be blocking ads — 14.7 million people — across desktop and mobile, according to eMarketer’s first U.K. forecasts on the trend, released today. Although those figures include mobile, that’s not where the crisis is.

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  • A UK auto publisher’s pageviews fell by 16 percent in a Facebook Instant Articles test

    As Facebook rolls out Instant Articles to all publishers, those who have been testing the feature for close to a year say it’s still too soon to discuss whether it’s working. Still, there are some, Car Throttle in particular, that have seen some alarming drops in pageviews. In an admittedly short test, Car Throttle ran all its content for one week on Instant Articles in early ...

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  • HP unveils 18-karat gold, diamond-encrusted notebook — for charity

    Hewlett Packard’s latest launch stunt marries fine art to high tech for a social cause — one of a number of recent initiatives in the digital world to collaborate with artists and build creative cachet. The tech giant recently teamed up with influencer marketing company Collectively to tap prominent LA-based fine jewelry designer Jess Hannah to design a one-of-a-kind custom no ...

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  • UK local press band together for programmatic

    Media companies, notably at the local level, are deeply competitive. So it stands as something of an oddity that the publisher co-operative has gained traction in the U.K. and Europe. The reason for their resilience — even when co-operatives don’t work out for everyone involved — is simple: Sometimes it’s easier to grow when you have a little help.

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  • How Le Figaro got 20 percent of its ad blocking readers to whitelist the site

    French daily newspaper Le Figaro will extend its ad blocker ban after being encouraged by the initial results of its weeklong trial, in which 20 percent of ad blocker users switched off their blockers. The second-largest newspaper in France after Le Parisien, Le Figaro was one of several major French publishers to run a trial ad blocker ban last month.

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  • The UK digital ad market is holding up to challenges

    The U.K. advertising market seems to have had a fairly resilient 2015 in terms of ad spend, despite weathering some difficult market challenges: ad blocking and rising consumer privacy fears chief among them. Digital ad spend grew 16.4 percent year on year to £8.6 billion ($12.2 billion) in 2015, predominantly driven by (surprise!) mobile, which accounted for almost 80 percent ...

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  • Forget the RFP. Why 2016 is the year of automated guaranteed

    by Tom Peacock, Group Commercial Director, Adslot 2016 seems to be the year that automated guaranteed (AG) is finally entering the industry’s consciousness in a tangible way. Major trading desks have announced their ambitions in this area, in some instances publicly stating that they see it as a central part of their future offering.

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  • 4 top execs on what brands should be doing to get ahead in 2016

    This is a scary time to be a brand. From content studios to the growing influence of hyper-speed video production to social listening, the digital marketing landscape has never been evolving more rapidly. At the Digiday Brand Summit, taking place next week in Key Biscayne, the brightest minds in the business will convene to discuss the nuts and bolts of what it takes to build a ...

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  • NBA will sell ads on players’ jerseys in 2017

    Perhaps the “B” in NBA should stand for brands, not basketball. The league approved today a three-year test program that lets team sell advertisements on basketball jerseys. Starting in 2017, NBA teams can sell brands a tiny 2.5-by-2.5 inch space under the player’s left shoulder. While it’s a small space, it has the potential to bring in big revenue for the NBA.

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  • Report: Programmatic ad spending surpasses $22 billion

    Programmatic advertising is still growing in popularity, although at a decreasing pace. More than two-thirds of digital display advertising will be bought using the technology, according to a new report from eMarketer, which forecasts programmatic spending to surpass $22 billion this year. That’s a whopping 40 percent increase over last year.

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  • Viral site LittleThings is building a $50 million ad business largely from programmatic

    Most publishers would like to minimize their dependence on programmatic advertising. After all, it still tends not to be as lucrative as direct-sold advertising, which has the added benefit of giving a site a premium sheen. LittleThings is a 2-year-old viral site based on inspirational, feel-good stories like Earth Day Cupcakes Are The Perfect Way To Celebrate Mother Nature th ...

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  • 3 Musketeens: Can a candy bar make its own YouTube stars?

    It’s been a while since 3 Musketeers chocolate had a marketing campaign; there’s a whole new generation that hardly knows the classic brand. The nougat-y candy bar, named for Alexandre Dumas’ 18th-century French guardsmen with feathery hats, doesn’t exactly scream teen culture. That’s why Mars has had to rethink the brand to introduce it to Gen Z, the age group even younger than millennials.

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  • YouTube fires a shot across Facebook’s bow with live 360

    YouTube beat Facebook to the live 360-degree video market. YouTube announced today that it would start allowing content creators to stream the virtual reality-style videos in real time, taking viewers right into concerts like Coachella. “Today’s kids dreaming of going to a basketball game or a concert can access those experiences firsthand, even if they’re far away from the court.

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  • 5 charts that break down the e-commerce landscape today

    With the rise of e-commerce come associated challenges: Retailers must not only increase customer engagement but also drive sales in a highly competitive online environment. Data — historical and real-time — is key. And there’s never been more of it to go around. The problem is that most retailers aren’t using it right.

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  • ‘It’s about scale’: How 5 brands are using Facebook Live

    Publishers were quick to jump on Facebook Live when it launched in December, but brands, being brands, have taken more of a wait-and-see approach. Despite a timid start, a number of them — from The Metropolitan Museum of Art to Benefit Cosmetics — have begun playing with the social network’s live offering recently, streaming everything from tours to red-carpet sneak peeks and celebrity takeovers.

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  • Get to know the top 5 stars of live-streaming platform YouNow

    Hailey Knox live streams herself singing both original compositions as well as some of her favorite popular songs at least twice a week. Frank Giola often dishes out funny yet touching advice to young adults in his live broadcasts. Zach Clayton pulls pranks and executes dares on a weekly basis, earning him hundreds of gifts and handwritten — handwritten! — letters to his P.O. box.

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  • The two sides of social: Broadcast vs. customer care

    2016 looks to be a game-changing year for social, on the heels of tremendous growth in 2015— the kind of growth that requires numbers to fully wrap your head around. For example: In 2015, social media users rose by 176 million Facebook now adds a new user profile approximately every six seconds WhatsApp gained 300 million u ...

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  • USA Today’s on track for 84 million podcast downloads this year

    As much as the USA Today Network is into social video and virtual reality, it digs podcasts, too. The media network, which includes the flagship USA Today publication as well as 92 local newspapers, said its 22 podcasts generated 52.3 million downloads or streams in 2015. This year, its podcasts are averaging 7 million listens per month, putting it on track to score 84 million ...

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  • ‘Burn the boats’: About.com begins unbundling, starting with health

    About.com came of age — and thrived — in the time of portals. But as big one-stop-shop sites lose relevance, it’s embracing the power of focus in verticals in categories like health, home and finance. It’s begun unbundling the About portal, starting with a health vertical site called Verywell, with plans to roll out a couple more new verticals by the end of the year.

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  • The Home Depot: Don’t buy into your own BS

    Go to The Home Depot and you’ll find yourself in a vast building full of tall shelves featuring hundreds of widgets, gadgets and geegaws. It can be overwhelming for anyone just looking to buy a stud finder. Look for it on the the company’s app, though, and you’ll find an interactive map that’ll lead you right to the product.

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  • With sales on the rocks, Absolut plans to spend more on mobile and social

    While whiskeys are booming — sales were up 8 percent last year, according to Distilled Spirits Council — vodka sales were flat. Absolut, in particular, saw a 5 percent sales decline in its biggest market, the U.S., its 2014-2015 annual report shows. Now, Absolut is boosting marketing to combat this spend, with an eye on the twin forces of mobile and social.

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  • ‘Absolute necessity’: Frame brings its luxury denim into the e-commerce era

    Shoppers who want to mimic the looks of Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift can now hop online to purchase the latest denim offerings by Frame Denim, courtesy of the company’s new e-commerce efforts. Frame, a denim and ready-to-wear company based in Los Angeles, announced the launch of an e-commerce site, in addition to opening its first brick-and-mortar store on Melrose Place, with ...

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  • Jaguar positions itself as ‘accessible luxury brand’

    This week, Jaguar debuted its “New Generation of Jaguar” campaign designed to promote the carmaker’s new XE compact luxury sedan and F-PACE performance SUV, available this spring. With the campaign spanning TV, display ads, paid social, programmatic and native ads, Jaguar is swerving from its longstanding image as a maker of cars affordable by the few. “The No.

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  • Recycling PSA campaign brings live streaming to billboards across the US

    Don’t be too surprised if you catch Alanis Morissette or Bill Maher taking a peek at you from a billboard as you zoom by on the highway today. The two are among a group of celebrities and brands participating in a PSA campaign by non-profit Recycle Across America, which will stream their photo shoot from Los Angeles on 500 digital billboards across the U.S. today.

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  • Makeup for all: Why MAC Cosmetics is funding a documentary on the transgender community

    MAC wants to drive a little social change along with its lipstick sales. The makeup giant is developing a video series that offers viewers a peek into the lives of transgender and nonconforming individuals, due out this June. The series is being directed by Silas Howard — who has directed episodes of acclaimed Amazon series “Transparent” and is a member of the trans community ...

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  • Mais, non! French publishers find tougher tactics actually work with ad-block users

    In the battle against ad blocking, more evidence emerges for publishers that the tougher approach gains better results. During a weeklong test by a collective of publishers in France last month against ad blocking, publishers took various approaches to combating ad blocking, ranging from blocking users altogether to imploring them to turn off their blockers.

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  • Is blocking ad blockers really illegal in Europe?

    Once again, media companies are at the receiving end of ad-blocking news this week: It seems that those publishers using scripts to detect whether people visiting their websites have ad blockers installed could be in breach of European Privacy Law. At least, that’s the case put forward by privacy campaigner Alexander Hanff, who said last week that he’d asked the European Commi ...

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  • New Gap Kids ad slammed for racial undertones

    Gap Kids is finding itself in a swirl of controversy for an ad that some on Twitter are saying projects a racist subtext. At first glance, the tweet sent Saturday, looks ordinary: Four girls from the children’s acrobatic group Le Petit Cirque pose for the brand’s Ellen Degeneres line of clothing, GapKids X ED, with the caption “meet the kids who are proving that girls can do anything.

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  • Sprint scraps ad that calls T-Mobile ‘ghetto’

    Sprint has long been in a heated battle with its competitors, like AT&T and T-Mobile, for customer’s cash, but now people are saying the company took its hits to a new low. In a new ad, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure plays a game of word association with a group people (“not actors,” it says at the start) asking them what they think of its competitors.

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  • How the Financial Times uses reader insight to evolve its native ad offering

    Six months since its creation, the FT’s content marketing unit, FT Squared, is giving paid posts a new look. The FT’s branded content unit has been improving, since the first paid post it ran in October, the publisher is seeing the time spent on these posts increase by 123 percent (although it wouldn’t disclose what the actual time was). And engagement is rivalling that on its editorial pieces.

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  • Tough sell: Why publisher ‘turn-off-your-ad-blocker’ messages are so polite

    For many publishers, ad blocking is outright theft — and they’re mad about it. But when it comes to explaining to ad-block software users the bargain of free content (it’s free because it comes with ads), they typically tip-toe around the issue, relying, in essence, on “pretty please turn off that ad blocker, if you don’t mind” rather than something more, well, direct.

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  • The changes the ad industry expects if Verizon buys Yahoo

    Yahoo has about 40 companies looking over its assets, seeing what it’s got that might be of any value for a sale that is all but inevitable at this point. The main frontrunner is Verizon, the company that has already bought AOL last June for $4.4 billion to give it a digital advertising and technology core.

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  • WTF is dynamic allocation?

    Google’s biggest ad tech rivals, the companies that compete with the search giant serving ads to websites, have always feared it was too powerful. Its hold over so much buying and selling power in online advertising meant it could set the rules under which websites and advertisers would operate. Google has been accused of bundling ad tech services and other potentially monopolistic practices.

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  • The ghost in the machine: When ad-tech comes to life

    by Phil Schraeder, CFO and COO, GumGum All tech is not created equal. That’s why you need to forget what you think you know about in-image advertising and focus on the tech behind it. Technologists will break your brain with the details, but it really comes down to smarts. Smart tech means smart ads, so we let our tech speak for itself.

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  • AOL-owned live video app Kanvas looks for ad dollars with more event coverage

    AOL would like you to know that it, too, has a live-streaming app. And it’s rolling out live event coverage today in search of custom sponsorships. The app, Kanvas, looks like a mishmash of Periscope, Snapchat and Phhhoto (an app that lets users capture moving images). It was born a photo-editing app but jumped into the live-streaming fray last October, two months after it was acquired by AOL.

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  • Axe’s shower thoughts ad has angered Reddit

    Here’s a shower thought: Does anyone own shower thoughts? Axe body spray is being criticized on Reddit today because users there think the company has plagiarized their site, where there is an entire subreddit devoted to shower thoughts. Axe’s new campaign fittingly picks up the shower motif, and the first installment features this bit of wisdom: “If you’re criticized for bein ...

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  • Facebook is promising live-video publishers in-stream ad options

    When BuzzFeed went live on Facebook with an exploding watermelon trick, 800,000 viewers watched at one point. What it didn’t do was bring in a penny in advertising dollars. Now, a number of publishers say that Facebook is telling them the money will come. In fact, Facebook is considering testing commercials right in the live stream.

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  • With a new app, Covergirl places a bet on augmented reality for mass-market beauty

    Mass beauty brands face a problem in drugstore aisles. Every product in the brands’ arsenals are protected by plastic wrap, creating a look-but-don’t-touch experience for shoppers searching for a new lipstick, eyeshadow or foundation. To try out a product, customers have to make a purchase and hope for the best.

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  • Envelope, please: Twitter adds new button to share tweets privately

    Don’t be alarmed by the new envelope button on Twitter. Today, Twitter is rolling out a new Message option on its mobile app to make it easier to share tweets privately through Direct Message. Instead of holding down a tweet to prompt the “Send via Direct Message” tab to appear, the envelope button sits next to the heart button in every tweet.

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  • NYU takes admitted engineering students on a virtual tour of Mars

    For the Class of 2020 at New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering, not even the sky is the limit. The school is taking its latest crop of newly admitted students on a virtual tour of Mars. All 2,000 admitted students in the U.S. will receive a VR cardboard device, called Tandon Vision, along with their admission packets, accompanied by instructions for downloading a ...

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  • Publishers find Google’s AMP speeds up pages, but ads are still slow

    The mobile web is getting faster thanks to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages scheme, and it’s about to get faster still. AMP articles now appears within Google News, giving media companies another high-traffic channel for speedier content delivery. But publisher complaints about slow loading ads have yet to be resolved.

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  • Letgo’s new tool lets users make blockbuster ads to sell their junk

    Trying to get rid of that old leather jacket at the back of your closet? Dolph Lundgren will sell it for you. A new interactive feature on second-hand marketplace app letgo lets users instantly create and share customizable Hollywood-style commercials, seamlessly incorporating the item they’re selling with just a few clicks.

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  • Facebook’s video-piracy crackdown means ads are coming

    Facebook finally has a copyright management tool, launched last week, a critical step to making money off the 500 million people watching video on the platform every day. The rights manager product lets video content owners sniff out who is pirating their clips on Facebook, a common problem known as “freebooting.

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  • Facebook’s new image-recognition technology could be a data windfall for advertisers

    A Facebook photo is worth a thousand data points. The social network’s image-recognition tool, introduced this week as a way to read photos to blind people, has given marketers — they’re marketers, after all — ad targeting dreams dancing in their heads. Facebook’s service, called Automatic Alternative Text, was built to give blind people an audio breakdown of what’s in photos, ...

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  • Here’s how Pinterest is pitching advertisers

    Pinterest’s pitch to brands is getting more sophisticated, with targeting tools, fancier ads, and more robust e-commerce tie-ins. A pitch deck obtained by Digiday shows that the social media site, where people digitally scrapbook their IRL aspirations, is going after big-money brands with a full suite of ad offerings.

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  • City AM will let advertisers to publish directly to its site

    London business-focused newspaper City AM is launching a new native product, called City Talk, that’s designed to let advertisers to publish content directly to the site, using the same content management system and tools that its own editorial staff and contributors use. Starting next month advertisers will have their own log-ins for the site a la Forbes and soon Condé Nast.

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  • Menlook brings Instagram to television in its latest ads

    In an era when fashion brands and publications are flooding the zone with influencer posts on Instagram, one brand is taking the reverse approach and bringing Instagram into its traditional television spots. Menlook, a men’s lifestyle and e-commerce site based in Paris, is launching a television advertisement today composed entirely of Instagram photos shared by fashion influe ...

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  • L’Oréal goes for empowerment message with #lovemycolor campaign

    L’Oréal is looking to empower black women in its latest campaign #LoveMyColor, designed to help the relaunch of its Dark and Lovely Fade Resist, a hair color brand for black women. The online and social campaign, launched last week, consists of a microsite LoveMyColor.com and a branded video that features a number of black females defining their hair color with phrases like “l ...

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  • Digital agecy Fuel turns its portfolio into a gamified treasure hunt on Instagram

    Digital agency Fuel has gamed Instagram — literally — by turning its portfolio into a gamified treasure hunt on the platform. Fuel’s Instagram page looks and feels like a pinball machine, with 15 different images stitched together into one big picture. Six of these 15 image tabs are visual easter eggs, that users can click through to see the agency’s work and projects.

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  • Inside the startup that’s trying to make the vendor-client relationship smoother

    The vendor-client relationship is often murky. Vendors complain that agencies and brands often take undue advantage of them by asking them to pay for swag, breakfast sandwiches, or Christmas gifts. On the agency side, the complaints are that it’s hard to actually vet vendors before signing them. A new project by a bunch of marketing and agency-side employees is hoping to solve the disconnect.

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  • The rise of ‘micro-influencers’ on Instagram

    There’s such a thing as being too popular. It turns out that once a social media influencer reaches a critical mass of followers, audience engagement actually begins to decrease. A survey of 2 million social media influencers by tech company Markerly showed that for unpaid posts, Instagram influencers with fewer than 1,000 followers have a like rate of about 8 percent, while t ...

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  • Meet the men of PR: ‘It is a different world for us’

    It can get lonely for a guy in PR. One senior exec with more than 15 years experience has often found himself to be the only man in the room. He recalls one meeting in particular when, while waiting for things to get started, a female colleague gushed about Tory Burch. Others joined in. “I had no idea what in the world they were talking about,” he said.

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  • Copyranter: An imagined conversation from inside the McDonald’s tagline bunker

    McDonald’s just trademarked “The Simpler The Better” as a possible new tagline. The move was met with much confusion. Late in 2014, it trademarked “Lovin’ Beats Hatin’,” which was met with much derision. One can only imagine what these tagline meetings have been like. So let us imagine, shall we? Here’s an entirely made-up transcript of the latest conversation, probably held ...

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  • Take off your headphones: Agency offices go eerily quiet

    The strangest thing about walking into an agency these days is that you can hear a pin drop. The confluence of open-floor plans, rampant headphone use, and a generation of phone-averse millennials has created a workplace where silence, not noise, is the new normal. Ironically, the library-like environments can be traced, in no small part, to agencies latching onto trendy ideas ...

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  • Why British ad agencies fear leaving the European Union

    As the campaigning for the EU referendum gains momentum, ad executives are getting nervous. On June 23, the U.K. will vote on whether it will leave the European Union. The vote has a cute name — “Brexit,” a contraction of British Exit — but challenging implications. While Britain’s departure from the union would mean the trading of goods and the movement of people between the U.K.

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  • ‘I feel like my granddad with a VHS’: UK agency Gen Xers on Snapchat

    As clients’ desire to cozy up to the youthful Snapchat audience increases, agencies are mastering the platform with varying degrees of success. Clearly no longer just a channel for sexting, some are using it as a substitute to reality TV, while others are struggling to get past the impenetrably abstract user face. Here’s how five agency execs are using Snapchat at home and at work.

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  • Are these agency management practices causing the talent crisis?

    Break the agency performance barrier. A guide to the everyday management practices that sap talent, and the organization and support that can unleash it again. In 2001, several software developers created a set of methods known as Agile Software Development – now often referred to as agile – and started a bit of a revolution in the industry.

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  • With Facebook video, the aggregators are winning

    Glance at a list of the most popular Facebook video pages, and you’ll quickly come across media entities you’ve never heard of outdrawing marquee brands. Vlechten met Daan, Funk You, SoFlo Comedy, Fortafy Fans — publishers that boast a combined 2.2 billion views on Facebook last month. Vlechten met Daan bills itself as an “online magazine” focused on lifestyle topics, beauty and health.

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  • Inside Business Insider’s aggressive European expansion

    A lot has changed in the 18 months since Business Insider made its 2014 U.K. debut. The U.S.-based digital media company has seen its U.K. traffic grow from 2 million monthly uniques to more than 5 million monthly readers, according to comScore. It beefed up its London staff from 11 to 35 people and generated “triple-digit growth” in advertising revenue.

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  • How publishers are preparing for the Instagram algorithm

    Instagram’s new top-secret algorithm is soon to bring order to people’s news feeds based on engagement. The impending shift has publishers reconsidering how they post to the platform. The photo-sharing app has said it would order photos in feeds based on “the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting and the timeliness of the post.

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  • ‘We need to be alive and open’: The BBC approach to Snapchat Stories

    BBC News launched a Snapchat Story today, banking off a news story that doesn’t air until tomorrow. Both stories are tied to the an announcement that the country will be getting a new, high-tech £5 banknote later this year. On TV and online, the BBC will play the new banknote news straight. On Snapchat today, however, the BBC takes a more playful approach, examining how money ...

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  • Day in the Life: What Bloomberg Media’s creative ad director does

    With his background predominantly rooted in entertainment and having an eccentric haircut, Allan Wai doesn’t fit the traditional Bloomberg mold. But nine months after joining as Bloomberg Media’s first-ever creative director for global ad sales, he’s settling in just fine. Wai is in the midst of building an in-house creative agency that produces branded content for companies a ...

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  • How Instagram’s favorite beauty brand is also winning on Snapchat

    Anastasia Beverly Hills, a family-owned beauty company, is proof that when it comes to building a social media presence, small can be beautiful. Anastasia is not only the top beauty brand on Instagram but also the most active beauty brand on Snapchat. According to a new report from L2, California-based Anastasia represents 28 percent of the share of beauty brands’ snaps on th ...

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  • How Amazon could become the next big luxury fashion retailer

    Amazon is funneling resources into its fashion business, but to attract luxury brands to its platform, it’s going to have to undergo a major overhaul. The e-commerce company launched its fashion vertical, Amazon Fashion, in 2012 as a destination for customers shopping for apparel, shoes and accessories from designer names.

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  • Rimmel London to host Snapchat press conference with new brand ambassador, Cara Delevingne

    Cara Delevingne has established herself as a bonafide model-actress double threat, and now will continue to enhance her celebrity as a brand ambassador for Rimmel London. In tandem with the announcement, the cosmetics company will host a Snapchat press conference on April 15, in which Delevingne will answer user-submitted questions sent to the brand’s account with the hashtag #RimmelxCara.

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  • AMC Theaters is in damage control following news it might allow texting

    AMC Theaters is considering caving to millennials’ needs to constantly be on their phones and allowing texting in some of its theaters. In an interview with Variety, the chain’s CEO Adam Aron proposed the idea of incorporating “mobile-friendly” theaters at some of its locations, or breaking out a texting section to allow people to stare at their phone instead of the feature presentation.

    Digiday- 3 readers -
  • ‘Is this cool?’: How NBC uses social to amplify the NHL playoffs

    It’s three full hours before the puck drop between the New York Rangers and Pittsburgh Penguins for game four of their 2016 Stanley Cup Playoff matchup. But two NBC Sports staffers are huddled by the ice at Madison Square Garden, hashing out a new choose-your-own-adventure-style Facebook Live series that NBC Sports is launching as part of its coverage of the NHL playoffs.

    Digidayin How To's- 11 readers -
  • A J-pop band appears to hack into iPhone’s in a new vertically-shot music video

    Move over OK Go, a spunky Japanese girl group has officially made the coolest music video of the moment. For its new signal “Run and Run,” J-pop girl band Lyrical School produced a mesmerizing video, produced in a vertical format, to make it appear as though they’ve hacked into your iPhone. (And, yes, the video is iPhone-specific. Sorry, Android users.

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  • Introducing Digiday Live, our new podcast

    Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Publishers are going podcast crazy. We’re not immune. For the past 15 months, we’ve recorded a weekly interview series, the Digiday Podcast, which features leaders from the media and marketing industries. Now, we’re complementing the Digiday Podcast with Digiday Live, a compilation of the best sessions from the 18 summits we’ll put on this year.

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