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  • Mobile moments happen at the speed of light

    Mobile represents the largest–and potentially most powerful–opportunity to influence consumer behavior. Are you making the most of every meaningful marketing moment? Digital has surpassed TV as the consumer’s primary screen, with mobile usage leading the small screen race. Yet, mobile strategy is often an afterthought in brand planning, which is invariably desktop driven.

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  • How programmable will dominate the 2020 Olympics

    by Andrew Eifler, VP Product, Advertiser Technology Group, AppNexus Since the first modern Olympics played out in Athens in 1896, the Games have been a space for brands to compete against each other – via sponsorships, tie-ins and promotional messaging – in hopes of winning the attention of a global audience.

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  • How agencies are using search to take advantage of moment that matter

    In marketing, the moment a message is received is just as important as the message itself. Let’s say you’re trying to sell a new pair of shoes. The very best time to reach a customer is 30 seconds after they just walked into an extra deep slush puddle. In a world with perfect cartoon comic timing, this dampened schmoe might look up and spot a two-for one Payless ad on the side of a bus.

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  • How new ad formats are opening the door to new threats

    The nemesis of the office IT professional is no longer spam email. Today, it’s advertising. How did digital ads become the next biggest threat to web security? New formats like video and native pull together a ton of different assets to create a single user’s experience. Hitching a ride on any one of those assets is a simple feat for malicious code.

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  • Radio gets a second act with programmatic audio

    Radio audiences have declined, but audio is as popular as ever. Streaming music alone generated $2 billion in revenue last year, proving that there’s still demand for sound and opportunity for audio publishers. Delivery methods have changed, but thanks to streaming outlets and podcast publishers, demand for streaming audio grew by 92 percent in 2015 with more than 317 billion ...

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  • Inside The Trade Desk

    Located just a few blocks from the beach, The Trade Desk’s Ventura, California headquarters boasts extremely chill vibes for the hub of a company that spans continents. While it’s easy to understand why the nearby beach fosters such a relaxed environment, don’t let the surf atmosphere fool you. It’s no indication of The Trade Desk’s ambition.

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  • 2.2 billion views: How NBCU and BuzzFeed scored on Snapchat during Rio Olympics

    NBCUniversal decided to turn over the keys to its Snapchat account to BuzzFeed for the Olympics. The move seems to have paid off to the tune of 35 million viewers over two weeks. In April, the media giant announced a partnership with Snapchat, under which it would distribute Olympics-related content on the media and messaging app.

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  • How Channel 4 News grew its monthly Facebook video views to 200 million

    In the last year, U.K. broadcaster Channel 4 News has entirely stopped posting text and static photos to social media to focus almost exclusively on video. The move to video has paid off: Although half its Facebook posts were already video as of January last year, it netted a total of 5 million views for the month. Today that monthly number is over 200 million.

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  • Google, Facebook or Bing? Shopping ad benchmarks for Q4

    Q4, MOBILE, AND SHOPPING ADS—A WINNING COMBINATION There has been a steady overall increase in shopping ad spend over the past two years, with the bulk of ad spend and click activity happening during the Q4 holiday season. In this report, we highlight how monthly ad spend by ad type and device compare.

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  • R/GA leads the 2016 Digiday Awards with four nominations

    Digital agency R/GA leads the 2016 Digiday Awards with four nominations total. It is in the running for Best Branding Consumer Campaign for “‘Super’ Bowl” campaign for Jet.com, Best Product Launch for the Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phone, and Best Use of Mobile and Best Creative for Samsung’s “ANTIDiaRy” campaign to promote the release of Rihanna’s eighth studio album “ANTI.

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  • Day in the life of a 21-year-old CEO of an influencer marketing startup

    Timothy Armoo launched Fanbytes after witnessing his 15-year-old cousin buying a stash of hats, clothes and shoes, all inspired by British YouTuber KSI. A year after launching the platform that connects brands with social media influencers, Armoo, 21, already counts Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho, Disney and Adidas as clients, and the company is expected to pull in a seven-fi ...

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  • How fast-food chain Jack in the Box responds to 25,000 social mentions a month

    Responding to complaints about soggy fries or wrong burger orders may seem like a job from hell, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be painful when done the right way. That’s what fast-food restaurant Jack in the Box realized when it shut down all its customer care call centers, bringing customer service entirely online a year ago.

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  • Live streaming and 360-degree video: The BBC approach to Olympics coverage

    The Olympic Games kick off today, and the BBC will be there live, online and in 360 degrees. “A great live-streaming offer is what people expect. We need to optimize the experience around that,” said Neil Hall, head of product for BBC Sport. “We’ve redeveloped the BBC live proposition, so what the audience sees across devices loads much faster, and gives more choice across all platforms.

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  • How Bild is using VR and 360-degree video for breaking news

    Media companies continue to experiment with virtual reality and 360-degree video, but a tougher nut to crack is using it for breaking news. Bild is making it a priority. The Axel Springer tabloid took out a minority stake in American virtual reality startup Jaunt in September last year to beef up its expertise in this area.

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  • 4 things to know about Univision’s bid for Gawker

    It’s confirmed: Univision is the winning bidder for Gawker Media. The largest Spanish-language broadcaster is paying $135 million for the 14-year-old blog network, which co-founder Nick Denton was forced to put up for sale after it went bankrupt fighting a lawsuit against Hulk Hogan (legal name: Terry Bollea). Ziff Davis was the only other bidder.

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  • Inside the making of an Olympics meme that was viewed 45 million times

    If there was a meme Olympics, this might get the gold medal: The best part of Simone Biles’ routine. https://t.co/WTpK7D5zQG — Cycle (@bycycle) August 11, 2016 Media network Cycle’s clip showing U.S. gymnast Simone Biles starting a tumbling routine that takes her “all the way up” into outer space is one of the breakout memes of the Olympics.

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  • How Trinity Mirror raised its programmatic ad yields by 40 percent

    British publisher Trinity Mirror is among the more prolific programmatic traders with 40 percent (£30 million or $39.4 million) of its digital ad revenue made that way. But the publisher is not satisfied: It now wants to drive up programmatic yields across display, video and mobile, while retaining control of how it monetizes programmatically across platforms like Facebook and Google.

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  • The IOC gets aggressive on Rule 40 violations

    As the world hurdles into week two of the Olympics, it pays to remain mindful of ongoing Rule 40 crackdowns by the International Olympic Committee. Ian Schafer, CEO of digital agency Deep Focus, learned this the hard way when he became a target of the IOC’s ire this morning. The Olympic governing body disabled a tweet it claimed violated Rule 40 code, which is designed to prev ...

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  • Down but not out: 5 charts on the state of Gawker Media

    Gawker Media is being sold at auction after being hobbled by its expensive legal battle against Hulk Hogan, effectively ending its life as an independent company. All things considered, things could be worse for Gawker, though. It has pulled ahead in traffic and turned an operating profit in the second quarter of this year.

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  • Inside Diesel Black Gold’s fall campaign, in 5 Instagrams

    Andreas Melbostad took over as head designer for the Diesel Black Gold’s men’s and women’s collections in 2012, tasked for the past eight seasons with continuing to define Diesel Black Gold’s identity as a contemporary brand, separate from its founding company. In the latest ad campaign for the fall/winter collection, he brings the brand’s signature utilitarian aesthetic to the ...

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  • Inside the tech company powering 50 brands’ augmented reality apps

    With L’Oréal’s Makeup Genius app, curious drugstore beauty customers can try a bold smoky eye without making a purchase. Through Urban Decay’s Vice Lipstick app, the more adventurous can try on lipstick shades in Jawbreaker (a bright purple), Heroine (a dark blue) and Trick (a metallic gold) before buying.

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  • ‘I was invisible’: How agency ageism affects those 50-plus

    In 2008, John Greiner-Ferris was at work in a Boston-based agency when a coworker came around with a wagon of beer and Solo cups full of ice. The wagon stopped at every cubicle on the floor except his. Greiner-Ferris was 53. His co-workers were all under 27. “It was like a fraternity house,” he said. “I ran through all the reasons in my head why I was singled out. There could be a lot to it.

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  • How Bustle gets people to average 6 minutes on its app

    It’s a hard time for publisher apps. There was more evidence of that last week when The New York Times announced it would shut down NYT Now, after the 2-year-old app failed to take off as hoped. But other publishers aren’t throwing in the towel just yet. Women’s news and lifestyle site Bustle says it’s more than happy with the performance of its year-old app.

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  • With 8.6 million followers, Nike’s Jordan Brand is a slam dunk on Instagram

    Last week, the Michigan Wolverines became the first college football team to be outfitted by Nike’s Jordan Brand. The decision to unveil the new uniforms last Tuesday coincided with the launch of Instagram Stories, a feature that lets users post photos and videos that disappear 24 hours later — just like Snapchat.

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  • How Urban Outfitters is riding the ’90s nostalgia wave

    In 1996, R&B star Aaliyah became the face of Tommy Jeans. In her TV ads, she wore a red, white and blue bandeau top and baggy jeans that ran an oversized Tommy Hilfiger logo down one leg. The outfit came to define the brand’s massive ‘90s moment: Over the course of the decade, Tommy Hilfiger’s sporty denim collection was worn by Kate Moss on the runway, Snoop Dogg in his mu ...

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  • AKQA on search marketing in a post-browser future

    You open a browser, head to your favorite search engine, and fire off a query for the latest piece of trivia you need to know “right now.” The process has been second nature to even the least computer-literate users for over a decade. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t evolved. Machines have pushed at the boundaries of human understanding, and where great media technologies exten ...

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  • A slimmed-down Abrams Media embraces focus (and video)

    Digital publishing sometimes looks like an ecosystem where only the biggest can survive. But not everybody is doggedly chasing scale, so in a new series, we’re taking a look at a few digital publishers that have managed to thrive by embracing the middle. Last week, we examined Breaking Media. Next up: Abrams Media, a network of sites started in 2009 by Dan Abrams that includes ...

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  • French ban boosts ‘burkini’ sales across the globe

    There is nothing quite like a ban to boost sales. Companies say that sales of the full-body swimsuit popularly known as a burkini — a portmanteau of “burqa” and “bikini” — have spiked following a ban on the item at French beaches. Earlier this week a ...

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  • Back to our sponsor? Why publishers struggle to renew native advertising

    Sponsor content was supposed to be publishers’ ticket to digital sustainability. Turns out most of them are having a hard time getting advertisers to come back for seconds. Digital ad sales intelligence platform MediaRadar said the average renewal rate for sponsor content this year is 21 percent. Meanwhile, native ad tech company Polar recently described renewal rates as “weak ...

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  • As the summer heats up, shorts are the new normal at ad agencies

    DigitasLBi’s Community Service Day last week wasn’t just a day to volunteer to clean up a park or help out in a community kitchen. It was also a day to free the knees. On “Wear Shorts Day,” employees were encouraged to rock their favorite pair and post pictures with them on Instagram, with the best shorts promised a special prize.

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  • The Guardian starts selling time-based ad campaigns

    The Guardian is running its first digital ad campaign based on the amount of time people see the ads. Advertisers can now buy ads across the Guardian’s properties in guaranteed time slots of 10-, 15-, 20- or 30-second fragments, 100 percent in view. The Economist is the first client to buy the Guardian’s ads in this way and will be running a campaign until September.

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  • Why Net-a-Porter is going back to basics with its ad message

    Online luxury fashion retailer Net-a-Porter has figured out that its advertising campaigns should focus on, well, fashion. As brands from IHOP to MasterCard look to appeal to more customers and grow their businesses by becoming “lifestyle” brands, Net-a-Porter is refining its focus in its new campaign to its core product — fashi ...

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  • Happy hours and museum tours: How ad agencies are using Instagram Stories

    Agencies love to hop on to a fad, so it was perhaps inevitable that they would make their way to Instagram Stories. Barely three days after Instagram debuted its Snapchat-esque Stories feature, agencies of all shapes and sizes have jumped on the platform to show their creative prowess. They’re showcasing everything from happy hours to behind-the-scenes footage and even tutorials.

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  • What Facebook’s tough ad blocker stance means for users, publishers

    Publishers have been trying a variety of approaches to combat ad blocking, from the polite ask to the guilt trip to, occasionally, the hard line tack. Facebook, with its nearly 2 billion monthly active users, is on a whole different level than any one publisher. But it’s heavily reliant on advertising, so today Facebook announced it’s going to force people to see ads on its des ...

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  • Gatorade is running a Serena Williams Snapchat video game ad

    “Serena Match Point” level 2 Gatorade is pushing the boundaries of Snapchat with a video game ad tied to the U.S. Open. The old-school tennis game features 22 levels with each representing one of Serena Williams’ Grand Slam wins. Level 23 will unlock on September 10, the day of the Women’s Finals, should Williams win.

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  • Incisive Media reduced ad blockers by half after extending its ban to more titles

    Business publisher Incisive Media takes ad blocking seriously. The publisher, which has 21 sites, decided late last year to block access to its tech publications The Inquirer and V3, both of which had ad-block use rates of over 20 percent. The result: Within 48 hours, the number of page impressions ad-blocked dropped by 40 percent.

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  • September issue ads by the numbers

    Thousands of pages of September issues landed on newsstands this week with a thud. For brands and retailers advertising in the issue, it’s the fashion equivalent to the Super Bowl. But as readership of print magazines declines and online content and mobile apps jockey for attention along ...

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  • The worst ads from the biggest brands in the last three months alone

    Mark Duffy has written the Copyranter blog for 10 years and is a freelancing copywriter with 20-plus years of experience. His hockey wrist shot is better than yours. Ya’d think in 2016 that the supposedly smartest CMOs in the world would be able help produce, if not great ads, at least not complete garbage, wouldn’t ya? If so, ya’d be wrong.

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  • Lastminute.com bets on video to get advertisers spending

    Travel-booking site Lastminute.com, like many publishers, has the video bug. The booking site has started a video studio, headed up by ex-eBay exec Alessandra Di Lorenzo, Lastminute’s newly created chief commercial officer for advertising and partnerships. It’s the newest part of the company’s 40-strong media business unit, which opened last month.

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  • How the Financial Times balances advertising with subscription models

    In June at the Digiday Publishing Summit Japan, publishers gathered to discuss the challenges of international expansion and the audience growth opportunities afforded by platforms and apps. We have made the best sessions from that summit available on iTunes and Stitcher through Digiday Live, a podcast series from Digiday that features the best conversations and presentations ...

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  • CNN is going after Africa’s young, mobile audience — starting with Nigeria

    Busari (Credit: Twitter / CNN Africa) Nigeria is not only one of Africa’s most populous countries, but it also has one of the youngest populations on the continent. That’s why CNN International is focusing its efforts there, setting up its first digital bureau in Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos. Leading the operation is Nigerian native Stephanie Busari, who was hired six weeks ag ...

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  • The programmatic-creative divide persists

    If programmatic is from Mars, creative is from Venus. Despite the rise of programmatic advertising as a major way ads are bought and optimized, advertisers, agency execs and tech vendors grumble that little headway has been made in merging creative and programmatic, something that’s been talked about for years.

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  • Kevin Roberts and the conversation no one is actually having about agency diversity

    Over the weekend, Publicis head coach Kevin Roberts was put on a leave of absence after he made comments about women and gender diversity in the ad business that didn’t sit right with, well, anybody. In an interview with Business Insider, Roberts, who held a top management position inside the Paris-based holding company, said that the gender debate was “over” and that millenni ...

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  • ‘Aussies treat everything like a sport’: A look inside Australian creativity

    This is Global Creative, a series by Digiday that highlights the nuances of advertising scenes in different parts of the world through the eyes of a local creative. Resting on its own between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, Australia is a driving force of the global advertising market with big agencies setting up offices across Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

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  • Opinion: Ad agencies face a talent crisis worse than they realize

    Allison Kent-Smith is the founder of the digital technology and education company smith & beta Talent. It’s really all you have at your agency. The collective talent that walks in the doors each day — their skills, behaviors, and habits — equal your agency’s capabilities. Without great talent, agencies are just offices with nice furniture.

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  • Sled dogs and glacier climbing: Inside Alaskan agency Spawn

    Take everything you think you know about ad agencies and throw it out of the window: Spawn Ideas is the antithesis of all things Madison Avenue. The 40-year-old shop in Anchorage, Alaska, is a female-led, majority-female, employee-owned agency that prides itself on an outdoor-first approach. With clients including McDonald’s Alaska and Alaska Railroad, the agency attracts ad t ...

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  • ‘Cannibalism of Snapchat’: Agencies react to Instagram’s new live Events channel

    Inside the Explore tab, with video at the top Just a few weeks after rolling out its Snapchat-esque Stories feature, Instagram cloned another Snapchat tool by implementing a new live events video channel. The channel, called Events, will live under the Explore tab, where Instagram surfaces other accounts a user might want to follow.

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  • NikeID meets Pokemon characters for ‘PokeID’

    You may have caught them all by now, but have you got your Pokemon-inspired kicks yet? Gene Lu, a UX designer at agency R/GA Portland, has launched a project that crowdsources Pokemon shoe designs using NikeID. PokeID is a Tumblr that features designs of ...

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  • Inside the Agency: Grey London’s ideas factory

    Leo Rayman’s copy of “Creativity Inc,” the book by Pixar president Ed Catmull, is covered in marginalia. Like a student jotting down notes around the edges of his text, the newly appointed CEO of Grey London wants to master the formula of good ideas. According to him, they are as much about the process as the end product.

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  • Project Thumb Breaker: How one agency is pushing clients to edit video for Facebook

    While it might seem that Facebook video is eating the world, many brands aren’t yet prepared. According to research by BBDO, 84 percent of the top 100 brands by number of Facebook fans don’t optimize their ad creative for Facebook by making it vertical, using the correct aspect ratios and subtitling it for silent viewing. Where there’s a problem, there’s a business opportunity.

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  • The Digiday guide to the most creative summer agency internship projects

    As creative as they are, agency interns are not settling for a dull desk job this summer. Two interns at SapientNitro, for example, created an online game called “Get Shelved” to raise awareness around ugly food waste, while BBDO’s 74 interns created a microsite with a cookbook theme to introduce themselves.

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  • Best of the Week: Agencies face new competition from publishers and consultants

    The weekend is here. Time to put on your cargo shorts and read up on the best stories Digiday had on offer this week. Agencies have ageism issues and face new competition Ad agencies are known to face diversity woes, as evidenced by Publicis Groupe exec Kevin Roberts recent inane comments on women. But there’s also the issue of agencies being biased against older employees.

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  • Sign of the Times: The New York Times is buying an experiential agency

    For the second time this year, The New York Times is acquiring a marketing agency. It’s buying Fake Love, an agency that specializes in live experiences, virtual and augmented reality. The Times is trying to grow its revenue in part by offering more ad agency services, as it did by adding influencer marketing agency HelloSociety in March and now, Fake Love.

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  • Armed with analytics, publishers are already changing their Facebook Live strategies

    In the day since Facebook announced it was offering in-depth analytics on videos uploaded to its platform, publishers are already finding ways to tweak what they’re been posting. On Wednesday, Little Things shared a video of a dog playing in a sprinkler. The five-minute video piled up more than a quarter-million views, not bad for a live video from the social video giant.

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  • Brands are already using Instagram’s ‘contact’ button for customer service

    Denny’s, at your service. Most brands already use Instagram as a social and marketing tool. But now, they’ve started using it for customer service, too. Instagram has rolled out a “contact” button for businesses, letting customers reach out with their queries directly on the platform. Several brands — including Nordstrom, Benefit, Delta and Denny’s — have already jumped on board.

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  • Watch out, YouTube, Amazon’s driving subscription revenue for video creators

    One subscription to rule them all. That’s the idea behind Amazon’s Video Direct program, which allows publishers of all stripes to distribute content through the e-commerce giant’s video platform. Initially, though, the program is attracting mostly smaller, niche video publishers, which claim that the program is actually contributing to their bottom line — something that YouTub ...

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  • Inside City AM’s branded content revenue ambitions

    London daily newspaper City AM is carving a new revenue stream by letting advertisers publish directly to its site, and has signed its first client, Invest Edinburgh, in a six-month £60,000 ($80,000) deal. Invest Edinburgh published its first batch of articles on the site last week, some of which have equalled the publisher’s own traffic for editorial content.

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  • Pitch deck: Inside Google’s plans to give AMP pages more prominence in search results

    Google is working on an update to its fast mobile pages initiative, known as AMP or Google’s Instant Articles, that will surface breaking news and real-time alerts to the top of mobile search results. In a presentation Google has made to several publishers this summer, the company has outlined plans for a new “live ticker” section, which will be placed above the “top stories” ...

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  • Vogue Brazil Photoshop-amputates celebrities for Paralympics campaign

    With the release of a breathtakingly tone deaf campaign last night, Vogue Brazil appears to have had its good judgment amputated. In order to give visibility to Rio Paralympics, which kicks off in September, the fashion magazine used two soap opera stars — Cleo Pires and Paulo Vilhena — in its “We Are All Paralympians” campaign.

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  • Confessions of an analog man in a digital world

    Mark Duffy has written the Copyranter blog for 11 years and is a freelancing copywriter with 25-plus years of experience. His hockey wrist shot is better than yours. I turned 56 last week. I’ve written for Digiday — the leading source for all things digital and tech in advertising, marketing and publishing — for a year and a half. This is my 100 percent truthful confessional.

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  • Denny’s Facebook Live gambit: an animated talking pancake

    Denny’s is coming to Facebook Live to answer the question none of us were asking: What would a pancake say if it could talk? For its Facebook Live debut tomorrow, Denny’s will combine animation and voice synthesizing software to bring a pancake to life. The anthropomorphic pancake will respond to comments as they trickle in.

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  • How CNN juggles different mobile chat apps to cover the Olympics

    Masuma Ahuja’s feet may be on the ground in Rio de Janeiro, but she has to be in several places at once for CNN. As the social apps producer in charge of the news publisher’s Line, Kik and Facebook Messenger accounts, Ahuja isn’t just responsible for getting content onto these new platforms: She is also figuring out the next phase of CNN’s presence on them, trying to get people ...

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  • How The Dallas Morning News made a millennial-minded news app

    For years, newspapers have worried that future generations have less and less use for their product. The Dallas Morning News felt this acutely, and it’s been launching jaunty spinoff sites like Guide Live and SportsDay to appeal to young people. But the Morning News wanted to be part of their news diet, too, even as millennials increasingly get their news by way of Facebook.

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  • The Big Ten Network is looking beyond video with new mobile app

    The Big Ten Network is trying to lure its fans to its mobile app for more than just college football games on Saturday. The regional sports network, a joint venture between the Division I collegiate conference and 21st Century Fox’s Fox Entertainment Group, has launched a redesigned mobile app that takes a school-centric approach.

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  • Behind the rise and fall of the NYT Now app

    Thursday closed another chapter in the history of publisher apps. The New York Times shut its NYT Now mobile app, ending a two-year, heavily funded experiment to turn young readers into paying subscribers. The Times had created a breezily written app for iOS that delivered trimmed-down stories for $8 a month, half the price of the cheapest digital subscription.

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  • Battered in the US, IBT Media is expanding in Europe

    While IBT Media is slashing editorial staff in the U.S., it’s hiring up in Europe to expand its newsroom, open a branded content studio, and build out an events arm. The publisher made waves in the U.S. by axing three quarters of editorial staffers just a month ago — and then igniting their ire by neglecting to pay them.

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  • How Gimlet hopes to win the podcasting arms race

    Digital publishing can look like an ecosystem where only the biggest can survive. But not everybody is doggedly chasing scale, and we’re taking a look at a few digital publishers that have managed to thrive by embracing the middle. This week: Gimlet Media. Gimlet Media got off the ground in a very public way.

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  • Infiniti uses biometric armbands to measure enthusiasm levels for new models

    When luxury car fans visited Infiniti Pavilion at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance auto show in California last week, they got an armband that could transform their emotions toward the vehicles into different color lines on a 44-foot-long LED screen. The armbands were connected to different sensors that were installed on the cars and throughout the Infiniti Pavilion.

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  • How Brooklyn graffiti artist GucciGhost landed a role at luxury’s hottest brand

    Trevor Andrew, a Brooklyn graffiti artist known by the moniker GucciGhost, began spray painting versions of Gucci’s double-G logo on New York City ATMs, street corners, bathroom walls and dumpsters in the early 2010s. The designs resurfaced online on Andrew’s Instagram feed, his website, and in the background of his music videos (Andrew is also a DJ under yet another moniker, T ...

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  • Digiday Winner’s Circle: “The Ascent” by The Atlantic and Netflix

    Digiday’s awards honor the best work in marketing, video, content marketing, publishing and advertising. Winner’s Circle is a series that puts the spotlight on Digiday Awards winners: After the ceremony is over and all the champagne is gone, we ask each winner five questions about the campaign that won them their top honor.

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  • Rio’s athletes won’t let the emoji keyboard die

    With the Rio Olympics just days away, athletes are already competing for dominance in a different arena: your phone’s screen. There’s Michael Phelps’ PhelpsMoji app, released Thursday. For $0.99, users can use the 18-time gold medalist to express over 100 emotions, most related to pools, beards and trunks. U.S.

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  • How the Economist drives programmatic revenue through audience extensions

    The Economist isn’t a scale proposition. The bulk of its revenue comes from its paid subscriptions, 304,000 of which are digital, and 1.5 million print. Not having a mammoth audience means inventory has often been sold out four months out of 12, which has meant it’s too often had to do what would frustrate any publisher sales team: Turn away ad spend.

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  • Digiday Winner’s Circle: We Are Social and #OursToLose

    Digiday’s awards honor the best work in marketing, video, content marketing, publishing and advertising. Winner’s Circle is a series that puts the spotlight on Digiday Awards winners: After the ceremony is over and all the champagne is gone, we ask each winner five questions about the campaign that won them their top honor.

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  • Digiday Winner’s Circle: Buffalo Wild Wings’ ‘Subliminal Tweet’

    Digiday’s awards honor the best work in marketing, video, content marketing, publishing and advertising. Winner’s Circle is a new series that puts the spotlight on Digiday Awards winners: After the ceremony is over and all the champagne is gone, we ask each winner five questions about the campaign that won them their top honor. Sports and social media go together like wings and beer.

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  • Bringing Frank Zappa and Nora Ephron back to life: Blank on Blank

    Just when you may have thought you’d never get to hear Kurt Cobain discuss identity at length, or Nora Ephron riff on being a women in the 1970s, think again. Journalist David Gerlach, the founder of Quoted Studios, is unearthing archived audio interviews and breathing new life into them by creating short animated videos in partnership with PBS Digital Studios.

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  • There’s bad obnoxious copywriting — and then there’s great obnoxious copywriting

    Mark Duffy has written the Copyranter blog for 10 years and is a freelancing copywriter with 20-plus years of experience. His hockey wrist shot is better than yours. Earlier this week, Sprite confused the bejesus out of people in Ireland and on the internet worldwide with a lousy new campaign that insulted women like it was 1959. The campaign hashtag, #BrutallyRefreshing, is peculiarly stupid.

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