• Why Facebook is for ice buckets, Twitter is for Ferguson

    If you have checked your Facebook feed over the past week and a half, you have almost undoubtedly seen a friend participating in the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” the feel-good viral sensation aimed at raising awareness of and dollars for ALS research. If, however, you spent more of your time on Twitter, you were more likely to have received harrowing updates from Ferguson, Missouri ...

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  • Facebook’s traffic to top publishers fell 32 percent since January

    While Facebook makes headlines for cooking up new initiatives with publishers, the actual traffic it’s sending those publishers has fallen sharply. Referral traffic (desktop + mobile) to the top 30 Facebook publishers (as defined by their reliance on Facebook) plunged 32 percent from January to October, according to SimpleReach, a distribution analytics company.

    Lucia Moses/ Digidayin Social- 24 readers -
  • Why UX is the next battlefront in the war for agency talent

    A midsize Los Angeles agency recently hired a new user-experience designer at a $75,000 salary (plus benefits.) The rub? This new hire has no professional UX background at all — the entire sum total of his experience is a 10-week immersive course at General Assembly that costs just over $9,000. While just one anecdote, the story underscores the fact that the newest battlegro ...

    Shareen Pathak/ Digiday- 31 readers -
  • Screens, screens & more screens: How to master cross-device targeting

    Cross-device targeting is a game of whack-a-mole. Your targets will pop up. They’ll even linger a bit to give you an opening. But to take advantage, you’d better be ready to pounce in any direction. By 2019, over 70% of digital ad spending will be on mobile ads. But to spend wisely, marketers need to learn where their potential customers are likely to appear and how to app ...

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  • Download: 5 ways to sharpen your audience targeting

    We’ve all heard it. “The right message to the right person at the right time.” But when you think of all the tools and data on the belt of today’s digital marketer, actually putting this potential into practice can be daunting. So whether it’s connecting all of your ...

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  • What the cost of a Super Bowl ad can buy online

    This year’s Super Bowl will likely attract the largest audience and the most ad revenue in NFL history. NBC sold out all of its Super Bowl ad slots, which cost $4.5 million for 30 seconds of airtime (a record). And online gambling website Vegas Insider placed the over-under on the number of Super Bowl viewers at 113 million, which would be the largest audience in the history of U.S. television.

    John Mcdermott/ Digiday- 41 readers -
  • YouTube makes a move against brand-sponsored videos

    YouTube is putting down the clamps on video creators who work directly with brands, nudging them instead to rely on Google’s sales team for deals. YouTube has quietly amended its ad policies to block “graphical title cards” from sponsors aiming to promote their brands and products on YouTube channels, according to a revised FAQ document in YouTube’s help and support section.

    Eric Blattberg/ Digidayin Social- 54 readers -
  • Malware: What publishers need to know but are too afraid to ask

    Malware is more than just a catchy portmanteau of “malicious software.” These programs, plug-ins and pieces of code are designed to damage, disable and take over computers and networks. Malware is a global scourge that costs businesses an estimated $114 billion annually. To protect their users — and their own brands — publishers must prevent malwa ...

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  • Publishers are hiring Snapchat specialists

    Snapchat’s real benefits to publishers remain unproven, but some have seen enough potential upsides to hire teams of specialists to figure out content strategies on the platform. CNN, for one, has nine people working on various social platforms, but Snapchat is the only one that has its own team, consisting of one design and two edit staffers. Daily Mail has eight.

    Lucia Moses/ Digiday- 26 readers -
  • The Digiday list: What’s in and what’s out for 2015

    Grab an ice bucket and load up the podcast machine — it’s the end of the year and we’re in a list-makin’ mood. But first, a moment to pause and reflect. This is a piece of “content” generated by a “newsroom,” after all. Digiday is a publisher but it is also a brand. You, too, are a brand. If everything is a brand, then everything is also a native ad for itself.

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  • Yahoo Mail is blocking ad-block users from accessing their email

    Yahoo Mail is purportedly locking out people who use ad-blockers. According to a post on Adblock Plus’ message boards, a Yahoo user noticed the issue on Google Chrome when trying to access email this morning, posting this screenshot: “Yeah, whatever Yahoo,” the person mused, adding that two other people noticed the issue, too.

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