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  • .cloud gets 500 sunrise regs

    Aruba, the .cloud gTLD registry, said it received 500 applications during its sunrise phase, which closed this afternoon. While low by pre-2012 standards, it’s a relatively respectable performance for a new gTLD, where sunrises periods consistently result in double-digit registrations. It’s almost certainly in the top 10 for 2012-round gTLDs.

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  • Kinderis calls on industry to cut the bullshit

    Domain Name Association chair Adrian Kinderis has called for the industry to “grow up”. The former ARI CEO, now Neustar veep, said Monday it’s time for the industry to kick out the handful of bad actors that ruin its reputation, and to quit the “bullshit bickering” about which TLDs are best. “For far too long this industry has turned a blind eye to the less than scrupulous ac ...

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  • GoDaddy launches mobile app for investors

    GoDaddy has launched a new mobile device app specifically for domain investors. GoDaddy Investor, as it is called, will enable domainers to monitor watch-lists of expiring domains, as well as bid in and track auctions, the company said. Authentication is handled via a special PIN system or, on iOS, Apple’s TouchID.

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  • M+M acquires .boston from Boston Globe

    Minds + Machines has added .boston to its stable of geo-gTLDs, buying the contract from the publisher of the Boston Globe newspaper. The company said today that it has acquired 99% of Boston TLD Management, a new company into which the Globe plans to sign over its .boston ICANN contract. The deal is contingent on ICANN approving the contract reassignment. The ink is still moist on the .

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  • .sucks “gagging” registrar critics?

    .sucks may be all about freedom of speech, but some registrars reckon the registry is trying to ban them from criticizing the new gTLD in public. Vox Populi is proposing a change to its standard registrar contract that some say is an attempt to gag them. A version of the Registry-Registrar Agreement dated December 18, seen by DI, contains the new section 2.

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  • Top 2015 new gTLD sale looks like cybersquatting

    One of the top secondary market domain sales of 2015, as reported by Sedo, appears to be a case of somebody selling a domain matching a trademark to the trademark’s owner. According to a press release yesterday, the domain was the third-priciest reportable new gTLD domain sale handled by Sedo last year. It went for €7,949 ($8,634).

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  • Uniregistry offers app for iOS

    Uniregistry today launched an app for customers of its registrar. The Uniregistry App became available on Apple’s App Store today, for iOS-based devices. A company spokesperson said that an Android version is in the works and will become available later this year. According to the company, the app allows users to manage or buy domains as usual.

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  • Priced to sell: $46m of two-letter .xxx names

    ICM Registry has added over 1,200 two-character .xxx names to its catalog of priced premiums. With prices ranging from $100,000 to $37,500, the newly offered domains carry a total ticket price of over $46 million. The only six-figure name on the list is ICM said in a press release today it has already sold and for $100,000 apiece.

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  • Baidu, China’s Google, gets its dot-brand gTLD

    Chinese web giant Baidu had its dot-brand gTLD, .baidu, go live in the DNS root zone today. With the extraordinary amount of focus on China in the domain industry currently, this could be one of the dot-brands to watch in 2016. There are no active domain names in .baidu just yet, but we will likely see put to some use or another over the coming days.

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  • ICANN terminates deadbeat registrar

    ICANN has started termination proceedings on Domain Services Rotterdam, a Dutch registrar, for failure to pay accreditation fees. The company owes ICANN $5,118.83 in dues but has failed to pay up despite breach notices dating back to May, according to an ICANN termination notice (pdf) Domain Services does not h ...

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  • Bulgaria and Greece win IDN ccTLDs on appeal

    Campaigns in Bulgaria and Greece to get ICANN to un-reject their Cyrillic and Greek-script ccTLD requests have proven successful. The first decisions handed down by ICANN’s new Extended Process Similarity Review Panel this week said Bulgaria’s .бг and Greece’s .ελ are not “confusingly similar” to other ccTLDs after all. However, a third appeal by the European Union over the Greek .

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  • Infosys withdraws dot-brand bids

    Indian consulting giant Infosys has dropped its bids for two dot-brand new gTLDs. It withdrew its applications for .infosys and .infy this week, leaving it with no remaining applications. Both bids were straightforward dot-brands applications with no objections or contention. Both had passed Initial Evaluation and were j ...

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  • Google beats Microsoft to .docs

    Google and Microsoft seem to have settled their contention set for the .docs new gTLD, with Google emerging the victor. Microsoft withdrew its application for .docs this week. It’s not clear how the deal was made, but Google is known to have participated in private auctions for other strings. Google Docs is of course Google’s office doc ...

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