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  • What I love about 1,600 words and 24 pictures

    From an interactive value proposition to brilliant product descriptions, there's much to love at I was taking a look around the site and kept stumbling on things that I consider to be best practice in ecommerce from this pureplay 'direct to designer' store. Take a look at what I found and see if you feel the same way.

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  • 10 insightful GOV.UK blog posts on service design

    So, we've been talking about Government Digital Services (GDS) and GOV.UK quite a lot on the Econsultancy blog. This is for two reasons. One: it's great (in the middle of open, agile transformation that starts from without). Two: Mike Bracken is speaking at the awesome Festival of Marketing in November. Here I've rounded up 10 of the best blog posts from GOV.UK's 59 (count them!) blogs.

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  • 10 digital marketing stats we've digested this week

    The stats we've this week range from the sublime to the ridiculous. From Twitter mentions of abbreviated phrases (FML, LMAO etc.) to declining retail spend in food. In there, too, is some interesting data about mobile spend in China and the state of SEO. As usual, for many more stats, download our Internet Statistics Compendium...

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  • 10 tips for writing a stand out awards entry for The Digitals

    As deputy editor at Econsultancy I’m occasionally called upon to help shortlist the many excellent entries we receive for our annual awards, The Digitals. The consistently high quality of the entries makes it a very difficult job, but it’s made even trickier when submissions are written in such a way that it’s difficult to understand what the campaign actually achieved.

    David Moth/ Econsultancy- 3 readers -
  • 10 great internet marketing stats from this week

    A cracking week this week, with a smorgasbord of statistics, from Android fragmentation to tablet games and eBay sales in the wake of Hollywood blockbusters. Get stuck in, but don't forget to check out the Internet Statistics Compendium for more online marketing figures and charts. Android fragmentation The downside of Android's open platform is a fragmented ecosystem, which c ...

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  • 10 online marketing statistics from this week

    A real mix for you this week, from chocolate bathtubs to push notifications. Which brands are making gains on social? Just how much reach do organic posts gain anyway? What will the size the wearables market be? All that and more in this week's online marketing stats roundup. Read on! Why not download our Online Marketing Statistics Compendium for more on the market? 99% of ...

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  • Airbnb to BSkyB: 10 more speakers at the Festival of Marketing

    Before you disregard this post as a promo for the Festival of Marketing, be aware I've included handy links to brilliant brand blog posts within. From Airbnb to BSkyb, Barclays to B&Q, Paddy Power to the NHS, check out the wealth of speakers at this year's Festival. Join us in the heart of old London at Tobacco Dock, November 12-13th.

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  • 10 ways to increase customer engagement in ecommerce

    High street stores are getting their mojo back, so what can ecommerce do to engage the consumer? Here are just 10 features that help to keep customers engaged on ecommerce websites. If you've seen any innovative new features from ecommerce companies, please let us know below. For all things engagement and optimisation, why not attend the Festival of Marketing, in London, November 12-13th. 1.

    Ben Davis/ Econsultancy- 13 readers -
  • 10 essential features for mobile travel sites

    Looking for a break on a mobile? Gosh your commute must be especially arduous today. Here’s some help: a guide to the most convenient features available on mobile travel sites, which could possibly help you find your way to pleasant pastures a lot quicker and also highlight some great design for other mobile commerce designers.

    Christopher Ratcliff/ Econsultancy- 7 readers -
  • 10 Tumblr accounts to inspire your own social media strategy

    Since Yahoo bought Tumblr in 2013 there's been an amount of controversy, or at least change. Declining web traffic (perhaps explained by increased app usage), advertising, the advent or popularisation of other social networks and websites (Snapchat, BuzzFeed etc.). Despite all this, I still find Tumblr to be a really interesting platform for its simplicity of design.

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  • How 11 ecommerce sites use stock levels to create buyer urgency

    In the same way that exclusive offers and flash sales cause shoppers to throw rational thought out of the window, dwindling stock levels create a fear of loss and a sense of urgency that nudges consumers ever closer to making a purchase. Ecommerce retailers are obviously wise to this as a sales tactic and it's common to see stock information displayed prominently on product pages.

    David Moth/ Econsultancyin How To's- 7 readers -
  • 12 slimy things from the internet that left a trail on our keyboards this week

    By the hoary beard of Odin, what a week it’s been in internets land! If you like concise, amusing and well thought out pieces about the future of native advertising, then you should probably leave immediately and go watch this video by the ever-talented John Oliver instead. If however you’re more likely to enjoy a picture of Santana holding a giant slug, read on, dear user, read on...

    Matt Owen/ Econsultancy- 10 readers -
  • 14 things the internet can help fix your lousy day with

    Alright so a video of a cat riding a Roomba whilst wearing a shark costume may not mend your broken heart, but at least it will provide a few seconds of distraction. Unless of course it was an anthropomorphic surfer cat from Florida who worked part time as a mascot for the Nova Southeastern Sharks that broke your heart, in which case those few seconds may only provide more pain and suffering.

    Christopher Ratcliff/ Econsultancy- 7 readers -
  • 14 cracking UX features of online supermarkets

    Picking which online supermarket you prefer to park your trolley in can be based on little more than which supermarket you regularly visit in the real world. It’s the one you’re used to, the one you’ve got a loyalty card with, it’s also probably the one that’s closest to your home. We sometimes forget that we needn’t be beholden to such boundaries when we’re shopping online for groceries.

    Christopher Ratcliff/ Econsultancy- 12 readers -
  • 15 of the best branded Vines from July 2014

    Let’s all pretend we’re not halfway into August already and instead rewind back to the last few days of July with its less inclement weather, rabid excitement for the upcoming Commonwealth Games and the promise of an ‘on-time’ round-up of the best branded Vines of the month. Here’s our genuine excuse for its tardiness. I was on honeymoon and David Moth forgot to do it in my absence. Hmmm...

    Christopher Ratcliff/ Econsultancy- 3 readers -
  • Mega menu design trends in ecommerce: 2011 vs. 2014

    Way, way back in 2011 we published an article looking at how 26 commerce sites presented their mega menus. This refers to the drop-down menus that are generally situated within the horizontal navigation at the top of a webpage. Web trends and UX design have changed in the intervening years, in large part due to increasing consumer adoption of mobile and new technologies such ...

    David Moth/ Econsultancy- 16 readers -
  • Smartphones, tablets or TV: How do we consume media in 2014?

    How do we consume media in 2014? And what media? And on which devices? Ofcom released The Communications Market Report in August 2014 and it's chock full of interesting data and charts on the UK market. I've previously looked at mobile and tablet usage. Now I'm turning by attention to the broader topic of media uptake, in its various forms.

    Ben Davis/ Econsultancy- 9 readers -
  • Seven of the best social campaigns from August 2014

    It's approaching the end of August so it's time to round up some of the more interesting social campaigns we've seen this month. This time it includes Doctor Who, Nordstrom, Volkswagen, Comparethemarket, Dr Pepper and Acura. For more of the same check out our round ups from June and July. Enjoy! Doctor Who Among the various advertising and PR undertaken by the BBC to promote ...

    David Moth/ Econsultancy- 2 readers -
  • Cross-channel marketing 2014: trends & opportunities [infographic]

    The newly-published Econsultancy Cross-Channel Marketing Report, produced in partnership with Oracle Marketing Cloud, looks in detail at the extent to which companies are integrating their marketing activities. The infographic below provides a glimpse of some of the key data points and trends covered in the report which is based on a su ...

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  • How do we use the internet and mobile devices in 2014?

    Ofcom today published The Communications Market Report 2014 in the UK. There are lots of interesting stats within, across telecoms, audio-visual industries, post and of course the internet. No doubt we'll be covering the report fairly heavily, but I thought I'd start by rounding up the bits that caught my eye.

    Ben Davis/ Econsultancyin Mobile- 4 readers -
  • 40+ useful statistics from Econsultancy's Q2 reports

    Econsultancy's expert team of analysts have continued their sterling work this year, and to highlight some of their excellent research I've rounded up a load of interesting stats from our Q2 reports. Yes, I am aware that Q2 ended more than a month ago, but the saying "better late than never" is my guiding principle with this post.

    David Moth/ Econsultancyin Paid Search- 6 readers -
  • The customer journey & relevant experiences are the new business imperatives

    Understanding the customer journey and delivering relevant experiences has never been this critical. Recent research by eBay and Deloitte revealed that a third of UK and German consumers used multiple channels when making recent purchases, with this rising to two in three for orders over £100. This presents today’s marketers with a unique challenge.

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  • Passive vs. active voice: time to end the copywriting madness

    Dear passive voice, we’re sorry. It seems like every time anyone decides to issue some advice on how to be a better business or marketing writer, they single you out for blame. Avoiding the passive will make you a better writer, we’re told, while using the passive not only makes you a worse writer, it apparently somehow makes you a more passive person. None of this is really true.

    Dan Brotzel/ Econsultancy- 13 readers -
  • Ten lessons Zappos can teach us about staff and customer retention

    Founded in 1999 and acquired by Amazon in 2009, Zappos has long been admired for its attitude to staff and customers. This focus is all about retention of customers and staff. And it saves the company a fortune on marketing and recruitment. Indeed, Zappos can boast customer retention rates of 75%, while staff rates are 85%, figures not many other firms can match.

    Graham Charlton/ Econsultancy- 6 readers -
  • Should the phrase 'native advertising' be retired?

    Native advertising can cause a bit of a headache. The IAB is yet to offer a definition of the phrase, which is being used in a rather flexible manner by many ad networks. The Guardian and BuzzFeed are two prominent examples of publishers that refer to 'sponsored' or 'promoted' content. This seems a lot less ambiguous and may clear up some of the confusion for those trying to m ...

    Ben Davis/ Econsultancyin Display- 13 readers -
  • Five key considerations for a multichannel ecommerce replatform

    Implementing a new ecommerce platform is one of the biggest technical decisions that a retailer can make. A successful replatforming can be the key to effective multichannel growth and can future-proof a retailer against ever-changing consumer demand. With so much at stake it’s important to make sure that a project starts in the right place.

    Darryl Adie/ Econsultancy- 6 readers -
  • Where did the Marks & Spencer website relaunch go wrong?

    When the news about Marks and Spencer’s sales results broke a couple of weeks ago it immediately got my attention. The Chief Executive and other senior figureheads clearly laid the blame of the 8.1% drop in sales and resulting share price dip on the launch of its new website. The new site comprised a smart redesign coupled with a platform shift from Amazon’s services to its own.

    Kathryn Mcdonnell/ Econsultancy- 8 readers -
  • Singapore engages commuter passengers to be kinder to each other

    Corny or admirable? You can either think that the new Singapore Land Transport Authority (SLTA) campaign is the corniest thing you have ever seen or admire the ambition in this cynical world to communicate thoughtfulness amongst commuters. Singapore is not short of campaigns that promote kindness, graciousness or thoughtfulness.

    Chris Reed/ Econsultancy- 6 readers -
  • Ecommerce main category page layout: Where to place key elements and why

    Due to the popularity of the article titled, 'Ecommerce product pages: where to place 30 elements and why', a sequel has (finally) been written. The focus now turns to the main category page, which is used in ecommerce to give shoppers access to a range of products such as 'menswear' before they drill further down to find specific items (e.g. socks, jeans).

    Econsultancy- 17 readers -
  • Nine intriguing internet marketing statistics we've seen this week

    Once again it's that time of week where we round up a load of the most interesting internet marketing statistics that we've seen in the past seven days. This week it includes's rapid response unit, wearables, mobile apps, Facebook, Twitter, giffgaff, and ecommerce in China. For more of the same download Econsultancy's Internet Statistics Compendium... Fixed in a day One day.

    David Moth/ Econsultancyin Mobile- 8 readers -
  • Target and Argos: Is the multichannel catalogue taking off?

    There are many retailers that have trialled image recognition technology in their catalogues. The tech allows the retailer's app users to scan and shop or access additional content. So far, it seems to have been a test-and-learn activity from brands such as Net-A-Porter (as part of their magazine, Porter) and IKEA (which has focused on additional content rather than commerce).

    Ben Davis/ Econsultancy- 2 readers -
  • Eight key takeaways from Digital Cream Melbourne

    Last week I had the pleasure of attending Digital Cream Melbourne, continuing our series of roundtables worldwide where the crème de la crème of client-side digital marketers can share a mixture of their frustrations, challenges, insights and tips. Following the roundtable discussions and a brief keynote which I presented, the moderators at each of the sessions came together t ...

    Andrew Warren Payne/ Econsultancy- 9 readers -
  • How to use machine learning to enhance your marketing campaigns

    Machine learning sounds like something that computer nerds do, but not marketers. Well, here's a dip-your-toe-in introduction to how anyone can use machine learning to improve their digital ad campaigns. Machine learning is an intriguing topic. Whether you've read about US retailer Target discovering a young woman was pregnant before she told her parents or you have seen it i ...

    Jeff Rajeck/ Econsultancyin Display- 11 readers -
  • Marketers prioritise cross-channel approach, but struggle with execution: Report

    Econsultancy's third annual Cross-Channel Marketing Report has found that two-thirds of responding companies (67%) agree their priority is for "all key marketing activities to be integrated across channels." The report, published in partnership with Oracle Marketing Cloud, is based on a survey of 956 marketers and assesses how businesses are progressing with cross-channel strategies.

    Amy Rodgers/ Econsultancy- 4 readers -
  • The new mobile display ecosystem: What does the future hold?

    The New Mobile Display Ecosystem report, published by Econsultancy in association with OpenX, includes insights from more than 20 leaders in mobile marketing, publishing and technology. It explores the latest trends in mobile advertising and looks at what the future might hold. I spoke to the author, Chris O'Hara, to get an insight into the main topics and trends discussed in the report.

    Econsultancyin Display Mobile- 11 readers -
  • How and why Western brands are experimenting with WeChat

    With almost 400m active users and a growing global audience, Tencent’s WeChat app is the new king of Chinese social media. Often touted as the Chinese alternative to WhatsApp, WeChat actually offers a far broader range of features and tools. Alongside text, video and voice messaging, users in China can make mobile payments, browse ecommerce stores, play games, or book a taxi.

    David Moth/ Econsultancy- 5 readers -
  • Concept stores: what do they mean for customer experience?

    After the demise of HMV, many were quick to plan the future of retail. Econsultancy got in on the act, too, suggesting ways in which the internet could save the high street. The consensus seemed to be that experiences on the high street would be more important than mere commerce. Why go into a store if the journey of finding a product and taking it to the till to pay is as bo ...

    Ben Davis/ Econsultancy- 16 readers -
  • Dear Brand Manufacturer, give me product images. Signed, Retailer

    Have you ever purchased a product without actually seeing it? Most online retailers have some form of imagery to provide visibility into what you’re purchasing, but how many have brilliant product photos? In fact, research has shown that 77% of online shoppers are 'very to somewhat' influenced by the quality of content (descriptions, copy, images, and tools) when making purchase decisions.

    Darin Archer/ Econsultancy- 4 readers -
  • How big ticket B2B companies use search marketing

    Despite all the research and writing on the B2B buyer’s journey, quite a lot of B2B marketers still believe that “my buyers aren’t looking for us in search.” Their assumption is that the customer in a position to buy a six- or seven-figure (or larger) piece of equipment or service is going to be deeply experienced and already know who the main providers are, and that’s who the ...

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  • What is the state of mobile advertising today?

    Econsultancy has published a new report aimed at providing insight into the relatively new world of mobile advertising. In this context, it seems appropriate to ask more generally, "what is the state of mobile today?" So, for this post I've gleaned Chris O'Hara's views (the report author) on the state of mobile and why the time is so ripe for an explosion in mobile advertisin ...

    Ben Davis/ Econsultancyin Mobile- 8 readers -
  • What the 'new mobile display ecosystem' means for publishers

    The New Mobile Display Ecosystem report, published by Econsultancy in association with OpenX, explores the latest trends in mobile advertising and looks at what the future might hold. The report, which includes insights from more than 20 industry leaders, explores the impact of increasingly mobile-centric consumer behaviour on different stakeholders within the marketplace.

    Ornaith Killen/ Econsultancyin Display Mobile- 10 readers -
  • How Massey Ferguson uses B2B content marketing and social to sell tractors

    Farming machinery isn’t necessarily the coolest product on the planet, so it’s good to see a B2B like Massey Ferguson doing interesting things with content, especially when compared to rivals like John Deere, which arguably has wider recognition. I’ve been taking a look at the tractor company’s website and social feeds to get a feel for how it uses content to engage with a par ...

    Matt Owen/ Econsultancyin Content- 13 readers -
  • Are these the best FAQs in the world by LINGsCARS?

    FAQs can be found on many websites and typically they are presented in standard text format. Maybe there is a suggestive search facility to aid the visitor’s ability to find relevant answers quickly and efficiently. But what if you wanted to make your FAQs more memorable, more unique and provide a reason for your visitors to use these rather than picking up the phone and aski ...

    Econsultancy- 8 readers -
  • Brand pages on online marketplaces: A good idea, badly executed

    If you were wise enough to setup an online marketplace in the early days of the internet and also had great business chops, you might have been a very rich person by now. Some of the world’s biggest ecommerce companies are those that don’t actually sell any of their own products, or rely to a large extent on third-party sellers.

    David Moth/ Econsultancy- 12 readers -
  • New Facebook Ad Scheduler: A step-by-step guide

    As I've written before, Facebook has a great ad network and one of the best tools to build and deploy ads - Power Editor. Though it's more difficult to use than the standard ad tool, Power Editor offers all sorts of extras which make it worthwhile to spend the time learning it. One recent addition to Power Editor which I find extraordinarily useful is the ad scheduler.

    Jeff Rajeck/ Econsultancyin Social- 1 readers -
  • Marketing trends in the age of continuous partial attention

    The growing prominence of mobile and online shopping has challenged marketers to refine and tailor how they target the 'always on' consumer. Retail hours are a thing of the past and the individual lifestyles of consumers are becoming relevant to targeted campaigns. The optimisation of brand websites and email marketing content for mobile devices is becoming ever more sophisti ...

    Sebastian Gutierrez/ Econsultancyin EMail- 9 readers -
  • What makes WaterAid’s donation landing page so effective?

    Far too many charities overlook the importance of a conversion-friendly website when looking for donations or volunteers. If done right, a well-designed website has the potential to influence almost every visitor, regardless of their original intent. Essentially it will result in driving more users to important pages of a site and once there, converting them at a better rate.

    Edwyn Raine/ Econsultancy- 7 readers -
  • RFID vs. iBeacons: Which is better for event marketing?

    Marketers and retailers have been quick to begin trials with iBeacons after the technology was added to iOS7 last year. We’ve seen a number of interesting experiments, such as automated messaging in airports, cinemas and baseball stadiums. The speed with which these trials have been expanded for general consumer use is in stark contrast to the years spent covertly trying to f ...

    David Moth/ Econsultancyin Social- 20 readers -
  • Seven important UX requirements for online postcode validation

    When I started looking at user journeys for and the tools we’d need to deliver a good quality UX, one of the first areas I looked at was forms. Form abandonment is a headache for all ecommerce sites but there is a lot of learning out there regarding how to minimise the risk of alienating users.

    James Gurd/ Econsultancy- 15 readers -
  • Mobile Asia: Growth in Hong Kong, India and Taiwan

    Asia is a fascinatingly diverse continent when it comes to digital trends. Along with a wealth of data from all corners of the online world, the latest update to our Internet Statistics Compendium has seen some great mobile data from three key markets in the region: Hong Kong, India and Taiwan. I thought I’d share some quick Asian mobile growth numbers here.

    Luke Richards/ Econsultancy- 4 readers -
  • Which hotel sites offer the best user experience?

    According to a survey, the answer is Premier Inn and Travelodge, the best-known budget hotel brands. Premier Inn narrowly nudged out its budget rival, with The Hilton a distant third. So what are these hotels doing right online? Or are the results merely a reflection of the popularity of these two brands? I've been looking at the survey results, as well as how the top ten ho ...

    Graham Charlton/ Econsultancy- 10 readers -
  • Start Me Up! Readz: a drag-and-drop content creation platform

    In short, Readz is a platform designed to spell the end for hosted PDFs. It's a drag and drop content creation platform that can be used to produce magazines, reports, portfolios and the like. I spoke to CEO and Founder, Bart De Pelsmaeker about the company and its journey. In one sentence, what is your product/service? Readz is a SaaS content creation platform, allowing bran ...

    Ben Davis/ Econsultancyin Content- 4 readers -
  • What does real-time marketing mean for B2B?

    Real-time marketing works. Let me make an addition to that rather bold affirmation. Real-time marketing works for B2C companies. Really well. But what of B2B companies? Is real-time just a pipe-dream? A strategy only successful if left to the trendier agile brands that have an ever-growing and content hungry audience of Twitter followers? In our brand new B2B Real-Time Marke ...

    Christopher Ratcliff/ Econsultancy- 1 readers -
  • Why do we love memes? I haz teh ansur

    It's August, David Cameron has been pointing at fish, Legoland is doing a roaring trade and I'm allowed to write a post about memes. With a science education and a marketing vocation, I like to read and its peer-reviewed research papers about the internet. Okay, it's often social science and can be pretty qualitative, but it's still interesting to see the inter ...

    Ben Davis/ Econsultancy -
  • Can your LinkedIn company page replace your corporate website?

    There is a debate among marketing and corporate communications professionals as to what is more engaging and important. Is it your company’s LinkedIn page or your company’s website? Undoubtedly I believe that it is your LinkedIn company page and here‘s why. Many people say that they have posted blogs and articles on their company website and very few people have read them let alone shared them.

    Chris Reed/ Econsultancy- 6 readers -
  • How to rebrand Airbnb

    Airbnb rebranded earlier this summer and it was pretty hard to miss, at one point generating enough hundreds of thousands of tweets to top the global trends (partly due to its similarity to an existing company logo). Recently I listened to some of the guys from DesignStudio, the agency behind the rebrand, talking about the joys and stresses of such a monumental project.

    Ben Davis/ Econsultancyin How To's- 3 readers -
  • Fight Club! Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi social media special

    “Cola War, huh! What is it good for?” Healthy competition and an excuse to write this article on the ongoing battle for our caffeinated hearts and sugar-addled minds between the two giants of fizzy beverage. I’m sure Edwin Starr would’ve come up with something snappier, but he’s not employed here. The battleground has changed since the 1980s.

    Christopher Ratcliff/ Econsultancyin Social- 10 readers -
  • What is 'best practice'?

    Are you doing what's best, or simply seeking the protection of the herd? It’s an enticing idea: 'Best practice'. It suggests a clearly defined path to success; a recipe for perfectly honed websites, trouble-free projects, delighted users; a silver bullet. But what is 'best practice'? I don’t mean best practice for UX design, or best practice for SEO, or best practice for project execution.

    Graham Oakes/ Econsultancy- 3 readers -
  • Seven inspirational email marketing case studies from The Digitals

    One of the best ways of improving your digital marketing skills is to try and learn from the best. That’s why awards season is always a fruitful time at Econsultancy, as we receive loads of entries detailing inspirational case studies from a massive range of companies. Applications for The Digitals 2014 are currently rolling in, and to give you inspiration for your own entry ...

    David Moth/ Econsultancyin EMail- 14 readers -
  • Do your calls to action grab users' attention?

    There are many factors that can influence the design of your call-to-action and it’s certainly a feature that benefits from extensive testing and tweaking. An effective CTA should leave the shopper in no doubt about the next step they need to take to add an item to their basket, complete a purchase etc.

    Graham Charlton/ Econsultancy- 3 readers -
  • Grab a free Econsultancy report by completing our APAC mobile marketing survey

    Do you want to find out how the mobile marketing industry is developing in Asia Pacific? Are you curious about how brands and marketers are approaching the massive opportunities and challenges presented by mobile, and which channels and strategies are gaining the most investment? Then complete the Econsultancy/MMA State of Mobile Marketing in Asia Pacific survey, and in return you’ll receive a.

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  • Site search: retailers still have a lot to learn

    Site search remains a problem for ecommerce sites, with lack of key functionality and flexibility proving to be a barrier to the user experience. A new study covered on the excellent Smashing Magazine website looks into some of the major problems with site search in the US. Here, I'll look at some of the issues mentioned in the study, along with my own observations on the state of site search..

    Graham Charlton/ Econsultancy- 4 readers -
  • The complete guide to using quizzes in your marketing strategy

    In January 2014, no one had ever heard of Playbuzz, a website that creates viral content, mostly quizzes. By May of the same year, was receiving 45m unique visitors each month. In this post I go over the insider tips for how to create and implement quizzes into your marketing plan to achieve that kind of results on your site.

    Josh Haynam/ Econsultancyin EMail- 22 readers -
  • A swoop through Swoon, a boon for Monsoon

    Monsoon has launched Swoon, a shoppable monthly magazine for tablets (but also working well on desktop). It's full of products and rich content. With the prices of Monsoon apparel comparable with Cos – middle to upper high street pricing - and the more artisan pieces pricier still, at more than £300, this feels like a good move.

    Ben Davis/ Econsultancy- 3 readers -
  • The new Google Analytics iOS app: a review

    Google released its first analytics app for iOS at the end of July, which follows on from the release of a new Android version in June. As someone who has been pinching and zooming to view our site's stats on a mobile browser, the new mobile app is more than welcome. So how well does it work? And how does it compare to the desktop features? Overview of features The home scree ...

    Graham Charlton/ Econsultancyin Google- 3 readers -
  • A look inside Amtrak’s excellent content marketing strategy

    Amtrak is the intercity train service run by The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, connecting more than 500 US destinations and three Canadian provinces. According to The Make Good in its piece on content marketers that are ahead of the curve, Amtrak has seen a rise in train ticket sales that perhaps goes against the dominance of air travel in the USA.

    Christopher Ratcliff/ Econsultancyin Social Content- 26 readers -
  • Marketers more focused on acquisition than retention

    This is despite the fact that 82% of companies agree that retention is in fact cheaper than acquisition. A figure up from 70% last year, and certainly bolsters the notion that on-going profit from a customer lifetime is higher than any one single transaction. Is your company more focused on acquisition or retention marketing? This is one of the questions asked by our new repo ...

    Christopher Ratcliff/ Econsultancyin Paid Search Display- 5 readers -
  • Measurement and analytics: what resources do companies allocate?

    Econsultancy’s Measurement and Analytics Report 2014 looks at trends in the industry, from skills and investment to technology and challenges. I've picked up the report to take a look at how resourcing is changing in the world of data analysis. How many staff are companies employing to analyse data? What emphasis is there on new tech as opposed to people and process? Enough w ...

    Ben Davis/ Econsultancy- 5 readers -
  • Ugg launches silky new campaign but its approach to digital could improve

    Ugg is launching a multimedia campaign, promoting its footwear as part of an idealised lifestyle. Check out the video embedded below to get an idea of the brand position (the ad feels like a sort of gooey Guinness advert crossed with a Lands End catalogue). With this new campaign afoot (no pun intended), I thought I’d take a look around the brand’s web presence and see how it stacks up.

    Ben Davis/ Econsultancy- 5 readers -
  • Mobile push notifications: An effective but underused marketing channel

    New research from Econsultancy shows that a fifth (20%) of companies now use mobile push notifications. The findings, which are included in the Cross-Channel Marketing Report 2014, struck me as quite surprising given that it has the potential to be a very effective marketing channel. I’ve previously written of my love for push notifications as I think they’re a very effective ...

    David Moth/ Econsultancyin Mobile- 7 readers -
  • How does internationalisation work for online retailers?

    If 95% of success is showing up then in online retail business the arrival of good platforms, cheap translation services and global banking means pretty much anyone can 'show up'. The service can be transferred into the new market, the website translated, the new currency added and you’re ready to sell to the new region.

    Econsultancyin How To's- 4 readers -
  • Can Bose create a pitch-perfect content experience?

    Despite creating fantastic products and winning several Red Dot design awards in the process, BOSE isn’t often seen as a cool company. Rarely are its designs mentioned in the same breath as Apple, or its headphones alongside young upstarts like beats. Despite this slight lack of street cred, Bose remains one of the strongest brands in audio, so I thought I’d check out its con ...

    Matt Owen/ Econsultancyin Content- 11 readers -
  • Why travel brands should focus on the search box

    On a recent post reviewing user experience on hotel websites, one commenter observed that airline sites were much more task focused than their hotel counterparts, despite both being in the saame industry. I do think that travel sites, hotel or airlines, should be focusing on the main user goals when they arrive at the homepage: which is normally encouraging them to search for ...

    Graham Charlton/ Econsultancy- 3 readers -
  • Six more tips to attract and keep older web users

    You would not knowingly ignore 80% of the online market in the UK, would you? Yet many websites, generally designed by younger people, forget that older consumers may not share their abilities or tastes. So their websites probably don't work as well as they should for the growing army of silver surfers. However, designing to cater for the aging population is not always straightforward.

    Tom Stewart/ Econsultancy- 3 readers -
  • How to increase conversions by creating buyer urgency & fear of loss

    A sense of urgency and fear of loss are powerful sales drivers in ecommerce. Undecided shoppers can be encouraged to make an impulse purchase if they think they’re in direct competition with other people for a product that has limited availability. I recently rounded up 11 examples from ecommerce sites that use stock levels to create buyer urgency, but that’s by no means the ...

    David Moth/ Econsultancyin How To's- 1 readers -
  • Vine’s desktop redesign puts community and search first

    Vine finally introduced a desktop website earlier this year which was a risible experience at best. Thankfully in the last couple of months things have significantly improved. As I said in my post published at the time of launch 13 major UX flaws in social media sites, the idea that a platform as supposedly trend-setting as Vine didn’t have a desktop presence is frankly ludicrous.

    Christopher Ratcliff/ Econsultancy- 11 readers -
  • Web design across different generations

    For a website or digital product to be truly ‘user-centric’, we need to determine who the ‘user’ is. Each person will approach a website, system or app through their own, unique mental model, applying how they think it will be organised to each new one they encounter. Although each individual’s mental model is unique, users can be ‘grouped’ to determine their digital (dis)abilities.

    Danny Bluestone/ Econsultancyin Social- 6 readers -
  • Ryanair's new mobile app frustrates and delights in equal measure: review

    Whilst compiling examples for last week’s 10 essential features for mobile travel sites I was struck by how much I enjoyed using Ryanair’s new app. Being as I only had to room to mention it briefly in the above mentioned article, I feel it deserved a deeper analysis. The app was launched last month and was covered by mainstream news channels nearly as much as its much needed ...

    Christopher Ratcliff/ Econsultancy- 8 readers -
  • Carla Eid on community, content and Microsoft Mobile Connects

    Carla Eid is head of Microsoft Mobile's Connects programme, its community of customers and advocates. I asked her a few questions about what working with that community entails. How does the brand get involved and what benefits does it see across content production but also, of course, in sales. Take a look and, in the community spirit, feel free to leave comments or further questions.

    Ben Davis/ Econsultancyin Content- 3 readers -
  • Prevent Gmail clipping your message with an email diet

    Gmail clips HTML emails that are larger than 102 KB. And while this in itself of course isn't good news, it gets worse because it also hurts your email reputation. Are your emails too large? Time to put them on a diet! Gmail users might have noticed that the email provider sometimes clips emailings, and inserts the message 'message clipped', accompanied by a link to the full ...

    Econsultancyin EMail- 14 readers -
  • Seven enlightening content and strategy slideshows

    The Festival of Marketing (London's answer to Cannes Lions) will be upon us in November. I've been rounding up some content to whet your appetite, including this collection of content and strategy slideshows relating to some of our speakers. Check out the Festival website for more information, including a full lineup of speakers.

    Ben Davis/ Econsultancyin Content- 2 readers -
  • The EU 'cookie law': what has it done for us?

    It's now more than two years since the cookie law began to be 'enforced' in the UK, but has it changed anything? In the run up to the May 2012 'deadline' there was plenty of confusion from online businesses over the steps required to comply with the directive, thanks to some unclear instructions. Now cookie notices are seen on most websites, though the ICO received just 38 'c ...

    Graham Charlton/ Econsultancy- 4 readers -
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