• Project Management Options for Bloggers

      When you first start out with the idea that, “Hey. Why don’t I start a blog?” you probably don’t think about project management. But if that idea blossoms into a business, even a part-time business, you’ll find yourself juggling. Consider just one blog post. Here are the aspects you need to consider: the idea writing sources publishing promotion SEO factors mone ...

      David Leonhardt/ Famous Bloggersin Blogging- 19 readers -
    • Listening Is The Key to Social Marketing

      In many ways, the key to social marketing is listening. In a social marketing world, the way we listen to our market is far more important than how we speak to it. We need to listen to customers to understand their needs, identify how to promote products and services and stay current on trends influencing the market. Today’s organizations cannot simply engage in selective listening.

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    • Should a new blogger get a custom design for his blog?

      There are some things that people take for granted without questioning them. Call them sacred cows, if you like. But we learn and grow from questioning, and when you have a bit of a rebel streak in you, as I do, you are likely to ask blasphemous questions. For instance, “Does a new blogger really need a custom design for his blog?” Just quickly, so that we are all on the same ...

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  • What is Keeping Your Blog from Making Money?

    As a blogger, you deserve to be compensated for all the work you have put in building and marketing your blog. Unfortunately, monetization never comes easy with any online endeavor. Blogging, in particular, requires you to generate a steady stream of traffic to make it sustainable. Apart from the lack of traffic, below are the most common reasons why you are not reaping the fu ...

    Christopher Jan Benitez/ Famous Bloggersin Affiliate EMail Blogging- 8 readers -
  • Importance Of Professional Social Media Services For Businesses

    Importance Of Professional Social Media Services For Businesses October 13, 2016 by Manish Kumar Leave a Comment Social Media Marketing is a form of Internet Marketing that implements various social media networks for the purpose of achieving marketing communication and branding goals. Professional social media services primarily covers activities involving social sharing ...

    Famous Bloggersin Social- 6 readers -
  • WooCommerce Reviews Discount: 20% Off Ultimate License & 50% Off Everything

    WooCommerce Reviews Discount: 20% Off Ultimate License & 50% Off Everything October 5, 2016 by Famous Bloggers Editor Leave a Comment Good news! The long waited add-on for WPRichSnippets is almost ready, finally the integration for WooCommerce plugin has been released. Celebrating the release of Woocommerce Reviews add-on for WPRichSnippets plugin with big discounts.

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  • 14 Tips To Help You In Marketing Your WordPress Site

    The purpose of the WordPress site can only be achieved once it is able to attract people to read your content and share it. However, getting the attention of the targeted individuals online needs strategies. Numerous folks have been frustrated after setting up the sites because they lack the creative strategies of capturing the minds of readers. Below are helpful tips for marketing the sites.

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  • Does schema.org Markup Really Improve Google Search Ranking Position?

    So, before you get involved in this, let me tell you the short answer for this question, does adding schema.org markup improve your content ranking position in Google search results? Before I answer that question, let me stress on a very important thing, schema.org markup is a code you put in a webpage to provide more details to help search engines return useful and informativ ...

    Hesham Zebida/ Famous Bloggersin SEO Google- 10 readers -
  • What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup #7 with Christopher Jan Benitez

    Continuing our “What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup” series, we are introducing you to Christopher Jan Benitez in our feature today. Please also see our previous features, listed here: What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup #6 with Uttoran Sen What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup #5 with Roxana Nasoi What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup #4 with Gail Gardner What’s Up Bloggers! Roundup #3 with David Leonh ...

    Deborah Anderson/ Famous Bloggersin Social Blogging- 11 readers -
  • 10 Things to Avoid When Becoming a Blogger

    Blogging is so popular these days because it is an optical choice for a content promotional hub. It acts as the content chameleons, combining the strength of social media with the old-fashioned print media. But before you take a deep dive into this exciting world of blogging, take a step back and know the fundamentals.

    Famous Bloggersin SEO Blogging- 9 readers -
  • How SEO Services Can Help Increase Your Website Traffic

    How SEO Services Can Help Increase Your Website Traffic September 17, 2016 by Mike Lee Leave a Comment If you have a website and haven’t come across the word “SEO” over the period of time you assumed ownership of such site, chances are that you’ve not started out in the real world of online marketing.

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  • Easy Ways for Writers to Write More Articles

    Writing articles can take its toll on even the most productive writers and bloggers. As content creators, bloggers are fully aware of their responsibility to write unique and actionable content for their audience. It is through their articles that they are able to communicate their ideas to their readers, which in turn reciprocates by becoming your subscriber or client, depend ...

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