• My Experiences with the ‘Smart Drug’ Modafinil

      This is a post about my experiences taking the popular ‘smart drug’ modafinil. I often see friends and marketing acquaintances posting about cognitive enhancers on Facebook. From smart drugs, to nootropics, to vitamin stacks… We’re all over that like pigs in shit. Modafinil is a small pill that is becoming difficult to ignore.

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    • Why I Quit Launching Affiliate Campaigns

      About a year ago, I stopped launching affiliate marketing campaigns. It was an easy decision, despite those campaigns being my primary source of income for the last decade. As was the decision to quit this blog. Well, as you can tell, I’m writing this. Shutting my cakehole wasn’t nearly as sustainable. Nevertheless, I thought I’d explain why I decided to get out of the CPA business.

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    • My FUT Hair Transplant: The First 5 Months

      Those who have seen me in the last 5 months, or seen my updates on Facebook, will have noticed a slight change in appearance. I’ve piled on 200 lbs and taken to smoking cigars. I’ve had a hair transplant. I know, I know. It’s not often you find affiliates posting about hair transplants. Probably because they have some sense, and/or know what a Flog is.

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  • Premium Posts 2016 Edition is Available Now

    The Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing in 2016 I’m giving birth to a monster. The brand new volume of Premium Posts is completed, signed, sealed, delivered and ready for you to download. It is a vast 381-page dossier of the latest affiliate marketing tips, tricks and strategies. I’m willing to bank my balls on this: You will not find a more comprehensive dissection of t ...

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  • A Year In South East Asia

    It’s been a while. In fact, it’s been so long since I last updated this site, I’m betrayed by my own strapline: “I’m a 26 year old high school dropout.” Well, it was true two years ago. Now I’m a 28 year old high school dropout. Having to share a platform with the candid thoughts of your much younger self is one good reason not to sustain a blog for almost a decade.

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