• AWA Giveaway + Blockchain World Conference in Thailand

      Howdy my dear FitAffiliate readers, apologies for taking so long to post, I took a hiatus from writing as I lost my passion for it and got too busy with life, campaigns, travel and gym injuries. I have developed accumulative overuse injuries in many parts of my body, mainly my arms below the elbow (golfers elbow) and my right knee.

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    • 13 Ways To Make Money Online in 2017

      This post is aimed towards those that just can’t choose what to pursue to make their first dollar online. I’ve gone ahead and outlined many ways and ideas on how to make money in today’s online-dominated economy, from the comfort of your own home. Bear in mind, this list isn’t comprehensive, but it should get the juices flowing for someone who is totally clueless.

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  • Affiliate Summit West (ASW 17) Events 2017

    Posting this up for those who are heading to Vegas for ASW. If anyone is keen to catch up, hopefully I see you at one of the parties or for a meal / coffee.. Shoot me a message on FB / Skype and lets schedule something! Saturday 14th Jan 4pm-7pm World Series of Affiliates Poker Tournament @ Palms Casino Resort https://www.eventbrite.

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  • One of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn – Trust NOBODY.

    This post is a quickie in order to gain more exposure on a payment issue I’ve been facing since November 2015 from a smaller network named “BrkMob” (aka BreakMob / brkmob.com [now down]) who is owned by JJGMS Ltd, and the directors of the company are Jamie Law and Jaspal Tatla. I have posted this on STM, as well as on RipOffReport.com and have decided I will post it here as a warning to others.

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  • Advertisers are STUPID

    No, the title isn’t clickbait. I mean it. If you’re an offer owner, read on, as this post is rage-fueled, makes me go bat-sh*t-crazy to think I still see this regularly. Why do advertisers (offer owners) in our space, hire the cheapest of the cheap web-development teams to design their landing pages? Are you wanting millions of dollars worth of paid traffic directed to your s ...

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  • 5 Tips for Scaling Upwards & Outwards and the Associated Roadblocks

    Often times scaling a campaign isn’t as easy as it’s made out to be. The first route is usually adding more traffic sources into the mix, or by duplicating your efforts over more campaigns, with different targeting, different angles, or by running your campaign over more than one traffic account on the same traffic-source.

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