• Writing Copy For The Web: The 80/20 Guide to Copywriting For Entrepreneurs

      If you want to write things that inspire action — web sales pages that effectively sell your product, emails that readers will click on and share, etc. — this article is for you. I repeat: if you want to make things on the internet that work, if you want to publish webpages and videos and podcasts and emails into the world that get results, you’re in the right place.

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    • Follow Your Curiosity, Find Your Passion & Keep it! Here’s How (FS204)

      On the podcast today we interview someone who actually found out how to make his living doing something he loved. And, I swear to god, if he can do it with this niche, there’s at least a chance for you to do it in whatever topic that’s got you excited. Because this guy, Ross Symons, literally makes little paper animals. THAT’S. IT. Origami, that’s the interest Ross pursued.

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    • Give What Grows — How to Overcome Burnout (FS200)

      “Though usually regarded as the result of trying to give too much, burnout in my experience results from trying to give what I do not possess.” That is a quote from Parker Palmer. Parker Palmer is awesome. I’ll prove it. And you are awesome too. But you’re in danger of burnout. If you want to create something interesting… you’re up against burnout.

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  • Counteract Fear and Get More Results With This Simple Trick

    If we go for too long without progress, we lose momentum and the work grows more and more resistance. Do you know what I mean? When the work just kind of feels heavier and heavier? This happens in our projects. It happens in our goals. It happens in anything we want to achieve or accomplish. And if this happens, we lose our progress, our momentum and our sense of direction.

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  • 10 Ways to Cut Internet Distractions so You Can Focus on What Really Matters (FS228)

    As an independent entrepreneur, your business lives or dies on the progress you make week in, week out. Let’s talk about some EFFECTIVE ways to stay focused on things that matter. Avoiding distractions is utterly essential to your success, but that little device in your pocket… yea, that one… the one with the screen and the apps and the notifications… that thing is hungry, ...

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    Humans have a destructive tendency to overcomplicate things. Building a small business is no different. The essence of a successful business is incredibly simple. As Paul Graham says, you have to build something people want. Expanded just a little, you have to create something that solves a problem or addresses a desire for people in a way they’re willing to pay for.

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  • How to ENJOY Sales, Without Feeling Cheesy, Manipulative & Gross (FS227)

    The whole “sales” thing has been a little bit wrecked by used car salesmen, Glengarry Glen Ross and old dudes in suits in weird hotel ballrooms. In the online business world, there’s a lot more fun shiny stuff to talk about than real deal selling. Sometimes we inadvertently make content creation the sun around which our entire businesses orbit, as if churning out enough conte ...

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  • 10 Killer Links for Entrepreneurs in 2017 (FS226)

    As entrepreneurs we’re always finding new things to educate and give us a little motivation. Because, I mean, we’ve got to strategize and sh*t, you know!? And strategizing takes effort. And then after the strategy, we gotta do ALL THE WORK. You know what I mean? That can take a lot out of a gal. So, on the show today we’re talking about 10 links that are helping us so far this summer, 2017.

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  • Are Pursuing Your Business, Creativity or Project Enough? (FS225)

    As an independent, a full time indie-entrepreneur, a maker of things that sell, a creator of my own wealth, a designer of my own creativity over time, I feel a strong call to do more things my way for the results I want. Which, for many of us, seems to beg this question: can you give more of yourself over to being a creator? Often times I hear it referred to as “pursuing comp ...

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  • Why You Don’t Feel Confident (& How to Fix it) FS224

    How can we decrease the volume of fear in our head and increase our feeling of confidence? Because, for many of us, if we can do that, won’t our work have a better chance of succeeding? “I got this!” That’s the feeling we want. “I got this. I can do it.” You know what I think of when I think about confidence? I think about the difference between “this MIGHT work” and “this might NOT work.

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  • How to Become a Successful Maker Without Destroying Yourself (FS223)

    No matter what kind of business you’re thinking of starting, you have got to solve a REAL problem with a REAL solution. We tear apart this idea in depth with Dan and Tom from Studio Neat, makers of fine, modern physical products. They’ve just launched a brand new (and very unique) notebook on Kickstarter, and it hit it’s goal in just a few hours.

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  • Here’s One Tip That Will Make Your Podcast Interviews Excellent (FS222)

    If you make a podcast or need to interview people at all, there’s a trick you can use to get deep into interesting material. You know that’s how your podcast or youtube channel or interview posts get popular, right? By having incredibly interesting content? That’s the trick. And this tip is going to help you get that interesting moment into more of your content.

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  • Client Relationships — What to Do When Things Go Wrong (FS220)

    If you work with clients directly there’s a very good chance you’re going to have to deal with some shitty situations. Clients asking for late refunds Clients delaying payment for waaaaaaay too long Customers leaving bad reviews on Yelp, Etsy or something like it Clients changing requirements in the middle of a project Client taking forever to get back to you, stoppi ...

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  • How to Create a Fail-proof Mastermind Group

    We know you’ve heard it before (um, even from us) — you should join a mastermind group, also known as a group of 4-6 people who meet about every two weeks to give each other advice and hold one another accountable to big goals. It’s kind of a no brainer, isn’t it? We all know that trying to do it all alone as an entrepreneur is a recipe for eventually giving up when the going gets tough.

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  • Tips On Using Medium as a Blogging Channel to Grow An Audience (FS217)

    Jonas Ellison spent the last year growing an audience on Medium.com, and it worked… accidentally. On the show today you’re going to hear tangible tips about Medium.com, which will help you decide if you should use this growing platform to grow an audience. There are some new features on Medium that make both Corbett and Chase do a bit of a double take on using this platform.

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  • How Indie Entrepreneurs Should Plan Vacations (FS216)

    Travel can lead to inspiration, vision and clarity for your business. That can mean huge gains when you’re an owner-operator of a small business. As indie-preneurs and solo-preneurs we can often be the bottleneck for our business. Our mindset can be the leading cause of atrophy or stagnation in our strategies and execution.

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