• Increasing Email Open Rates

    Recently, I sent out a list of marketing tips and takeaways to my email readers, and as always, I got a flurry of feedback (which I love). Occasionally, I get readers who challenge me on certain points and usually tell me that some other “guru” told them the opposite. That’s cool, but I’ve been doing this for 20 years and have stats and experiments to back up my tips.

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  • How I Got My Start

    I get asked a lot of times on how I got my start in the Internet marketing world to generate an online income. Well, that’s a story that goes back to 1996 when I was in my last year of college. I remember my sister telling me about this thing called the “Internet” that was getting real popular.

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  • The Royal Road To Riches

    You might not know this, but I actually started my first business as a teenager back in the late 1980’s. Yes, a long time ago. It started when I came across a full page sales letter ad in a popular magazine taken out by an individual by the name of John Wright. The headline was compelling…. “How To Make $25,000 Per Month – Guaranteed.” Sweet and simple.

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  • Why Steve Jobs Would Have Loved Ryan Levesque’s Ask Method

    Why Steve Jobs Would Have Loved Ryan Levesque’s Ask Method Today, I want to break down what’s called the “Ask Phenomenon”. It’s about a method so powerful, it catapulted a friend I know from making $0 to $25,000 a month in 18 months of his very first business. And that’s why I want to tell you about this.

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  • How To Improve Your Email Deliverability

    Last week I sent out two emails to my main list (if you haven’t subscribed, use the box on the right to join) on how to get better email deliverability. I thought I would post those same tips here on my blog for the benefit of people who might have missed it. Email service providers are getting more rigid with rules and getting into the inbox of your prospects and customers ...

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  • Are Webinars Dead?

    One of the best methods for driving sales (especially for high-ticket items) is the use of live webinars. Not only do they allow you to demonstrate your products or services, present your engaging content, they also help facilitate trust with your attendees. For the longest time, marketers were using teleconferences to sell their products and services before webinars changed the game.

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  • Are You Hurting Your Own Progress?

    One of the biggest challenges we face as marketers is managing the most time consuming aspect of running our online business – the email inbox. Managing this little sucker can save you countless number of hours and allow you to do things in your business that actually move it forward. One of the recommendations that I have made in the past is to unsubscribe from email lists ...

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