• How Affiliate Became the Second Paid Revenue Stream in 6 Months

      Note from Geno Prussakov: Ladies and gentlemen, below you may find the first guest post by our newest guest blogger, Adrian Horvat, who has contributed the below case study. Vola.ro is the biggest online travel agency in Romania. The business grew very fast from €115,000 turnover in 2007 to €5,300,000 in 2010 and €55,000,000 turnover in 2016 but, the affiliate program did no ...

      Geno Prussakovin Affiliate Paid Search How To's- 22 readers -
    • 2018 Calendar of Affiliate Marketing Events: Conferences, Expos & More

      With the economy booming, we have all the reasons to believe that in 2018 we will see more affiliate marketing events (happening globally) than ever before. To help you navigate these, we hereby bring you our 8th annual compilation of affiliate marketing conferences, trade shows, expos, and other events to consider in the course of the year (the list will be constantly updated ...

      Geno Prussakov/ Geno Prussakov- 11 readers -
    • AM Navigator – Профессиональное управление партнёрскими программами

      Для каждого клиента AM Navigator разрабатывает стратегию, настривает и развивает партнёрскую программу согласно задачам бизнеса и маркетинга клиента. На рынках России, Беларуси, Украины и Казахстана AM Navigator предоставляет следующие пакеты услуг: I. «Check-Up» – всеобъемлющий аудит партнёрской программы с последующей презентацией выявленных фактов и тенденций, а также реко ...

      Geno Prussakov/ Geno Prussakov- 31 readers -
  • Affiliate Marketing Tip of the Week: Competing with Amazon in SEO

    In this week’s Affiliate Marketing Tip of the Week we tackle a situation faced by countless affiliates and affiliate managers – that of competing with Amazon’s stellar search engine rankings. Amazon, the company whose affiliate marketing program is in many ways exemplary of leveraging affiliates for growing a business, is crushing many brands’ affiliate marketing efforts, maki ...

    Geno Prussakov/ Geno Prussakov- 17 readers -
  • Amazon Retires aStore Affiliate Tool: Reasons and Lessons to Learn

    Over the summer we had learned of Amazon’s decision to retire their aStore affiliate product. For many it came as a bolt from the blue. Various speculations (on the reasons behind the move) have been floating around the Web, and I’ve decided to throw in my two cents too. Introduction First things first… what is/was aStore? When added to Amazon’s affiliate program in 2006 it wa ...

    Geno Prussakov/ Geno Prussakovin Affiliate- 13 readers -
  • Top 10 Resources for Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Professionals

    I was recently asked for a recommendation on the top resources to follow for best quality insight on digital marketing and eCommerce. Since many other professionals may benefit from a list like this, I’ve decided to turn my answer into a blog post. Below you may find my personal list of resources “not to miss” if you want to stay up-to-date on all things online marketing and ...

    Geno Prussakov/ Geno Prussakov- 17 readers -
  • AM Navigator Named Best OPM Agency of the Year by Rakuten Marketing

    We are proud to announce AM Navigator as the winner of Rakuten Marketing‘s 2017 “OPM Agency of the Year” Golden Link award. These prestigious industry awards are meant to honor “the innovators, visionaries and digital marketing leaders” and, as I said it my acceptance speech, after training over 50,000 marketers through books and video courses, and building up hundreds of affil ...

    Geno Prussakov/ Geno Prussakovin Affiliate- 14 readers -
  • 20 Ways to Motivate Stagnant Affiliates to Activate

    Stagnant affiliates are a common problem. It isn’t unusual to see affiliate programs in which at best about 10 percent of affiliates are responsible for 90 percent of all activity in the program. I would go as far as to say that 99% of all affiliate programs experience this problem at one point or another.

    Geno Prussakov/ Geno Prussakovin Affiliate- 19 readers -
  • Direct Revenue Share Affiliate Programs and Online Marketplaces

    In late 2014, a good friend (who serves as a high-level executive of a major publishing outlet) authored and rolled out his new book. Looking for ways to increase its sales, he reached out to me asking how we could utilize the power of affiliate marketing to aid in his objective. The only question I needed to ask before answering his was: “How are you currently selling the book ...

    Geno Prussakov/ Geno Prussakovin Affiliate- 26 readers -
  • 3 Powerful Features Underused by Most ShareASale Affiliate Programs

    Less than a month ago we launched a brand new affiliate program on ShareASale affiliate network. In under three weeks the program cracked the network’s prestigious Top 100 PowerRank, becoming one of the top-performing affiliate programs on ShareASale. On obvious reasons, I cannot share all of the techniques that lead to such a stellar rise, but there are three things that I wo ...

    Geno Prussakov/ Geno Prussakovin Affiliate- 18 readers -
  • Dangerous Misconception: “Affiliate Marketing Channel”

    Whether you are brand new to the affiliate marketing industry or you have been in it for the most part of the time that the industry has been around, chances of you hearing affiliate marketing being called “a channel” (or even using the phrase “affiliate marketing channel” or “affiliate channel” yoursef) more than likely exceed 90%. It is a very common phrase you’ll hear from marketers.

    Geno Prussakov/ Geno Prussakovin Affiliate- 18 readers -
  • Best of Affiliate Marketing 2016

    Looking back at the year that’s about to pass, I have analysed our 2016 blog posts that were most frequently shared and quoted. So, in the best tradition of “readers’ choice” lists, I am hereby excited to bring you the list of the best 2016 content that was published on AM Navigator’s blog. ~ Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Posts of 2016 ~ 20 Affiliate Marketing Stats That Will Blo ...

    Geno Prussakov/ Geno Prussakovin Affiliate Social Paid Search- 26 readers -

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