• Big Data’s Most Influential Rock Stars: 10 Must-Follow Leaders

      There’s been a lot of talk about big data in the past few years. And while there’s no denying its growing impact on nearly every area of both life and business … there’s also no getting around its complexity. One of the best ways to expose yourself to the rapidly developing world of big data is simply to start paying attention to a handful or more of its leading influencers on social media.

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    • How To Repel The Wrong Customers And Attract The Right Ones

      As an automation-savvy marketer, you are focused on attracting attention, nurturing relationships, and then converting people into customers. (That’s vastly oversimplified, but basically accurate.). But it’s just as important to signal who is not a good fit for your business, right up front at the “attraction” stage. In other words, it’s just as important that we deter as well as attract.

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  • 9 Incredible Ways To Repurpose Content

    How long does it take you to create content for your website or social media marketing strategy? If you are doing it properly, probably quite a while, and it doesn’t get as much exposure as you had expected. It’s too bad, but what can you do? Actually, there’s a lot you can do to make sure you make the most of your content in whatever form it takes by repurposing it.

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  • Your Guide to Creating Viral Link Bait and Infographics

    You know you’ve created the best content when people share your content, because they want to, not because someone asked them to. If people perceive your content as useful, helpful, relevant, entertaining or attractive, it has the potential to be shared and re-shared until it goes viral. This content is called link bait. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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  • Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done – A Guide

    We all procrastinate. There’s nothing shameful about that, it’s just human nature. And while it’s acceptable to be lazy from time to time, procrastination can become a very bad habit very quickly. Often we don’t even know we’re doing it. Especially in our age of technology and social media, it’s never been easier to “slightly postpone” your duties by checking your Facebook, Ins ...

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  • Why Customer Service and Marketing Need to Work Together

    Customer service is what separates a decent business and an amazing company. In a world where corporations outsource their customer support to other countries and don’t make it a priority, customer support is becoming even more of a deciding factor for consumers. People are tired of struggling to get help fixing a problem, so when doing business, they look at a company’s reputa ...

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  • Marketing Automation and the New Omnichannel Journey

    Staying one step ahead of the customer has gotten a whole lot harder recently. Whereas a customer journey once represented a swift trip from A to B and then perhaps to C, it now resembles something of an alphabet soup, with customers taking many a meandering route towards a purchase. Here are three examples of customer journeys that are considered to be typical today; and thre ...

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  • Living Off the List: The Successful Affiliate Marketing Lifestyle

    Life comes at us hard. We all can attest to that. So what I have to share today takes a stand against modern day slavery. Okay, maybe that’s a bit much? But how else am I to explain it? We either spend all our time working for some corporation that “capitalizes” from our time and effort spent serving their needs, or find ourselves unable to work due to poor economic reasons or ...

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  • Preparing Your Marketing Strategies for Virtual Reality

    Even just five years ago, the idea of virtual reality (VR) experiences and gear were within the realm of science fiction. But we are now within the beginning of a new age of technology, with companies producing the first round of VR headsets and already planning how to improve for the future. While there are many naysayers to the technology, it’s becoming extremely clear that it’s here to stay.

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  • 5 Tips to Marketing Healthcare Businesses

    Marketing for a healthcare business is a unique challenge. A lot more goes into the decision process when consumers choose a healthcare provider than other purchasing choices. People want to choose a business they can trust, that can provide the services they need, and is within their insurance’s network.

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  • Expend Your Mental Energy Wisely For a Productive Work Day

    Notice how you feel exhausted when you ran a kilometer more than your usual? Or when you take up a new activity that stretches your muscle? Don’t you also feel the same after doing a mentally challenging task on a busy work day? Tasks that require our thinking power and decision-making skills drain our mental energy.

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  • 10 Email Marketing Myths Killing Your ROI

    Chances are … you’ve seen the stats: Email has the highest return-on-investment (ROI) of all marketing channels. Email generates 40 times more customers than social media. Email yields a 17% higher purchase value per order than social platforms. Email is used by over 90% of all US consumers on a daily basis. Sadly, what you may not have seen … are the results.

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  • 4 Ways to Boost Content Marketing with Automation

    Great content requires talent and skill to pull off; it requires a human touch, with a dash of artistry and a hefty serving of creative know-how. To put it simply, content is not something you can automate. However, that is not to say that our content strategies can’t benefit from a little automation.

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