• Big Data’s Most Influential Rock Stars: 10 Must-Follow Leaders

      There’s been a lot of talk about big data in the past few years. And while there’s no denying its growing impact on nearly every area of both life and business … there’s also no getting around its complexity. One of the best ways to expose yourself to the rapidly developing world of big data is simply to start paying attention to a handful or more of its leading influencers on social media.

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    • How To Repel The Wrong Customers And Attract The Right Ones

      As an automation-savvy marketer, you are focused on attracting attention, nurturing relationships, and then converting people into customers. (That’s vastly oversimplified, but basically accurate.). But it’s just as important to signal who is not a good fit for your business, right up front at the “attraction” stage. In other words, it’s just as important that we deter as well as attract.

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  • How to Segment Email Lists for Better Campaigns

    Time and again email has proved to be the most important weapon in the arsenal of a digital marketer. But gone are the days of “email blasts”. Now email marketing is mostly transactional in nature. Its success (or failure) depends entirely on how well you’ve segmented your audience, and which segment gets which email communication.

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  • 7 Emotional Triggers to Improve Email Conversions

    To increase email conversion rates, make your emails irresistible. Use emotional triggers to drive the readers’ attention. What are emotional triggers? Reminisce for a moment: when was the last time you purchased something after reading a sales email? What were you thinking? Can you even remember? Now, what were you feeling? You remember that, don’t you? Emotions are the primar ...

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  • The 14 Best Free Marketing Automation Resources for Beginners

    You’ve recently made the decision to get started with marketing automation. Great! Now what? Software? (Well, yeah… may I suggest GetResponse for that?) But what else? Well, let’s think that through. Where do you need to start for marketing automation? And, what help is there for you at every major step of the journey? This post is for those of you who understand the benefits o ...

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  • The Biggest Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make

    There’s no doubt that social media is the most powerful tool of our time. It can be used to break news, sell to a target audience and communicate with customers. Every company in the Western world uses social media to some extent, but there are some glaring examples of when social media is abused rather than used.

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  • Secrets of Effective Online Communication [Event Recap]

    How to communicate effectively online? Is there a universal path to follow when planning communication or is it industry-specific? How do you establish effective digital communication with customers based on their behavior patterns? We tried to find the answers to those questions during our exclusive networking event in Gdansk, Poland, where the GetResponse HQ is located.

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  • How to COPE Your Content for Guaranteed Conversion Rates

    Have you thought about increasing your Content Conversion? Along with the content marketing boom, many useful strategies for driving traffic and brand awareness have been born. One of them is called the COPE strategy: “Create Once, Publish Everywhere.” From the main concept, we can tell that it’s something that can potentially influence any business’ productivity by giving it a ...

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  • How to Promote Your Webinar the Right Way

    Webinars and live streaming videos have quickly become one of the key tactics top B2B and B2C brands use in their communication strategies. This isn’t a surprise. Webinars are just as effective for generating new leads as they are for building relationships with your existing customers. So how can you make webinars work well for you? Step 1: promote them the well! Webinars – ...

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  • 4 Radical Pyschological Experiments with Key Lessons to Boost Your Conversions

    According to a research on conversion rates from Marketing Charts, 60 percent of online marketers plan on doing a customer journey analysis to improve their online conversion rates. Econsultancy reports that only about 22 percent of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. Conversion optimization goes beyond tweaking your call to action, changing fonts and page color.

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  • Webinar Recap: How to Use GetResponse Marketing Automation for Your Business

    We want to thank you all so much for registering and attending our webinar all about getting started with marketing automation yesterday! We had a great group of attendees who asked some awesome questions. Together we were able to introduce marketing automation as a theory, then see it work in action! (Though some attendees had trouble focusing, as it was lunch time for them ...

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  • A Guide to Setting Up Google Analytics for WordPress

    Google Analytics is a versatile reporting and tracking system that turns out valuable data regarding the performance of your website. Launched in 2005, it is an easily operable system, even for beginners. It also has many advanced features that can help with the creation of complex reports, track visitors’ movement paths through the site, and monitor conversions of goals you se ...

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  • 9 Time & Money Saving Tools for Online Solopreneurs

    Working in the online environment includes numerous professional challenges. Freelancer solopreneurs need to constantly adapt to new work conditions. Three crucial features of online business organization are rational budgeting, limited expenditure, and efficient time management. If you neglect any of them, it’s highly likely you won’t reach your business goals the way you’ve planned.

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  • How Much Marketing Automation Is Too Much?

    In November 2016, without too much fanfare, Twitter launched a marketing automation tool which could be something of a game changer for social media support. The tool that Twitter launched was a bot designed to answer low-level customer service questions and filter clients towards the right department for support.

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  • 7 Copywriting Hacks to Boost Conversions

    Quality copywriting speaks for itself. When your copy is good, you can bring the public in and convert them into customers with ease. It’s a step that many marketers miss, but actually focusing on the quality of your writing is incredibly important. Here’s some useful hacks that you should know before you write another post for your company.

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