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  • The 10 Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes We’ve Seen This Year

    Do you like bloopers? You know – the outtakes of a movie or a TV show where you see the actors screw up? This week’s post is a bit like an email marketing blooper reel. These are some of the most common recurring mistakes I’ve come across in my inbox in the last year. There’s also a few examples of strategy mistakes and personal pet peeves mixed into the list. 1. The botched subject line.

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  • InBoxing Day: 10 Tips for a Surprise Sale Email #Infographic

    In many countries Boxing Day is one of the main shopping events of the year. In this blog your will find basic information about the holiday, short description of major online marketing trends, and some Boxing Day email inspiration. We have also prepared an infographic with 10 tips for a surprise sale email in order to help you prepare an effective email marketing campaign and ...

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  • Turn A Single Blog Post Topic Into 12

    Years ago, magazines were published once or twice a month, and they contained serialized novels – a chapter or two in each edition. The goal of the publisher was obvious – people would buy the magazine to get that next chapter, so sales remained strong. This tactic is now becoming popular with bloggers for a number of reasons, not the least of which is to gain loyal readers/sub ...

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  • Five 2015 Online Recaps

    We’re nearing the end of 2015, and boy, what a year it was! As we’re winding down and getting closer to that New Year’s bang, I’ve compiled a list of tops things to catch up before you leave work on the 31st. Ithe spirit of last week’s post about staying productive during the Holidays, I’ve decided to slow down and embrace the extra time – golden advice for those awkward last days of December.

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  • 3 Bad Social Habits To Break In 2016

    Following up from my 2016 predictions post last week, as we get through to the other side of Christmas and begin to count down the last remaining days and hours of yet another year at the helm of business marketing, it’s time to take stock of our strategies. I want to take a similar approach to my last blog – that is to say that instead of taking this opportunity to look back, ...

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  • 3 Social Marketing Predictions For 2016

    As another year draws to a close, I find myself with two options for today’s post – a look back, or a look forward. There is merit in both approaches, of course, but I have decided to go with the latter – 2015 has happened, and I sincerely hope that it happened well for you. Whatever you have learned from the experience, you must gather up the insights to take you through the ...

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  • 153 Ideas for Blog Posts

    It’s planning season. As 2015 closes out and 2016 rushes in, most of us look ahead to schedules, goals and resolutions. If you’re fired up to do more with your blog this year, we’d like to offer you some fuel. These blog post ideas are designed to fit with any niche – from real estate or SEO, parenting or cross training.

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  • 3 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions To Start Right NOW!!

    Wow. Hasn’t 2015 just flown by. It seems like only yesterday that we were all reading and writing blogs about predictions for the upcoming year, looking back over 2014, and just generally feeling the usual blend of hope and determination that every new beginning seems to bring.But, by the time the second week back at work in January has also rolled by, all that determination in ...

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  • 3 Tricks For Preparing Your App For The Holidays

    For anyone with an app, the holiday season is the biggest time for consumption and spending. This period is the “black Friday” of the app business world. With new phones and tablets being unwrapped and ample time to click ‘Get’, brands are sure to see their downloads spike and consumer spending skyrocket.

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  • 5 Tips Every Content Marketing Beginner Should Know

    Content marketing can be a really satisfying job, that’s the good news. But the bad news? Well, nothing comes easily. Even the most experienced and the most famous content marketers had to start somehow. However, beginners should also act like professionals. If you have just started your content marketing journey, here are some tips for you to follow.

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  • 9 Tools to Optimize Your Best Marketing Asset: Your Brain

    It’s an amazing time to be a marketer. Now more than ever before, we have access to tools, channels, and resources to achieve quantifiable and measurable results. The digital world is a blank canvas, and we have free reign to create anything. Just take a look at some today’s most creative digital marketing strategies (like Refinery29’s digital magazine or ModCloth’s community features).

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  • How To Never Miss A Deadline Again

    The wilier amongst you will no doubt infer the irony when I tell you that I’m writing this blog a whole working day past its deadline. And the even wilier still will realise that I chose to use the words ‘working day’ so as to mitigate the severity of its lateness (yes, I’d made a promise to have this blog submitted by Friday, and it’s now Monday that I’m writing it).

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  • Are Interactive Emails The Next Big Thing?

    Email has a bad reputation. Too many people think of it as being stodgy….static… boring. People like you – people who would read an email marketing blog – know better. Email isn’t stodgy at all. Especially when you break out the ROI charts comparing it to other channels. From that view, email is downright sexy.The difference between the two views is in how you practice email marketing.

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  • How To Win At Winter Marketing

    With Black Friday fading into memory once again, shoppers are expected to have dropped in excess of £3bn in the UK alone by close of business today (I write this on Monday 30/11/15).However, even this seems like a drop in the ocean compared to the total £16.5bn that is expected to be spent in the run-up to Christmas.

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  • Winter Email Lookbook

    Happy (early) St. Nicholas Day! There is no better for an email marketer to celebrate St. Nick than by looking at some inspiring emails. The Holidays are an excellent time to let your inner artist come out. November through December is the busiest time for online marketers. According to the National Retail Federation Holiday retail sales are steady on the rise: With that in ...

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  • How to Use Social Media Content in Your Emails

    Having trouble coming up with content for your email messages? Worried “we’ve got a new blog post” is not enough content to make for an interesting email? Fret not, marketers. Here’s nine ways to add social media content to your emails. 1) Embed social media feeds into email messages. This may be beyond your ken if you’re a solopreneur, but you should know it exists.

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  • How to Get More Email Results With Custom Fields

    Inboxes are fierce with competition. You need every edge you can get. So why not use one of the best email marketing techniques to stand out from your competition? Especially if it delivers emails that are more relevant and useful to your subscribers? That’s what personalization can do. And while there’s plenty of information about why and how personalization works, I’m going ...

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  • How To Stay Productive During the Holidays?

    The Holiday season is upon us. With everyone talking about their vacation plans, discussing gift ideas, or preparing for the office Christmas party – it’s easy to fall out of the productivity wagon. All you want to do is just stay focused and get your work done, right? Here are some last minute productivity tips to use if you can’t seem to focus on your tasks.

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  • Six Reasons Why You Need Localization

    “But everybody speaks English!” seems to be a mantra in the business world nowadays. If that’s the case then one version of a website, software, or advertisement is enough. An English version, of course. So what’s the point of spending valuable resources on something so seemingly redundant as localization? First of all, we need to establish what exactly localization is.

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  • Shared IP vs. Dedicated IP

    When you set out to accomplish your goals do you go about it alone, or would you rather share the effort with others? If we apply this question to the email marketing world it boils down to something all email marketers should ask themselves at some point: should I go for a dedicated IP or use a shared solution.

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