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  • 10 Google Chrome App’s That Will Increase Your Productivity

    It doesn’t matter whether people use the Internet to research, work, network, or advertise – Google Chrome is probably the most popular option for a simple, intuitive, and a fast browser. If you’re a fan of minimalist design, then you certainly appreciate Chrome’s simplicity combined with great efficiency.

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  • 10 Easy Ways To Increase Email Click-Through Rates

    Not getting enough clicks from your emails? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Keeping engagement rates high is a struggle for every digital marketer. And while we email marketers have it better than most of our peers, we’re still not off the hook. As an engagement metric, click-through rates are particularly important. But don’t just take my word for it.

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  • The 7 Best WordPress Plugins For Building Your List

    Wanna know the difference between smart marketers and the ones that just spin their wheels? Email. Email continues to beat out almost every other channel (except sometimes organic SEO) in terms of ROI. It wins for lead nurturing and lead generation. It wins for engagement. It wins for conversion rate. But there is one really big drawback to email marketing. You gotta have people to mail to.

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  • 3 Ways To Start Getting Noticed On Instagram

    Are you using Instagram yet? You probably are at least on a personal level – it’s been about for the best part of 6 years already, and, for my money at least, is one of the most interesting and engaging social media platforms. Of course, part of Instagram’s popularity – it’s up to 400 million active monthly users, you know – is down to the fact that it is a solely visual social network.

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  • 4 Great Tools For Promoting Your eBook

    The digital age is both a bane and a boon for budding young (and not so young) authors. Whilst the unstoppable surge of new technology has provided many new channels for self-publishing, it has also created a fiercely competitive marketplace where anyone with a laptop can now bang out a few thousand words and call it an eBook. It’s a situation that is at once democratising and destabilising.

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  • 4 Weird Habits Of Ridiculously Productive People

    Ever heard about the productivity trick with the whistle and the egg? No? Me neither. But it wouldn’t surprise me if there was one. (You Google it. I’m afraid).Ends up, we humans are pretty wacky creatures. What works and what doesn’t is often a mystery – and different for every one of us. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try a strange productivity trick every now and then.

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  • 6 Habits That Make Successful People Different

    Do you know what it’s to spend 10.000$ on a guilty pleasure, without even thinking about the financial consequences of such a splurge? Yep, me neither. But approximately 30 million people in the world wouldn’t have any problem with answering that question. Although some may claim that success and money do not always go in pair, the truth is that most communities associate bei ...

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  • 6 Tools To Make A UX Writer’s Day Bearable (Two Of Them Will Surprise You)

    UX copywriting (UX writing, in short) is a bit different from writing for marketing. The two main differences are the length of your copy and the to-the-pointness that you need to be aware of. UX writing means you’re working on the text in the application user interface (UI). It’s about all sorts of labels, hints, pop-ups, explanations, and error messages.

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  • 8 Online Proofreading Tools for Better Blogging

    Are you a blogger? Do you spend countless hours coming up with content, outlining drafts, and writing blogs for your website or business? If so, you know the importance of having properly editing content. There are few things more embarrassing than a reader emailing you to tell you they spotted a typo in your words. But it can be difficult to catch all of your own mistakes.

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  • Are Solo Ads Right For Your Business?

    Want to build your email list fast, or get the word out about next week’s product launch? Some marketers swear by solo ads. And while solo ads can work, they’re not for every business, and they can be a risky investment. Keep reading to see if they’re right for you. What’s a solo ad? Anyone who’s been in affiliate marketing for a while will have heard of solo ads.

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  • The Anatomy of a Killer Landing Page

    Ever designed a landing page from scratch? It can be a scary undertaking. There you are, alone against the blank white page. Where do you start? What should you include? What should you not include? It doesn’t have to be so daunting. Even if you decide to forego a landing page template (which can reduce some of that blank page anxiety), there are some common elements almost ev ...

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  • SEO Mistakes To Be Avoided At All Costs

    Running blogs isn’t a piece of cake. But before getting down to exactly why that is, we need to acknowledge that blog owners have advantages like publicity and advertising of their product or service, communicating with readers, writing/design/SEO/etc. skills development, and a lot more advantages that make running blogs an exciting occupation. We’re back again to the not-a-piece-of-cake part.

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  • What’s the Beat Behind Your Campaign?

    The daily life of an online marketer sure is fun. And with a forever-growing list of marketing tools and activities aimed at building customers relationships, you obviously have a lot to learn and do. As a result, there’s been a growing demand for productivity tools to help you take control of the day. We used to think that there’s an app for everything.

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  • The Content Behind Successful Twitter Campaigns

    Too many people start planning Twitter campaigns with thoughts about retweets, likes, and new followers in mind. But they should be thinking about the most important thing: The content! When it comes to tweets, it’s the content — words, hashtags, photos, and videos — which makes them go viral. Knowing what type of content is well received will help your tweets spread as you c ...

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  • How Big Data Can Help Small Business

    Big data is having quite an impact on the marketing world. How should your small business use big data to improve your marketing efforts? First off, it’s important to realize that all businesses, both big and small, can benefit from analyzing data about their customers and the way they react to products, services, and marketing efforts.

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  • How To Use Blab For Marketing

    Last week I wrote a post in response to a comment left from a reader of the GetResponse blog. A few weeks ago, the now sadly departed Kerry Butters wrote a blog entitled ‘2 New Social Networks To Consider For 2016’. The social networks in question were Peach and Blab. Kerry’s post was introductory, which is to say that although she gave a thorough overview an appraisal of the ...

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  • Setting Goals: A Blessing Or A Threat To Your Productivity?

    The practice of setting goals has gained a lot of attention as of lately, getting rather positive appraisal – most of the time. A lot of us have already been introduced to the concept, at least to some extent, and probably exercised it with more or less success. So, why is it that there are more ‘less success’ situations, even though we do our best to apply this presumably wond ...

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  • How To Use Peach For Marketing

    I begin writing this post in response to two closely connected things. Firstly, it is a response to a comment left by a reader of the GetResponse blog. And secondly, it is a response to the blog post itself that the comment was left beneath (if you ever needed convincing about the name of this fine company, then hopefully this post will prove that you do indeed Get Response fro ...

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  • How To Build A Profitable Network On LinkedIn

    LinkedIn – more so than any other social network for my money – has got the niche game sewn up. No other network is quite so targeted at a particular type of user. Everybody and their granny has a Facebook account. Twitter attracts marketers, professionals, celebrities and casuals by almost equal measure.

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  • Is Google+ Still Relevant?

    When Google+ launched in 2011, it did so with the great expectations that it would compete with Facebook. It quickly reached a million users and within a month had grown to a user base of 25 million. It wasn’t just the social aspect that saw businesses and marketers fast to adopt the platform, it was once proclaimed in most circles that ‘Google+ was the best social network to ...

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  • The Marketing Easter Bunny Has Travelled Online #Infographic

    Traditionally Spring is the season of starting new projects and coming up with new ideas. Also a time to reflect on your email marketing performance, so you can introduce changes that will allow your business to grow faster than ever before. In order to help you start off, we have prepared a few tips based on our recent report.

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  • How To Plan And Host A Webinar

    A great webinar is a lot like an inspiring book or true story. It leaves you with a sense of fulfillment, knowledge, and a better understanding of the world around you. A bad webinar on the other hand can make you feel like you just wasted several hours of your life and you’d like to know how to get them back.

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  • Lead Generation Techniques 101 For Modern Marketers #FreebieFriday

    Have you ever wondered why email marketing brings such high ROI and why so many companies consider it their top online marketing channel? Well, it’s simply because email marketing is designed to generate leads. Firstly, you have the double opt-in process, which means that only the people who are really interested in your offer subscribe to your newsletter.

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