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  • 11 Things You Can Do To Make Yourself More Visible Online

    Are you the best-kept-secret in your business? Do you know for sure, that you can help your target audience get amazing results and help take their health, relationships, or business to the next level? Do you sometimes get jealous when you see others making a killing in their business when you know in your heart that you are as good as them if not more? Let me tell you something ..

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  • Flashback Friday April Fools 2015

    There are only a few times a year when brands go above and beyond to bring their creative A-games to the table. And none of them are as irreverent as April Fool’s day. There’s nothing like a brand playing a mass prank on their customers. We’re so excited for the 2016 April Fools pranks that we thought it would be fun to recap our favorites from 2015. The Top 10 April Fools Day Pranks of 2015 1.

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  • 3 Ways Not To Be The Jon Snow Of Website Optimization

    Who likes Jon Snow from ‘Game of Thrones’? I do. Sometimes he might be a bit boring but he’s a cool and actually kind of a tough guy. There’s only one problem – Jon thinks he’s smart but the truth is that he knows nothing. (Image source: Tumblr) The same goes for marketers. We think we are smart but we know nothing (kind of).

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  • 3 Facebook Analytics Tricks For Dramatically Better Results

    It’s hard to ignore Facebook. If you’re in B2C, it’s pretty much impossible. Increasingly, even if you’re in B2B, it’s not a good idea. Facebook simply crushes every other social media network in terms of active users, the amount of content being shared and in how much business there is to be had on it. Of course, you’ve got to get over the bait and switch move Zuckerburg pulled.

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  • 3 Ways To Get Started With Vlogging Today

    Not too long ago was blogging, yesterday it was social media, but today, if you’re going to continue to create a swell on the web waves, then it’s vlogging that you’re going to have to start getting to grips with. What Is Vlogging?­­­­ A good question at this point. Vlogging is a term that has come about as a contraction of the words ‘video’ and ‘blogging’.

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  • 5 Black Hat SEO Practices You Need To Stop Now!

    Do you remember those old westerns where the “bad guys” wore black hats, which, from the audience’s perspective, clearly distinguished them from the “good guys” who wore white hats? Well, even if you don’t, this is where the terms “black hat SEO” and “white hat SEO” originate. So, this means that if any amount of black hat SEO forms part of your ranking strategy, then you – a ...

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  • Work-Life Balance: 5 Steps For A Healthy Success

    My weeks differ, as do the projects I am involved in. Does that really mean that I cannot balance my work and life properly since I cannot stick to the regular eight hour’s shift? Or maybe the work-life balance is just another myth that has nothing to do with the modern job reality? For some, my working hours may seem pretty hectic and chaotic. I’m not an early bird, that’s for sure.

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  • How To Fix A Frustrating 500 Internal Server Error

    Errors are an integral part of the website development process. 500 internal server error mostly occurs in the root directory, where your main WordPress files reside. What’s more, this problem can also occur due to any problem on the host’s server. Experienced developers don’t bother much about 500 internal server errors as it is a generic error and shows up when no other message is suitable.

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  • 7 Time and Career Saving Productivity Apps

    Some people work better under a deadline. Well, at least that’s my excuse. Truth be told, many of us are just putting projects away till the very last moment. The reason lies somewhere between the never ending number of projects we all have to work on and – this might be hard to admit – our personalities. Sometimes you’ll get away with it, other times you won’t.

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  • 8 Time-Proven Ways To Increase Twitter Engagement

    Twitter is one of the most important tools available. Like it or not, the platform has changed the foundation of consumer interaction and has taken center stage amongst other social media communities. The extremely public platform makes it easy for anyone to access, and using the social network strategically can immediately expand your overall business outreach.

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  • SEO Housekeeping: The Beginner’s Guide To Quick DIY SEO Audits

    As a marketer, you will be more than aware of the pressing demands of SEO. Indeed, you will no doubt already have an extremely thorough and (what you hope is a) really good strategy for ensuring that your website is always moving in the right direction (up) Google’s search rankings. You’ll be growth hacking and content marketing and link building and blogging and tweeting and ...

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  • Marketing Automation: Prepare For The Perfect Tool

    Marketing automation has been a hot topic, on the minds of most marketers around the world, for some time now. Many of them still think of it as a tool reserved for big companies, huge marketing budgets, and advanced marketers. What if we told you there’s a tool flexible enough that it can be adjusted to the needs of both those who are just starting out and marketers who are al ...

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  • I Bet Katy Perry Knows More About Twitter Marketing Than You

    Well, that was a bold title for this blog, wasn’t it? It isn’t without merit though. @KatyPerry is the most popular Twitter account of all time with over 83 million followers at the time I wrote this. There is no success on Twitter quite like having a HUGE audience to send your messages to. If you’re to use followers as the sole metric for successful, Katy Perry’s a better Twit ...

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  • Marketing Fuzzwords We Use Every Day + Bingo Card

    ­­­Writing is super easy today. Here’s the recipe: keep on mixing a limited set of phrases and don’t forget to season everything with a buzzword or two. Don’t worry that all other writers compose their titles and texts as if they copied it from a shared word list. Keep on flooding the Internet with your “catchy” phrases. Keep ’em coming to be seen, to have your “hot” dish go everywhere.

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  • Have You Considered Marketing On Medium?

    There’s quite a lot of attention amongst writerly, social-mediarly and marketingerly circles at the moment about the relatively new blogging platform Medium. Have you heard of it? In was launched way back in 2012 by two of the founders of Twitter, and has gradually gained in popularity since then (it now has a Domain Authority of 84, which is a pretty good indicator of its pla ...

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  • How to Tell if Republishing Your Posts is a Good Idea – or Not

    There are a few things every blogger wants more of. Stuff like time. Money. A bigger audience. This post is about the audience part. How to get more exposure, or “reach” for your blog posts. Because even if you publish great content, if no one sees it, you’re not a whole lot better off. That’s why we’ve got so many promotion techniques for blogging and content marketing.

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  • Why Is Wiki Software Getting More Popular?

    When someone says Wiki, the first thing that comes to mind to most people is Wikipedia. Still, there are many business organizations who have found the use of Wiki Software for building websites, improving collaboration between employees, building FAQ sections for customers, and more. Let’s look at why wiki software has grown popular in the last decade and how it is applied in ...

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  • Why You Need To Manage Your Personal Reputation Online

    Your online personal reputation is the perception people have of you when they find you online. According to Internet Live Stats, on average, online users conduct 40,000 searches on Google every second. Think about it. Someone, somewhere out there could be looking for your profile to offer you a job, or even an exciting business opportunity.

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  • The Cautious Person’s Guide To Link Building

    Links are one of the most fundamental elements of search engine optimization. They’re right up there with content in terms of how important they are. But unfortunately, there’s still some confusion about the difference between good links and bad links. Even those terms – “good links” and “bad links” – aren’t helpful. Links typically aren’t that black and white.

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  • Email Deliverability From A To Z [Free Ebook]

    What makes an excellent email marketer? One that’s a deliverability know-it-all! There are so many things that go into delivering (get it?) an excellent mail that our Deliverability Manager took it upon himself to reveal the ins and outs of getting your email to the top. You may remember that we had an excellent series of blog posts focused on email deliverability.

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  • Three Simple Ways To Improve Site Speed

    Think site speed doesn’t matter? It does. In fact, a quick (pun intended) survey of cumulative data reveals that site speed is one of the most determinative factors to successful online engagement. Consider the facts. 74% of mobile-users will abandon a site if it takes five seconds or more to load. On desktops, a three-second delay in loading produces a staggering 57% page-abandonment rate.

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  • Conversion XL Live Recap: Key Insights From Conversion Masters

    Last week (March 29 – April 1) conversion rate optimization geniuses and fans met up at an annual conference organized by Conversion XL in Austin, Texas. 450 attendees from 28 countries, 27 talks, 4 workshops, 3 days of conference, and countless number of burritos. Add to it a beautiful resort outside Austin and a warm weather… This week just couldn’t get any better for convers ...

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