• Content shock re-visited, the content marketing myths and realities

      By Mark Schaefer For the past few years I’ve been a contributor to The Harvard Business Review. I submit my very best article once a quarter or so, an editor reviews it, she suggests some minor modifications, and then it would be published. Last week, I received a note from my editor that stabbed me in the heart: Mark, this is an excellent article.

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    • The ultimate list of 20 worthy social media rants

      By Mark Schaefer I always urge people to bring their own story into their social media content. I try to do that as best I can. Sometimes I’m happy. Sometimes I’m bemused. And sometimes I’m just amazed by the stupid stuff I see around the web. Alas, today is one of those days. I’m not cranky often, but when I am, it helps to just write it all out. Simmer down now y’all. It’s ranting time.

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    • What to do if the president tweets you

      By Mark W. Schaefer I was interviewed this week about my views on how the new U.S. President has used and abused Twitter. I was asked if Donald Trump has changed Twitter, perhaps even pumped the channel with new life and vitality. And even more important, how has he changed the dynamics of PR … any company or public figure could become a tweet target! Twitter is consistently ...

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  • Why great customer service doesn’t matter like it used to

    By Mark Schaefer I was helping a financial services company with their marketing strategy recently and job number one was defining their point of differentiation. They had done an enormous amount of preparation for our meeting, including a SWOT analysis and a detailed and honest competitive assessment.

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  • What is an ICO and what does it mean to new businesses?

    By Kiki Schirr, {grow} Contributing Columnist In the news recently, you may have heard of a new phenomenon called the “ICO.” What is an ICO, you may ask! An ICO, or initial coin offering, is an important new trend, a chance to buy into new crypto-currencies or tokens built on Blockchain. The trend began in startups, but even larger companies such as Kik are beginning to look ...

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  • Four ways I fight for freedom and digital citizenship in the era of fake news

    By Anitha Aswath {grow} Community Member Freedom is a core human value. It is sacred and pristine. But how do we preserve this in a world of fake news, bullying, hate, and all that comes with the constant hum and buzz of social media? Two weeks ago, Germany passed a new law that requires companies to delete illegal, racist, fake news, and slanderous posts on social media or ...

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  • What are the personal impacts of your digital immersion?

    By Mark Schaefer Do you remember when the digital age became part of your DNA? Can you recall the moment your social media “on” switch flipped for good? As a young media relations professional right out of college, part of my first job was to compile relevant industry news stories every single day for an executive summary that was faxed around the world (remember … no email in the 1980s!).

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  • 3 Lessons I learned from my creative burnout

    By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist This year, I created tons of blog posts, launched a couple of books, and created dozens of pieces of artwork for my clients. I was busy like a bee on steroids. I felt good and useful, at least for a while. Then I burned like a candle dipped into diesel, lit on both ends. The aftermath? I stayed in bed into afternoon and whined. For weeks.

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  • Influencer marketing grows up

    By Mark Schaefer Back in 2010, I wrote one of the most fun and fascinating blog posts of my life. A new trend was coming into view, led by a company called Klout. By analyzing millions of bits of social media data and the reactions the posts caused, the company proclaimed it could estimate your social media influence. At the time, it was a revolutionary idea.

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  • Don’t tell your story, ADD your story

    By Mark Schaefer What’s your story? Answering that question seems to be the core idea behind content marketing today but I want to suggest a subtle but important distinction to that advice. And to do that … I will use a story. A friend of mine went through my book KNOWN but was stuck on defining his sustainable interest — in other words, what he wanted to be known for.

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  • Stop blogging until you do these five things

    By Mark Schaefer I just found this awesome blog on social media measurement. I went down the rabbit hole and read six posts in a row. It was so good that I wanted to subscribe to it but I could not figure out how to do it. There was no subscribe button anywhere on his site! So … I left. This dude is probably thinking, “I’ve been blogging for three years and nobody is subscribing.

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  • Loyalty Programs Might Cost Your Business More Than You Bargained For

    By Kerry Gorgone Loyalty programs seem like Marketing 101. A retailer or other local business offers consumers a loyalty card that entitles them to free goods or services if they visit the store X number of times or refers X number of friends, etc. The popularity of loyalty programs is difficult to dispute: in a recent survey from CodeBroker, 70% of shoppers said they belong ...

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  • The three biggest social media problems are NOT social media problems

    By Mark Schaefer I love coaching people through their marketing strategy problems. This is where I thrive. In fact, there’s nothing I like better than a good business problem to tackle. But more often than not, when people think they have a social media marketing problem, it’s not a marketing problem at all. I would say about 90 percent of the time I discover some other underlying issue.

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  • Connecting to a new podcast on digital transformation

    By Mark Schaefer My favorite event of the year is attending the massive SXSW Interactive conference each spring. A lot of people go to connect and party … I go to learn. It’s an experience like no other. I get to listen to the greatest innovators, technologists, and thinkers on the planet. For years, I had a fantasy of of starting a new podcast where I talked to these amazing people.

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  • Facebook Marketers need to take a hint from Wonder Woman

    By Brooke B. Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist Confession time. I not only keep up-to-date with Facebook marketing, I also happen to be an undercover comic book and superhero NERD. I drag my husband to every single superhero movie that comes out. So you can imagine how excited I was when Wonder Woman appeared in Batman V Superman last March.

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  • Should you trust The Meeker Report?

    By Mark Schaefer Like many digital marketers, I look forward to the epic internet trends report produced each year by venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins. Better known as “The Meeker Report,” the epic slide deck is an exhaustive summary of the relevant trends we need to be considering for our companies as the digital world moves forward.

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  • Social media engagement is a lousy metric

    By Mark Schaefer Thank you for your social media engagement through your generous tweets, blog comments, and likes. I have just one question: Why aren’t you hiring me? Let me unpack this unusual question … I’ve been creating content consistently for nearly 10 years and have built an amazing community that has generated 60,000 blog comments and hundreds of thousands of likes ...

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  • Six transformative trends in influencer marketing (is it really marketing?)

    By Mark Schaefer This month marks the fifth anniversary of the release of Return On Influence, the first book on social influence marketing. It’s hard to believe, but when I wrote that book, few people had even heard of the term “influence marketing.” At the end of the book, I predicted that this would become a mainstream channel, and undoubtedly, this has come true.

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