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  • The Internet of Things will be ruled by kids

    The beginning of each year is filled with technology forecasts, and for the past several years we have been shoveled quite a lot of projections about the Internet of Things, or “IoT” for short. For all the hyper-hype, I can scarcely imagine a less impactful trend. There might be rivers of data converging somewhere in the world I suppose, but in terms of its much-trumpeted imp ...

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  • A simple hack that doubles your headline power

    By Maël Roth, {grow} Community Member As we all know by now from Mark Schaefer’s book The Content Code, there is no value in simply publishing content. There is only value in content that moves. It has to be seen and shared to deliver economic value to your business. So how do we do that? In his book, Mark has hundreds of great ideas and I have been focusing on some of his ...

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  • The business benefit of setting your knowledge free

    By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist This is the story of how I became a “web missionary” and learned how setting your knowledge free is the key for building online businesses. When I was starting out as a digital illustrator padawan, I was desperate for online advice. As a German living in Berlin, I wanted to know how to snatch up international clients and how to c ...

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  • How to Use Native Advertising Without Getting Fined by the FTC

    By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist By now, you’ve probably heard the term “native advertising,” which means “content that bears a similarity to the news, feature articles, product reviews, entertainment, and other material that surrounds it online.” (Federal Trade Commission guide, Native Advertising: A Guide for Businesses).

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  • Teaching is the New Marketing

    Counter Culture Coffee by Jeffrey Slater, {grow} Community Member Of all the marketing strategies that professionals will embrace in 2016, I believe teaching and education will rise in prominence. Educational marketing isn’t well-understood, but it is actually quite simple. When you are helpful and provide knowledge to current and potential customers, you are building depth ...

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  • Marketing and the new Digital Mindset

    What does it mean to be “digital?” Is your business digital? How do you know it is? Is it enough? Research shows only 18 percent of all businesses are really optimizing digital in a way that creates competitive advantage and those that do leave their competitors far behind. Which side do you fall on? In this new episode of The Marketing Companion, Tom Webster and I go deep ...

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  • Five simple ideas to cut your blogging time in half

    I stumbled around and fumbled around for a long time when I started this blog. For the first nine months I was inconsistent and confused. Then I realized how many great business benefits I was making through the blog and decided I better get serious about it. I became more dedicated and disciplined, which really paid off because the only way you’re going to get good at this i ...

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  • How to achieve flow when you create content

    Have you ever achieved “flow?” When I was writing my book The Content Code, it happened to me. It was something weird and wonderful: The fact that I was covering an entirely new subject presented a significant intellectual challenge. I knew this book could be my best work. After months of reading and research, the path for the book suddenly became as clear to me as a lighted runway.

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  • Is the tail wagging the dog?

    Sum from Studiocanoe on Vimeo. I would like you to press “play” and watch the video at the top of the post. If you can’t see it on your browser or mobile device, you can click here to view Sum of your life. Now I KNOW what you are thinking. I DO NOT HAVE TIME to watch this stupid little video. But what if I told you that by watching this, it might actually free up time, re-c ...

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  • Five ways to boost your start-up business idea

    I have fun helping start-ups and after years of seeing plans and pitches, I am starting to see some common mistakes emerge. If you want to build a hedge of protection around your baby and make it soar, spend some time thinking about how well your new business is prepared to handle these issues. Here are five ways to boost your start-up business idea: 1) Are you easy to copy? ...

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  • How to create a joyful experience on the web

    I wanted to do a short post today on a subject that is plaguing a lot of people right now — a social media news feed that brings your day down. Each day my social media friend-feed is filled with web-induced angst: “There are so many fakers on the web — it makes me angry.” “Politics brings out the worst in people. These rants are driving me crazy.” “The web is filled with so much crap.

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  • The Internet we need to save

    Tom Webster and I have been doing a podcast together for nearly three years. And this is what Tom had to say about our latest episode: “This was our best podcast ever.” What made it so? It was a stripped down show, squeezed in between business travel and the holidays. We eschewed our normal funny “bit” at the beginning to dive right into a topic that elicited both debate and ...

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  • The business case for dwelling on dwell time

    I’m a big fan of the New York Times. Not only do they lead the way with the best in American journalism and commentary, they also are innovators in their approach to marketing articles to get them to move. And as you know by now, my strong view is that we must get our content to move. In fact the economic value of all that content you’re producing is exactly zero … unless peo ...

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