• Important Factors to Consider When Branding a Business

      Important Factors to Consider When Branding a Business December 18, 2016 By Dana Davis Leave a Comment Does your business have an instantly recognizable brand? If not, you need to consider changing this situation as quickly as possible. People like to associate themselves with certain brands they trust and that they are familiar with, so you need to put your business in this position.

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    • 8 Tools for Better Social Media Powered Customer Service

      Social media is now a part of customer service that is undeniable. Companies without a social media page where customers can reach them quickly and effectively are going to face an uphill battle when it comes to maintaining a loyal fan base. There are too many competitors that are on the right page.

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  • How to Add 25% More Gross Profit to Your Bottom Line Part Two

    Hopefully, you’ve read and started to implement some of what you discovered in Part One. If so, you should now be starting to fully appreciate how extremely savvy small business owners, startup entrepreneurs, and service providers are sitting on untapped money-making goldmines. You should also hopefully realize that it is a huge and common marketing mistake to miss out on eas ...

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  • How to Add 25% More Gross Profit to Your Bottom Line

    Have you ever ordered a pizza from a company that wasn’t one of the nationally franchised brands? You and probably millions of others have, correct? Perhaps you’re wondering what, if anything, ordering pizza has to do with strategically growing your small business. Not to worry—you’ll discover the connection in just a little bit.

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  • Learn How to Uncover These 8 Essential Insights Using Twitter Analytics

    Twitter rolled out its advanced analytics tool a few years back and has only taken it to the next level with time. Because the company has created a mobile app and added plenty of other valuable features, you can easily use Twitter Analytics to redefine your marketing strategies. All you need to do is visit your Twitter’s native analytics dashboard right here.

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  • The 5 Steps You Need to Nail Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    In 2017, having a digital marketing strategy is not so much a luxury as it is a necessity. In order to grow your business, connect with your audience and stay relevant online, it is crucial to integrate a digital strategy into your overall marketing plan. Don’t know where to start? Follow these five steps to be on the path to digital marketing domination.

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  • Want to Write Faster? 12 Hacks to Help Speed You Up

    Too much work and no time to write? Content creation is crucial for the growth of any blog. But as you grow, so do your responsibilities. Sooner than you think, you’ll start to realize that you have less time to write than you initially thought. So how can you write faster, you ask? I’ve got you covered. 1.

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  • Gardening Bloggers Helped Save Historic Landreth Heirloom Non-GMO Seed Company

    Update 4/16/17: Landreth Heirloom Seeds did survive, thanks in part to the gardening bloggers who raised awareness of their plight. In 2016, they were acquired by American Meadows where Landreth Heritage Seed Collections can be purchased. Here is the announcement message on Facebook from the former Landreth Seed owners about the acquisition: Hello, Seed Lovers! We’re here ...

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  • 3 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes That Are Holding Your Business Back

    If you’re a small business owner trying to implement a marketing strategy in 2017, you’ve probably noticed that things can get a bit…chaotic. Your small business is doing the best it can. But every time you seem to catch up to the latest techniques and methods, it seems like two more features pop up that change the industry all over again.

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  • Using the Unexpected to Promote Your YouTube Channel

    As you all know by now, social media marketing has been around for a while. It used to be new and almost considered a novelty, but now it is becoming the mainstay. That doesn’t mean that any of us knows everything there is to know about social media. So the limitations on our knowledge leave room for the unexpected. What do I mean by the unexpected? We will get to that.

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  • Why Would I Want a Business Analysis?

    You have heard the term “business analysis” or even “business analysts.” Business analysis sounds important, but is it something that you need as a small business? You are not sure if you should add it to your list of worries or if it is just a fancy phrase to help the big companies sound official. Business analysis is actually a crucial aspect of any company.

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  • Upgrade to Subscription Billing Software for Better Management

    Businesses with subscribers have their work cut out for them. Sometimes it can feel equally like a blessing and a curse to have subscribers. They are seemingly faithful customers you count on for regular profits and revenues. However, if you don’t have the best subscription billing software, you might be losing them or slowly turning them off of your product without realizing it.

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  • How to Get More Traffic from Uncontested Keywords

    When looking at which keywords to target next, more is always better, right? Wrong. Photo by Nabeel Syed There’s one simple trick that far too many internet marketers are ignoring. Stop trying to join the thousands of others trying to rank for popular searches, and target uncontested keywords. Sometimes, a big piece of a small pie is better than none of a large one.

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  • The Ultimate Interview Guide for Fresh Graduates

    A phrase that scares the life out of fresh graduates is “job interviews.” But little do they know that interviews are the only gateway to the corporate world. Interviews are the key to unlocking the first doors to their ideal professional lives. Being prepared for formal job interviews is indispensable, but it is simple too.

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