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  • 5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tax Preparer

    The Internal Revenue Service Code is confusing, and the rules and regulations change constantly. That’s why so many citizens hire a tax preparer to help them take care of this important responsibility. Tax preparers may be enrolled agents, CPAs, attorneys, or registered tax professionals. These individuals take at least 15 hours of continuing professional education annually to ...

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  • 3 Reasons to Hire an Internet Marketing Firm For Your Local Business

    Local business owners are beginning to understand the importance of the Internet in the world of social media and mobile smart phones for their local business success. Although having a website has been important to many local businesses in the past, it is now important for all businesses to have a website. The reason for this is the explosion of smartphone use. Everyone uses smartphones today.

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  • Why Mobile Marketing is the Present and Future of Your Business

    It is official: more people are now using their smartphone or tablet instead of their computer in order to perform Google searches. This information is much more than just an interesting piece of data about the way people use the Internet. In fact, it should be at the forefront of your mind the next time you design or revise your company’s website.

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  • GetResponse, AWeber or MailChimp? Which Is Best For You?

    Are you building your list right now? Nothing is more important to every website, business, ecommerce store or blog than being able to communicate with your visitors via email. Which email marketing solution you choose is critical to your success – but the most important thing is to act immediately.

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  • The History of Human Billboards

    Advertising has, since the establishment of a trade-based economy, been one of the most crucial factors of commerce. Even if it was something as primitive as shouting out what you’re selling from a market stall at the local fair, it’s always been essential that you let your customers know what you have to offer and why they should buy it.

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  • Business Trips Stress You Out? 9 Tips to Ease the Pressure

    Depending on how often you travel for work, planning a business trip can be very exciting. Perhaps you’re looking forward to traveling to a new city, or maybe you’re attending a big conference to network and grow your start-up business. Whatever the case may be, you are eager to get started. However, if you’re an inexperienced traveler, that excitement can quickly turn to st ...

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  • Buying links gives way to buying influence– is it the same game?

    We’ve said that paying for content is like paying for sex. If your content is awesome, you shouldn’t be paying them– they should be paying you. Same for any type of content sharing or work. Have You Received One of These? Examole of an email requesting paid guest posting In the last fifteen years, I’ve gone to a few hundred conferences and paid for only a couple of them.

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  • 6 Reasons Why Freelancers Should Join

    Ever wonder why freelancers keep finding the opportunities? Probably, because they believe there are opportunities. They work from home, offices, and almost from anywhere. Do you think it’s an easy job? Uggh, It’s not a job – It’s a lifestyle. People call it business. Don’t ever call it just a fun thing to do… Don’t. People strive. Try to learn this art. They go to training sessions.

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  • How Systems Can Help You Overcome Your Small Business Woes

    Congratulations! You just got a new client. Now all you have to do is set up a contract, create an invoice – oh wait, you forgot to get their billing address – send the invoice, share payment options, collect the payment, set up a new project in your system, grant project access to your client… Ugh.

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  • The Value of Tradeshows and In-Person Marketing

    While some tech platforms and gadgets have tried to replicate the effect and feel of trade shows and the value it brings, none have succeeded. Trade shows remain an effective avenue for businesses with similar interests connect, network and help each other succeed. Staying Current Having current and accurate information can be the difference between a seven figure a year busin ...

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  • The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Product Launches

    Everyone knows that social media is a great way to promote your products and services. That’s particularly true with new product launches – there’s no better way to build buzz and an army of enthusiastic fans. However, launching a product on social media takes planning and effort – if you just send out a few tweets, you’re not going to get results.

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