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  • Which Social Media Site is Better for Small Business Marketing?

    Social media sites have become a quintessential platform to abridge the chasm between the business and the customers. Today small, medium or big business houses understand the necessity of being present on the social media platforms. In this article we will concentrate on small business marketing on social media sites and choose the best one suitable for it.

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  • How To Find And Fix Broken Links In Your Link Profile?

    When you build a website the ultimate goal that you probably have in mind is getting tons of traffic and conversions. This is always the goal for a majority of web and blog owners. Getting this traffic is not all that simple but then again it depends on how you choose to go about it. There are multiple strategies that are available for you to use to get your site to the top of the pack.

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  • 10 Free Marketing Tools For Small Business

    Buying software is easy when you’re a big company – you can make providers fight for your contract. They tailor services to your needs, cut prices and do just anything to win. Small companies have it harder. Providers won’t bid to win your $30 monthly subscription. So what can you do if you want to use smart tools to grow your business without spending hundreds of dollars a mo ...

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  • 8 Blogging Ideas for Your Small Business

    As a small business owner, you are responsible for more than just selling your products and services. If you’ve taken on blogging, you now have the task of entertaining and educating people with helpful content. Looking for blog post content that delivers a lot of value? Take a look at these eight ideas of things to blog about so your content is sought out by readers. Solve a problem.

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  • 5 Keyword Research Tools No Marketer Should Ignore

    Are keywords really so important that even today you need to spend time researching them? The short (and long) answer is yes. Many SEOs discount the value of keywords as a search signal in today’s ever-evolving world of Algorithms. They argue that Google search is now completely ‘semantic’. In other words, it’s not the exact keywords, but the meanings or the intentions of the ...

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  • Speed Up: A Guide To Decreasing Your WordPress Load Time

    Speed is a crucial aspect for any website. From affecting your views to your total revenue, it plays a significant role in website development and maintenance. Google already announced that they consider website speed when determining website rank. It only goes to show that speed has even become a defining factor for SEO purposes.

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  • 14 Strategies To Suppress Negative Posts In The SERPs

    People and businesses have cause for concern if a negative post, comment or review ranks high on a search engine result page (SERP). The good news, however, is that the laws of 75 percent are on the side of the victim. Research shows that 75 percent of Internet users never scroll past the first page, and 75 percent of all clicks go to the first five results.

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  • How Marketing On Facebook Is Changing In 2015?

    How Marketing On Facebook Is Changing In 2015? by DiTesco on May 19, 2016 Facebook is constantly growing with over 1.44 billion monthly active users, 1.25 billion of these are on mobile alone. This is equivalent to 20,000 users on Facebook every second. These statistics make Facebook the biggest social network operating today and a valuable website for marketers, whether t ...

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