• Facebook Marketing: The Complete Guide

      Once a social network’s number of daily users climbs past a billion (yes, that’s billion with a “b”), it seems pretty safe to call it “pervasive”—and to consider it a critical part of your marketing strategy. Facebook is well past that figure, with 1.13 billion daily active users as of June 2016, including about 175 million daily users in the United States and Canada (compare ...

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  • How to Turn Your Pinterest Profile Into a Money-Making Machine

    Pinterest has 150 million monthly users—and 93 percent of them use the site to plan or make purchases. As a discovery and research tool, Pinterest is a key part of the buyer’s journey. Continue reading to learn how you can use Pinterest to make money and grow your business. 6 ways to drive revenue and make money on Pinterest 1.

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  • LinkedIn Analytics: A Guide for Marketers

    The results are in. You won the award for Most Impressions on LinkedIn, Most Clicks Within a 24-Hour Window, and Overall Highest Engagement Award of the Year. We’re kidding. These awards don’t exist (from what we know). But if they did, they’d be determined by LinkedIn analytics, as they’re a means of measuring your social media success.

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  • How to Get Verified on Twitter: The Essential Guide for Marketers

    The blue verified checkmark is a symbol of trust on Twitter. Continue reading to discover why getting verified on Twitter is important—and how you can accomplish this. The benefits of getting verified on Twitter Having the blue checkmark next to your account name signifies authority and authenticity. Not just anyone can get that coveted blue badge. Twitter’s team careful vets each submission.

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  • Want to Buy Instagram Followers? This is What Happens When You Do

    You could grow your Instagram following the honest way—crafting a thoughtful strategy, setting smart goals, sharing great content, and engaging your audience. Or you could take the quick and easy path and join the dark side of Instagram marketing. You could buy Instagram followers. We created a dummy account to test that tactic to find out whether or not it’s worth it (spoile ...

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  • The 3 Facebook Ad Tips You Need To Know

    You already know that Facebook ads are one of the best ways to boost your business in 2017. However, it can be hard to know if you’re spending your time—and ad budget—efficiently. To help you out, Facebook’s regional head of western Canada, Vik Kambli, joined Mediative’s director of paid media, Carolina Rivera, and Hootsuite’s senior manager of social ads, Ryan Ginsberg, to sh ...

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  • 4 Ways Hootsuite and Microsoft Teams Improve Workflow Productivity

    Now, you can monitor Hootsuite streams, collaborate on customer support issues, and publish social messages—right from Microsoft Teams. It all started in November. Microsoft Teams—the chat-based workspace in Office 365—was revealed to the world. At the time, Hootsuite was also announced as an early developer partner (along with Zendesk, Asana, and Intercom) to extend and customize Teams.

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  • How Walk Off The Earth Gained 636 Million Views With Low Budget Videos

    It’s the dream of all marketers: create low budget videos, upload them to YouTube and Facebook, and build a global audience of raving fans. Lots of people talk about it. Lots of blogs write about it. But the indie band Walk Off The Earth did it. In 2006, Walk Off The Earth was an unknown band from Burlington Ontario.

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  • Experts Discuss the Social Trends to Watch in 2017

    Our first Hootsuite Social Breakfast of 2017 took place on February 15 at The Soho Hotel, one of our favorite venues from last year’s social breakfasts. Rob Coyne, Hootsuite’s EMEA general manager, welcomed an auditorium and gallery overflowing with guests, many having to watch from screens in the bar and around 3,000 online viewers who caught the livestream of the event on YouTube.

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  • How to Master the Art of the Professional DM

    The familiar sound of a Twitter notification echoes on my phone. I’ve received a direct message from another user. “Thanks for the follow! Click this link to learn more about me,” the automated words populate on my screen. This is the written equivalent of a pre-recorded voicemail and they’re asking me to drive traffic back to their site.

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  • 13 Facebook Live Tips from Hootsuite’s Social Media Team

    Facebook Live introduces an audience to the people behind a brand—an experience that builds real human connections. To discover other ways Facebook Live can benefit a business, we spoke to Hootsuite’s social media marketing specialist, Amanda Wood, and social media marketing coordinator, Christine Colling.

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  • 5 Expert Tips For Presenting Social Media Data Effectively

    Hopefully you’ve established the social media metrics that matter the most for your business (and if not, we can help you figure out the ones that do). Now you’re thinking about how to present the results to someone else—your manager, an executive in the company, or a client. In order to sell the value of social media, you need to know how to present the data clearly in order ...

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  • 8 Advanced LinkedIn Tactics to Stay Ahead of the Game

    Mastering the ins and outs of LinkedIn for business isn’t easy. It means going beyond the basics and picking up on the newest and most useful tricks to better engage your audience, find prospects, and build relationships with other professionals. Even if you’ve been on LinkedIn for awhile, this guide will offer you some helpful tactics to make the most out of your LinkedIn presence.

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