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  • Social Media News You Need to Know: June 2016 Roundup

    June was yet another busy month on social. Twitter released a lot of new changes—a lot a lot—longer video, Promoted Tweet Carousels, and two new companion apps. Meanwhile, Facebook released its own set of emoji and Instagram hit 500 million users. Find out all the social media news worth knowing from all the major platforms in our June 2016 roundup.

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  • 7 Lessons Brands Can Learn from the Most Creative Accounts on Instagram

    With 400 million active users, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd on Instagram. It just isn’t enough anymore to create your account, post beautiful pictures every now and then, and like a few photos. Brands, influencers, and the everyday Instagrammer are stepping outside the 1080px by 1080px square box and pushing the boundaries on creativity.

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  • Facebook Advertising: 3 Strategies to Drive Traffic, Leads, and Purchases

    Well, I’ve never been too keen on writing long-winded introductions and figure most people just skip to the first bullet, so I’ll spare you my bad jokes and just tell you what you’ll learn in this post. Today, you’ll learn three really effective Facebook advertising strategies: An email capture campaign—I’ll show you how to use Facebook advertising to collect new email leads.

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  • Why You Need to Use Pinterest Analytics for Your Business

    There was no better phrase (besides “snow day”) to hear as a child in elementary school than “We’re going to play a game!” However, this joy was usually quickly erased when your teacher followed up with the ominous “A fun math game!” For many users of Pinterest, this is probably how they feel when they hear Pinterest Analytics. It’s all fun and games until somebody whispers the word ‘analytics.

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  • Work From Anywhere: 4 Tips for Aspiring Digital Nomads

    Do you dream about quitting your job and traveling the world? Have you ever thought ‘Why do I need to live here in the city when I can work on a computer from anywhere in the world?’ The internet has changed the meaning of work, bringing new opportunities and employment that didn’t exist until recently.

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  • 7 Instagram Archetypes That Work (And What Your Brand Can Learn from Them)

    Even if you’re not a bookworm, you’re familiar with literary archetypes. The selfless hero, the star-crossed lovers, the greedy king—almost any story you can imagine contains one or more archetypes which represent recognizable elements of human nature that have stayed with us through centuries. Beyond epic narratives, there’s another group that can benefit greatly from develop ...

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  • We Started Using Facebook Instant Articles: Here’s What We’ve Learned (So Far)

    Even if you haven’t heard of Instant Articles yet, it’s likely you’ve seen them. Denoted by a lightning bolt icon on the image preview of articles on Facebook, Instant Articles are fast-loading versions of web stories that have been optimized for mobile. When users click on an Instant Article, they stay on Facebook to view the content, rather than following the link to another site.

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  • Rekindle the Flame: How to Fall Back in Love with Social Media

    “So how’s work going?” If you asked me this question while I was a social media manager, you’d get a different answer almost every day. On a good day, I felt unstoppable. I loved what I did and the brands I did it for. Other days, it felt like I was stuck running as fast as I possibly could inside a hamster wheel. It’s a tough job that not everybody understands or appreciates.

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  • 5 Twitter Best Practices You Should Put into Action

    Using hashtags, following people back, replying to every Tweet that mentions you—these are all great things you can (and should) be doing to gain more followers and build a strong presence for your business on Twitter. For this post however, let’s go beyond the basics and look at five best practices that will help you create great content, better engage with your followers, an ...

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  • How to Pitch and Write a Hootsuite Blog Post

    We take a lot of pride in the Hootsuite blog and we go to great lengths to make sure every post is helpful, thoughtful, and rigorously researched. We also want to grow our community of contributors to give our readers the opportunity to benefit from a wide range of perspectives. So to maintain our commitment to providing value for our readers while growing our network, we thou ...

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  • How to Regram: Best Practices for Reposting Instagram Content

    A “regram” is when an Instagram user posts a photo from someone else’s account to their own. For brands who use regrams as part of their user-generated content strategy, the benefit is clear. Regramming content from other users gives brands fresh material to share with their audience. And the practice can encourage increased engagement by motivating followers to post content w ...

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  • How 20 Brands Are Celebrating Game of Thrones on Social Media

    What is dead may never die, and Game of Thrones is far from dead. The medieval-esque fantasy epic only seems to grow more omnipresent from season to season, and with that unending popularity comes a veritable Dothraki horde’s worth of Game of Thrones references, jokes, puns, and memes on social media. It’s no secret that everyone loves Game of Thrones.

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  • How to Get Your Brand on Instagram’s Explore Page

    In 1989, a fitness instructor wore a beer company’s t-shirt to a local football game and scored some time on the company’s sponsored jumbotron. After the game, the beer company received so many inquiries about the jumbotron star that they hired her as a spokesmodel. Pamela Anderson had been discovered.

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  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Snapchat (But Were Afraid to Ask)

    Even though Snapchat is said to have over 150 million daily users, many are still at a loss for where the app fits into their marketing plan. Think for a moment about some of your most embarrassing moments. Perhaps you fell off of a chair in the middle of a painfully hip, packed restaurant (me). Maybe you fell asleep in the middle of a meeting and got called out by your coworkers (me).

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  • How to Break Your Laziest Social Media Habits

    I was housesitting for a friend recently and vacuumed her entire apartment with the click of a button. The magical robot vacuum got to work, and I went to get a cup of coffee. I pressed the button on her single-serve machine, and within seconds had a perfectly brewed cup of joe. I got cozy on the couch, grabbed the remote, and turned on the TV. Laziness was my virtue.

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  • 3 Tips for Using Twitter as a Customer Service Tool

    Twitter is where people turn for customer service. The conversational and real-time nature of the platform makes it easy for customers to ask questions, celebrate businesses they like, or reach out if they need any support. According to our research, evidence of this can be found in the fact that the volume of Tweets targeted at brands and their Twitter customer service handles has grown 2.

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  • How to Land Your First Job Using Social Media

    After graduating college I remember dramatically throwing myself onto my (mother’s) couch and complaining about my unsuccessful job hunt. “Every ‘entry level’ job wants ‘one to three years of experience’ but how are you supposed to GET experience if you can’t get an entry level job?!” I wailed. Not only did I lack a wealth of job experience to back me up, I felt like my resum ...

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  • Nightmares of a Social Media Manager (and How to Avoid Them)

    Imagine this: you’re in a meeting and giving a presentation to the top executives at your company. However, something’s off. You look down, and instead of your usual spiffy workplace attire, you’re wearing nothing at all. While this particular nightmare is said to signify that “you may be hiding something and are afraid that others can see right through you,” a social media nig ...

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  • A CEO’s Tips for Maximizing Social Media ROI

    When it comes to social media, one of the biggest challenges businesses face is measuring return on investment (ROI)—especially as the landscape continues to evolve. As the CEO of LiftMetrix, a social media analytics platform and Hootsuite partner, my job is solving the complexity around ROI measurement. And I believe businesses and brands can do that by following these five simple rules.

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  • Facebook for Business: How to Put the Platform to Work for Your Brand

    These days using Facebook for business is a no-brainer. “Hashtag” and “emoji” may have been unprofessional-sounding buzzwords a few years ago, but no longer. Today Facebook has 1.09 billion active daily users. And those people are spending more than 20 minutes a day perusing the platform. Whereas once upon a time a snazzy sign in the window and brochure-stuffed envelopes were t ...

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  • Snapchat Hacks: 16 Tricks and Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

    We call them Snapchat hacks because many of the app’s best features are either hidden or just not intuitive. We’re looking at you, black paintbrush. But if you can learn these tricks you’ll have a powerful new arsenal of tools to help take your brand’s Snap game to the next level. In this guide we’ll teach you how to access these lesser-known features, and uncover a few more t ...

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  • How to Use Twitter Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Small Business

    This post was originally published on the Twitter Small Business Blog. Influencer marketing. For savvy business owners staying up to date on social media tactics, it may seem like ‘influencers’ are all anyone’s talking about in 2016—and with good reason. A recent study found that influencer marketing pays an average of $11.20 in earned media value for every $1.00 of paid media spent.

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  • The Key to Smart, Safe, and Successful Social Media Takeovers

    I know you’ve put months—maybe years—of effort into your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat accounts. You’ve fine-tuned your content strategy, perfected your brand voice, and built relationships with your followers. But I’m going to suggest you hand it all over to someone else. Not forever, of course.

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  • How Top Brands Are Doing Instagram Video Right

    Picture this: You’re sitting at a restaurant anxiously awaiting the arrival of somebody you met online. Their dating profile photo ticked off all of your boxes—kind eyes, clean hair, can’t lose. Or can you? They arrive, and all of a sudden you realize they’re a mouth breather and every sentence that comes out of their mouth ends with the word “bro.” They say “YOLO” non-ironically.

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  • 18 of the Best Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers

    Yes, this is another list of the best Google Chrome Extensions. You’ve seen it all before, right? Well, we thought we had too. But new extensions are continually emerging that can drastically change the day-to-day habits of social media marketers. Plus, a few classic extensions have undergone impressive upgrades.

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  • What You Can Learn From Snapchat’s Savvy Older Users

    This post was originally published on LinkedIn. “Hey Snapchat!” is how 48-year-old Mark Suster starts off his daily Snapchat videos, looking straight into his phone camera. This type of greeting would be natural coming from a teenager using the app. However, with his grey hair and Gingham shirts, seasoned Silicon Valley venture capitalist Mark comes across as a fish out of wat ...

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  • Hootsuite’s Ryan Holmes Talks Digital Transformation with RBC CEO Dave McKay

    Hootsuite is excited to introduce our new podcast! The half-hour pilot episode includes a 10-minute conversation between Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes and Royal Bank of Canada CEO David McKay. The two executives cover all things digital transformation—from how leaders are engaging a workforce of digital natives, to the way social media is changing customer service.

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  • What Dad Jokes Can Teach Us About Social Media

    You feel your chest tighten. Your pupils widen. Your heart sounds like it’s going to pump right out of your chest. You snap your head around and turn to face him. A dad. His shin-high gym socks, white sneakers, and logo-free baseball cap are itching for this moment. He’s ready. He’s about to make a joke. While previously just groaned-about events, dad jokes no longer happen in a vacuum.

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  • How to Create, Manage, and Measure Twitter Contests

    Perhaps one of the greatest achievements of my life was being the ninth caller through to my local radio station and winning a copy of the Titanic soundtrack. At the time, this felt like a miraculous event. Without social media, there weren’t many ways to win things that didn’t involve frantically and repeatedly calling a phone number, or filling out an entry form from a magaz ...

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  • Industry Experts Discuss Why Brands Must Personalise the Customer Journey

    Earlier this month, Hootsuite hosted two sold-out events in collaboration with Popimedia in South Africa. Entitled “Digital Transformation: Personalisation in the Age of Digital,” the one-day seminars were held in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and included speakers from Media24, Arc Worldwide, Eighty20, Upstream Advertising, Webfluential, NetFlorist, Popimedia, Arc, and Hootsuite.

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  • What Your Company Needs to Know to Get Started on Snapchat

    This post was originally published on Fast Company. You already know about Snapchat even if you aren’t on it. The network for sending pics and videos that disappear shortly after viewing now has 100 million daily users, including an incredible 77 percent of college students. Those users log 10 billion daily video views, surpassing even Facebook’s numbers.

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