• The Ultimate On-Site SEO Guide for Your Online Store

      eCommerce Search Engine Optimization – The Ultimate On-Site SEO Guide… As bloggers and Store Owners we want to make our websites appeal to both search engines and users. A search engine ‘looks’ at a website quite differently to us humans. Your website design, fancy graphics and well written blog posts count for nothing if you have missed out the critical on-site SEO covered in this post.

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    • 21 Smart Ways To Increase Website Value

      The subject of building website value – attracts a lot of confusing and conflicting opinions! Worse still, there is a multitude of so called online “website value” calculators that claim to tell you how much your website is worth! Think about it – how can any website claim to give you a website valuation, without knowing your revenues, your profit? No wonder website owners are confused! If yo.

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    • 7 Secrets To Writing A Best Selling Book

      How To Write A Best Selling Book… You can Write A Best Selling Book Most successful bloggers dream of writing a best selling book one day. A book that will impact the lives of MILLIONS! But just how possible or easy is it? In this article best selling author Jerry Gillies reveals his own personal secrets on how to write a best selling book.

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  • Nate Rifkin | How To Write Better Copy and Make More Sales

    Nate Rifkin is one of the most prolific and successful young Copywriters of his generation. His clients include publishing behemoth Agora, as well as starting his own nutritional supplement company. But, unless you have a large budget it is almost impossible to hire him! So we are very fortunate that Nate recently agreed to do a Skype Interview with us.

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  • Top 30 Website Sales Of All Time

    A lot has changed since we first published Top 30 Website Sales Of All Time back in March 2009. In this, our 2017 update we feature some brand new websites such as JET.com and Lynda.com. All 30 website sales have been at valuations of over 1 Billion USD and the largest grossing exit was for 26.2 Billion! Truly starting a website is still one of the best routes to riches! If ...

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  • Top 10 Content Creation Steps For Bloggers

    When it comes to content creation, writing a blog post and hoping for the best is not an option! Top quality content takes time, effort, energy, resources, and knowledge. In this article, we have put together a blueprint for how we like to publish content at IncomeDiary. It is an approach that has consistently worked for us and it will for you.

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  • 10 Article Headline Examples That Got Us 10 Million Readers

    Creating engaging headlines is the most important part of copywriting. It’s also the most fun. Don’t be afraid to put a significant amount of mental energy into your headlines… Your title is what audiences recall, even more so than the content itself. It’s what’s displayed in the search results and their bookmarks menu – setting the stage for the entire blog post.

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  • 10 eCommerce Trends Every Blogger Needs To Know About!

    10 eCommerce Marketing Trends Bloggers Needs To Know About! 10 eCommerce Marketing Trends Every Blogger Needs To Know About! eCommerce trends have a habit of becoming blogging trends. Especially with regards to design and usability. What you see in an online store today, you will often see in a blog tomorrow.

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  • Blog Post Inspiration Is All Around You – Open Your Mind

    Blog post inspiration is everywhere – Don’t ever be stuck for blog post ideas again! My 6 Steps To Blog Post Inspiration Every time! When I was in grade school, I used to complain about my classes a lot. I’d come home with some unfinished homework or some mediocre test score I’d have to explain away and my defense was always the same, “the class is just too boring!” And my mo ...

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  • How To Sell A Website For Top Money | Entrepreneurs Guide

    Before you sell a website, you need to know this… Most “website valuations” are based on dated and flawed thinking Thinking that leaves the entrepreneur selling a website out of pocket! In this article Website Selling Authority and good friend of IncomeDiary, Clinton Lee shows how the entrepreneur can get more for their online business (or indeed any business) than they thought.

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  • What The Best Sales Closers Taught Me About Selling Online

    I started my entrepreneurial career in the Summer of 1982, selling door to door. Some would call it ‘hard selling’. Yet, the master sales closers I met made it look easy. Prospects fell in love with them. They never had to close anyone hard. Truth be known, I wanted to be like them. I learned a lot from these early sales mentors.

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  • Shopify Tutorial – Making Your First Sale [Case Study]

    I recently built a website using Shopify (for testing purposes), and I’ve come to realize how almost effortless it is to setup/run an online business these days. As this Shopify tutorial demonstrates, Shopify makes it easier than ever to get started selling online What is more, you do not need to spend a lot of money to get started.

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