• Why Your Company Is Chasing Too Many Bad Sales Leads

    Many companies don’t do enough upfront work to qualify their new sales leads. They simply pass every single sales lead through to the sales team, even if the prospect is nowhere near ready to buy or is even a good fit for what the company sells. According to statistics cited by HubSpot, 61 percent of B2B companies send all of their business leads directly to sales, even thoug ...

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  • Three Reasons Keyword Rankings Aren’t the Magic Bullet

    Every month, small business owners open email attachments from their SEO consultants to find that their businesses are ranking very high for several keywords or phrases. Most of the time, they’re happy with this, and they send off their next payment with a smile. But the question these business owners aren’t asking is whether those keywords even matter.

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  • 5 New Ways to Promote Your Content

    By now, you know that content marketing isn’t just the process of creating a piece of content and hoping for the best. It’s a process that starts with content development and promotion. Of course, you need to share your content with your social media audience, your email list and so on. But what else can you do to get more exposure your content? Here are five new ways to prom ...

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  • How to Create Guest Post Guidelines for Your Blog

    Accepting guest posts should be a lot easier than it is. If you’re looking for a way to expand the amount of content on your site while building relationships and tapping into the authority/audiences of other people, opening your site up to guest posts is a smart move. Sites like Moz, Torque and even Medium have built their businesses on outside contributions, and when the pro ...

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  • How to Make the Most of Every Tweet

    Twitter is a mixed bag when it comes to social media engagement. Tweets are plentiful and most of them go pretty unnoticed, even for accounts with a solid following. It’s much easier to hear back from your followers on Facebook and Google Plus. On Twitter, you never know. However, that’s also the beauty of the platform.

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  • What to Do When Your Staff Won’t Blog

    “write a blog post,” they said! “It’ll be fun,” they said! One of the most common recommendations out there for organizations trying to create a steady stream of content is to look inward for contributions. After all, who knows your business better than the people who work at it every single day? And what could be more cost-effective than having the people you’re already paying ...

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  • 3 Lessons B2B Content Marketers Can Learn from B2C Content

    B2B content is often kind of—dare I say—boring. Of course, any content produced by businesses, for businesses is bound to be more factual and professional and “safe for work.” There are limits to what B2B marketers can say without compromising their professional image, and that’s understandable. But in the world of content marketing, it seems like too many B2B marketers are playing it safe.

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  • For Brevity’s Sake: In Defense of Short Content

    This will be my shortest post on this blog. Buffer’s now-famous “Ideal Length of Everything Online,” pegs the ideal length of a blog post at seven minutes, or 1,600 words. SERP IQ analyzed post lengths for SEO and found that sites ranking in the top 10 across 20,000 keywords all had at least 2,000 words. Bill Sebald explained that Google needs sufficient content to judge semantic relevance.

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  • How to Share Google+ Circles & Why You Should

    You likely share your posts on your Google+ page, and you’re probably familiar with highly touted Google+ features like Hangouts. But are you utilizing all that Google+ has to offer? We’ve looked at how to build a successful Google+ brand page. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at sharing Google+ circles and how this feature can help build relationships and engagement for your brand.

    Amanda Disilvestro/ iAcquirein Social Google How To's- 49 readers -
  • 6 Best Practices for Branding Co-Marketed Content

    Working with a completely new marketing team on co-marketed content poses several challenges. One that I constantly run into is the branding of the content you are creating, and the promotional materials you are using. Not only do you want the branding to be visually appealing, you also need to comply with branding regulations of each company.

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  • Is Cooperative Content the Future of Content Marketing?

    What if polished, high-production value content isn’t where content marketing should be headed? In fact, what if experts—really smart people—were arguing that the future of content marketing didn’t lie in the kinds of gorgeous, often lengthy pieces we see being put together by top journalists, copywriters and marketers? And what if instead, they were arguing for the merits of a large (gigantic,.

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  • Orange You Glad Content Marketing Has a Bible?

    There’s this charismatic, orange-clad character trotting the globe evangelizing a better way to build your business. Joe. Joe gave it a name. Content marketing. Joe gave it a home. Cleveland. Joe gave it a main event. Content Marketing World. And Joe wrote the bible. Epic Content Marketing. Epic isn’t Joe’s first book. It’s his third.

    Barry Feldman/ iAcquirein Content- 41 readers -
  • The Undead: Guest Blogging in 2015 and Beyond

    There’s no nice way to say it: SEOs ruined guest blogging for everybody. Immediately following the first Penguin algorithm update in April of 2012, spammy link sources like garbage directories, forums and blog comments were being devalued/penalized, and the SEO world sought a newer, “safer” source of anchor-text rich links.

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