• What’s the Best Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress? Roundup Review

    As a marketer, you know how important social sharing and social proof have become to boosting traffic on your websites. To meet the growing demand for online social sharing buttons, an entire market of WordPress plugins has sprung up in the past few years to fill the niche. It’s easy to get lost in the vanity metrics of social media, but you should never loose sight of conv ...

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  • How to Find Excellent People to Outsource Your Work to & Replace Yourself in Your Business

    How much easier would your life be if you could outsource all the tedious parts of your work? Outsourcing might even be the key to an early retirement, with logic that goes something like this: if your work is worth $20 per hour right now and you can pay someone else $10 per hour to do it for you, you're home free! Unfortunately, the reality of finding the right people to work with and outsou.

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  • How High Should Your Conversion Rate Be?

    Today's post is a response to a seemingly simple question, which is: how high should your conversion rate be? What's a good conversion rate, what should you be aiming for? There's a lot of talk about optimizing your conversion rates, but it would be very helpful to know some figures of what's good or bad to begin with, right? Watch the video below to see my answer:​ More...

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  • How to Escape Hustle Mode

    In the last post, I introduced the concept of Hustle Mode - a state of extreme focus that is necessary to get a new business off the ground quickly. As was correctly pointed out by several commenters, while Hustle Mode is a great way to make a business successful, it's not a great way to live. If you're in Hustle Mode, your health, social life and perhaps even sanity are taking a hit.

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  • What to Do When You Launch a Product & No One Buys… IMP#36

    In previous posts & podcast episodes, we've talked a lot about minimum viable products, getting businesses off the ground on a shoestring budget and the value of releasing rapidly. If you follow the advice you find here, you'll soon find yourself with a product or service ready to present to the world and perhaps you even orchestrate a small launch for it.

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  • Habits to Transform Your Business & Life – IMP#37

    Habits. A simple word that describes such a powerful and complex thing. In today's podcast episode, Paul and I discuss the habits we've created in our lives that most directly contribute to our effectiveness as entrepreneurs. Plus, you'll discover the best brain hacks that allow you to build new habits as effectively and effortlessly as possible.​ More...

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  • How Can I Make Money From My Blog? Discover the Unconventional Answer

    It's a simple and straight forward question - and one that is asked often: how to make money from a blog? In today's post, I give my usual style of unconventional and strategic answer to this question. By the end of it, you may not be swimming in passive income, but you'll have a perspective that allows you to see through a lot of marketing talk around the topics of bloggin ...

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  • Staying Motivated for the Daily Grind & Why You Need ‘Self-Marketing’

    As an entrepreneur, you have one job: conjure a working, profitable business out of thin air. It's not an easy thing to do and that's why you have to embrace The Grind and you have to hustle... But while most of us can work hard in short bursts, how can you stick with it for the long run? When the excitement of starting a new business has worn off, how do you keep motivated ...

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  • Fed Up With Procrastination & Inner Resistance? How to Win the Battle – IMP#38

    Tell me if this seems familiar: you know a lot about what you could and should do to drive your business forward... but you can't seem to get yourself to do most of it. Call it procrastination, call it inner resistance, call it being a lazy bastard, it all amounts to the same thing: the incredibly frustrating experience of being stuck for apparently no reason.

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  • Crushing it in 2015 – Everything We Learnt From Our Most Successful Year Yet – IMP#39

    Like last year, Paul McCarthy and myself took some time to reflect on the year past and extract the most important and transformative lessons we learnt. 2015 was a year of fast growth for our company (Thrive Themes) and today's podcast episode is chock-full of tips you can apply to grow your own business, become a more focused and productive entrepreneur and much more...​ More...

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  • The “Dry Stretch” that Makes Almost All Entrepreneurs Fail

    Have you ever wondered why starting a business is so damn difficult? And all the while, some entrepreneurs make it look easy. What's up with that? In today's post, you'll discover a universal and unshakable principle that makes being an entrepreneur difficult. There's (almost) nothing you can do about it, but if you know about this, you're much more likely to see it through...​ More...

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  • 3 Months of Intensive Marketing and Business Building – IMP#040

    What happens if you take 6 bright, creative marketers who are eager to learn, bring them together in an apartment in a vibrant European city... and make them work and learn with me for 3 months straight? Even though that's a question no one in particular was asking, I wanted to find out. So I did this as a marketing and recruitment experiment.

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