• How to Get Successful Email Marketing Results

      When it comes to email marketing, you have A LOT you need to get right. Why? Well, for starters: You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your target audience About 50% of emails are considered spam or junk – and you want your brand to rise above that Consumers still use email on a daily basis via mobile devices, tablets, and desktop Emails are ...

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    • Sharing is Caring! How to Become Insanely Well-Connected

      We wanted to share this inspirational article from Firstround.com The title is engaging: How to Become Insanely Well-Connected. But we see headlines like this all the time. The true wealth of this article is Chis Falic’s (a highly successful VC and past Oracle Salesman) rules for memorable connections. Here are a few of my favorites: Convey genuine appreciation.

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    • Imageworks Releases New Website for Dodge-Chrome!

      Dodge Color and Chrome Imaging joined forces in 2010 to become Dodge-Chrome. As a result, the market leaders combined over 30 years of photographic and print imaging experience, satisfying both private sector and government clients by providing ex ...

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  • Hot Topic: Heat Maps! What They Tell You About Your Website Experience

    Assessing your website traffic is analytical process driven by numbers and visitor behavior. How many people are clicking a certain page? How much time are people spending on my page? These are all great measures of your website’s performance; however, did you ever stop and think about their clicking behavior? This is where heat maps come in.

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  • What Affects Local Search Rankings? Hint, it Starts With Proximity

    Marketing Plans: Most businesses should establish an intelligent budget for advertising their products and services. After all, you need to get in front of new potential customers! The range depends on your industry, but usually amounts to 3%-10% of gross sales. We work with you to establish a budget you feel comfortable with, and then help you pick the best places to promote your business.

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  • Email Automation with a Hint of Humility

    Automation is an essential approach to maximizing your business' productivity and efficiency! With automation, your business stays clocked in even when you're clocked out. However, most of the businesses that utilize automation, end up morphing into sales driven robots that lack humility. If your business specializes in B2B, chances are your prospects are receiving hundr ...

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  • We Want You!

    ...and we want your business! For 20 years I have owned and operated ImageWorks Creative to build brands, websites and marketing strategies that help companies grow. Nobody else does it better. What makes ImageWorks different? We bring together an entire team of marketers, managers, artists, writers, coders and other creative experts under one roof.

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  • Build Better Bullet Points!

    Let’s get to the point. The bullet point, that is. With all of the distractions and media bombarding people today, the master of the concise statement is the most effective c ...

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  • When Is Your Business Ready For A Custom Website Design?

    When you began cultivating your brand’s online presence, you were probably like most businesses starting out – on a marketing budget with no wiggle room. But, as your business grows, you've seen the value (and conversions) that come with having a website. These days you might be thinking it’s time to amp up your online presence with a custom website design, and gain even ...

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